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Rin Haruka
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Oh my gosh i just finished clannad after story for the second time and i need at least 5 more tissue boxes sniff sniff


Digimon Plot

Digimon is a children's anime that is similar in some respects to pokemon. The story starts with Tai, Matt , Sora , Joe , Mimi , T,K ,and Izzy all going to a summer camp. However a wierd weather phenomenon occurs it snows in summer...


About Rin Harukaone of us since 8:52 PM on 04.19.2016

Hi I'm Rin Haruka age 13 height 5 ft blood type no idea gender girl

I am an official nerd,otaku,and finally stupid American (not being racist because it's about my own country)

My hobbies are reading fantasies history and manga , watching anime (American or Japanese),playing and unfortunately failing video games , being socially awkward ,and living in my cave that was once a bed room.

My favorite genre's( not always all at once ) are adventure martial arts (preferably involving weapons not fists) comedy , school , and romance

I came here so I could geek out about nerdy stuff and be the person I would like to be