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Recently I had to defend my anime choice to someone whom I considered in the same genre appreciation as me.  We differed on opinion and that is it.  We still both like the same genre (for different reasons) but now I appreciate their opinion just a little bit more.  Now yes it's great to have someone (and I do) to go "wasn't that great?" and you know they will reply "yeah!"; but there is also room for a friendly comparison of the different aspects of a particular anime, and most importantly still remain friends. So the moral of the story is to go and watch something with your friends, compare notes, but respect their ability to have a differing opinion as much as yours to make (or change) one of your own.

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I am a blogger who likes anime and manga with a good plot. As such most of the anime I have viewed has been in the romance genre, but my manga preferences are varied. I do not like gore, porn, or anything with an intentionally bad ending.