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Digimon Plot


Digimon is a children's anime that is similar in some respects to pokemon. The story starts with Tai, Matt , Sora , Joe , Mimi , T,K ,and Izzy all going to a summer camp. However a wierd weather phenomenon occurs it snows in summer in Japan ! They these seven take shelter in the same cabin till the storm blows off they then rush out to play in the snow however seven glowing lights descend from the sky . They each grab one and are teleported to the digital world there they meet seven companions and the beginning of a journey that changes their life the digital world and even their own world. The new companions they meet are digimon aka digital monsters . The 14 new sorta friends now desperately try to figure out how to get the children home but it's not easy when there is an evil digimon trying to enslave all digimon but luckily the 7 digimon are able to fight back as they fight they get stronger and are able to digivolve into a more powerfull digimon . They go on a adventure to save the digital world and eventually human world and eventually get back home .

This story despite being a children's anime has character depth and growth I highly recommend it weather you are six or you are fifteen. I hope this anime review was helpful and got you interested or if you had already heard about it helped you decide whether or not to watch .

Signing off 

Rin Haruka 

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