9 things that Japanese girls don't like about otaku


Japan's dating scene has gotten so bad that even the government is getting involved, in hopes of getting more couples to get it on. They're pushing girls to put themselves out there more and teaching guys how to be likable on a date. For some guys, the problem isn't being shy or awkward, it's being an otaku. Apparently, many girls really dislike that.

Kotaku posted a translation of a list that tells how girls can identify otaku, even without seeing their room full of figures, and why they think being one is creepy. Some thing are obvious, like wearing an anime t-shirt, talking like an anime character, or calling a fictional character their wife. (I'd imagine talking affectionately about any other girl on a date would be bad form, much less your waifu.)

But I think Japanese girls need to get over a few of these. What's so weird about grinning while reading a manga? And while some "creepy cute onomatopoeic words" can be weird, what upsets you about jokingly going "nom nom nom?" That's not anime-ish, that's Cookie Monster-ish if anything! It's not like he's ending sentences with "uguu!"

See the full list is below, along with all the reasons why Japanese girls think these things are creepy.

[Sugoren via Kotaku]

1. Wearing anime t-shirts or carrying anime goods
"I imagine that his entire room is covered with cute anime stuff..." said a 20-something female.

2. Perfectly mastering dance moves otaku do at idol concerts
"While singing an idol song with friends at karaoke, this one guy broke into a perfect dance routine," said a teenage female. "It was scary."

3. Talking endless about how cute anime characters are
"The moment a guy starts talking about how cute an anime character is," said a 20-something female, "I can only think how creepy the guy is."

4. Referring to game characters as one's wife
"I recoil when I hear a guy referring to as an in-game character as 'my wife,'" said a 20-something female. "Even if the guy's cool, forget it."

5. Grinning ear-to-ear while reading a manga
"Guys that smile while cute sexy comics are the worst!" said a teenage female.

6. Talking like an anime character
"Not only is getting email that sounds like an anime character frightening," said a 20-something female, "I get so annoyed that I don't feel like replying."

7. Using creepy cute onomatopoeic words
"Even though this guy was a total hotty, he kept saying 'Nom Nom' while chewing his food and any passionate feelings I had vanished," said a teenage female.

8. Giving oneself an anime character name for a nickname
"This guy I was seeing wanted me to call him "Master" as if I were some maid," said a teenage female. "I was repulsed by what he was saying."

9. Only singing anime songs at karaoke
"I was worried when he was singing his heart out at karaoke in falsetto to a female anime song," said a 20-something female.

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