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The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya has been licensed

It's happened.  Bandai Entertainment has acquired the rights to the movie The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. The movie takes place after season two of the series, and will be shown subtitled by VIZ Cinema (in other words, it'll be s...


Manga publisher for sale!

Isn't it annoying when an article gets posted that's all conjecture and the reporter doesn't really know what the bottom line is?  Yeah, this is one of those articles. But that's only because nothing is really known as of writing this....


Sylvain White to direct Robotech movie?

Nothing's official yet, but we can speculate all we want. There's been some talk for, oh, at least a few years now on the possibility of a Hollywood movie version of Robotech. So I was checking out iF Magazine (shameless plug -- I write abo...


Chiaki Kuriyama debuts new song at MTV Iggy

They say MTV is no longer about the music, but MTV Iggy still has some musical stuff going on. This site gives itself the headline "Breakthrough Music and Pop Culture from around the Globe" and has information on entertainment&nbs...


Bandai announces more Code Geass manga

Shortly after launching its own manga-dedicated website, Bandai gave out a press release announcing more manga goodness. This time it's about new licenses that will be released in May and June 2010. First up is Code Geass Lelouch ...


Adult Swim to get an extra hour

Thank goodness for Adult Swim. For those of us who like to stay up late, it's a reminder that not just kids watch cartoons. I can't tell you how many times people look at me funny when they ask what my favorites on TV are and ever...


Bandai launches manga site

Bandai Entertainment releases some pretty popular manga series (did I hear anyone say Gurren Lagann?), but until recently it had no site dedicated to just its manga.Well, those days are of the past. "It's long overdue," says Rober...


Yen Press announces K-ON and other new licenses

It's always great to hear what new titles have been licensed. Yen Press has been keeping secret about some of the stuff they'll be releasing this year, only to spill the beans on their website. Oh, Yen Press, why did you keep us waitin...


FUNimation has 40% off sale at Right Stuf

Did I just hear the word sale? And the word FUNimation?I did. And if you're like me, anime sales are a cause for happiness.But this sale won't last long. January 18 is the last day this is happening, so you only have a few days to enjoy wha...


Aurora Sale: Mega Cheap Manga!

'Tis the season for nonstop shopping, what with all the holidays at this time of year. Sales are especially appreciated, particularly when it's sales on manga. If you know someone who wants manga for gifts, or if you want to buy some manga ...


Omnibus Manga: Big books for your bucks!

One of the nice things about reading books like Les Miserables, Anna Karenina and The Canterbury Tales (and yes, I have read all of those) is that they're so big it makes you look smart. Thick books have a tendency to make other people assu...


Soul Eater hitting stores 2/9/10, so put ya wallets on!

Did you watch Soul Eater the other day when FUNimation had it streaming? I hope so. What did you think?If you enjoyed it and know it's one you have to get your hands on, FUNimation has announced the release date. The first volume, which wil...


Film about Hirohito gets played in New York

If you're in the New York area and are a fan of foreign films, or all things Japanese, listen up! The Sun, a movie about Emperor Hirohito at the end of World War II, is going to be opening on November 18. This is thanks to Film Forum, which...


Watch the first nine minutes of Evangelion 1.0

It's less than a week until Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone is released, but who can wait that long? If the 17th sounds too far away, and you need some You Are (Not) Alone goodness now, there is an option. We've got the first nine minut...


FUNimation streams Soul Eater on Friday the 13th

FUNimation's making it so that at least anime fans are having a lucky time on Friday the 13th.  That's because at 11:00 A.M. CST tomorrow morning they'll be streaming the first four dubbed episodes of Soul Eater. The series won't ...


Is this the end of the Japanese language?

Is the Japanese language going to die out?  Well, I wouldn't be so rash, but some people are worried. Everyone knows Japanese is a very difficult language to learn (as many anime fans have probably found out the hard way). Even native ...


Youmacon 09: Cosplay, with love from Arizona

Ah, there's nothing like cosplay. And while yours truly has yet to dress up for a con, I can enjoy all the costumes and how much effort was put into them.These pictures all come from Youmacon, which took place Halloween weekend. It was...


Digital Manga Publishing announces new titles

Digital Manga Publishing has announced titles it will publish in 2010. Their soon-to-be-released manga are A Bloody Kiss Tonight by Makoto Tateno; Double Cast by Ellie Mamahara; Cafe Latte Rhapsody by Toko Kawai; Endless Comfort by Sakura S...


Section 23 Films' January releases have been announced

Section 23 Films has announced list of titles -- both anime and live action -- that will be released in January. Some of these are complete sets, and others are season box sets, so this is a way to get a lot of episodes ...


Japanese companies try a new way to combat Internet piracy

It seems that asking people nicely to stop downloading illegal anime isn't enough. Since approximately 40,000 anime are illegally distributed online on a monthly basis, this is a serious concern for companies involved. After all, if they do...


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