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It seems like Qpost isn't as well integrated as it is in dtoid. Shame this place isn't more active but I still love all of you.


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I really got into anime by watching Toonami, due to the uber hispanicness that runs in my family the TV was dominated by novellas most of the time but Friday night and Saturday morning was my time. I got to watch all sorts of shows, one of my all-time favorites being Gundam Wing. Since then I have watched tons amines and read manga’s, which I prefer over most regular US shows. I find that our cartoons today are not any good at all with few exceptions, most of which use cheesy and crude humor along with crappy drawing to make a generic and in my opinion overplayed crazy slice of life story. I'll take nichijou over SpongeBob, gumball, chowder, and even most of the loony toon shows old and new.