'Chicken Cordon Blue' at Freshness Burger looks amazing


French food, done Japanese style

I can't explain the meaning of changing around two letters of the name of this sandwich, but I will absolutely accept it on the grounds that it looks absolutely delicious.

Freshness Burger, one of the various burger chains that thrive in Japan, is now serving up a "Chicken Cordon Blue" sandwich for ¥490 in collaboration with EXILE TRIBE. It's got some chicken katsu with ham and melted cheese in the middle, is topped with spinach, chopped onions, and fresh tomato sauce, and then contained in sesame seed buns. During lunchtime, add ¥300 for the drink and fries set.

[via entabe]

Yup, this looks pretty amazing. My mouth is watering already, and I think it's time for me to hunt down my nearest Freshness Burger store.

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