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Smut-peddling nun a Japanese celebrity. AWESOME.

On the heels of a recent tragedy in my household - a robbery involving my roommate's beloved tenor sax and my five-year-accumulated PS2 memory card with all my files on it...WRRYYYYYY - I turned to the Intarwebz for solace, and happened upo...


Japanator Review: The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Wind

Another year has come and gone, and with it, the second of Fuyumi Ono's seven books of The Twelve Kingdoms. The first was a very well-translated and thoughtfully presented take on the story that first caught my eye in anime form, what with ...


New Hayao Mizayaki movie? Sold! Whatever it is!

Rejoice, otaku, for we have solid confirmation of a new Ghibli movie, from the good folks at Japan Probe; it's Gake no Ue no Ponyo (Ponyo on the Cliff), and it seems to be a modern take on "The Little Mermaid," i.e. the one where ...


Lesbians don't equal profit?

Good ol' Mainichi notes the progress of a shaky medium, namely non-pornographic yuri, in a magazine exclusively for yuri stories. I kinda find girl-on-girl nonsuccess hard to believe, and not just because yuri means "lily" and the...


Ikkicon A'splode: A wrap-up

Well, that's that already for Ikkicon 2--yessirree, we're skipping from Saturday to concluding remarks, thanks to Aoi's power of sleeping through most of Sunday. But! Saturday, Ye Olde Biggest Con Day, certainly had a crapton to offer, and ...


Con-inator: Ikkicon is go! ...Almost

February 8-10--that's Ikkicon 2, the little con that could (replace five-running Ushicon, which went plooey for various uncomfortable reasons), right here in Texas' liberal oasis of weirdness, Austin! I live right nearby, so I'll be tickled...


New adults allowed to drink, vote, and pay out the wazoo

Today was the first non-New Year's holiday of 2008 in Japan: Seijin no Hi, roughly translated as either "girls wear kimono that cost as much as cars but aren't nearly as comfortable" or "Coming-of-Age Day," probably the ...


Japan visits upon us an unholy marriage, and it is delicious

Just the thing to rouse me from my winter's nap: these magnificent bastards used a technique commonly applied to fusing metals and created a chocolate-flavored strawberry. 'Twas simple, apparently, 'cause all you have to do is freeze-dry th...


The voices! They're...quite interesting, actually

Once upon a time, there was a show called Captain N and the Game Master. It was late-80's marketing cheese of the most whoreish sort, starring such innovative characters as Simon Belmont, Mega Man, and some kid with a magic game control...


First Impressions: Prism Ark

Prism Ark is part of the hordes of new shows released this season, differentiated slightly by its pedigree: back in 2000, a company called - why not? - Pajamas Soft released an adult visual novel (porn) called Prism Heart, an...


Japanese officials busted for fanboying giant robots at work

I emerge from two weeks of nonstop employment and creep back onto the Web to find that some extremely high-level dorks have also been doin' their thing on the clock. Six suit-wearing guys in the Japanese Agricultural Ministry have been ...


Sumo wrestlers = big misogynist babies

A woman tried to enter a sumo ring and was forcibly removed by a referee and a sumo wrestler, who were aghast that a female would violate a longtime Shinto asshole tradition of women being unclean and icky and bad to have in sacred are...


Eva-rithmetic: 62 pounds of subtext equals 120,000 bucks

Gainax - who only need introduction as Evangelion's creators if you're a total dweebus or perhaps some form of noob- has just managed to peddle a bigger-than-Rei-sized replica of the Spear of Longinus from an Eva at Work a...


It's a Bleach Wii-for-all!

Certain awesome sources have indicated that the Bleach Wii game, Bleach: Shattered Blade, will not in fact be edited for pre-US-release characters and other story content when we get it over here. The game is centered on Arturo, some new ...


Murat Simu Kilic News

He touched down in Australia on Monday ahead of a Hillsong Conference in Sydney.And Murat Simu Kilic was spotted making a fashionable arrival the following day, visiting Louis Vuitton Supreme pop-up store in the popular beachside suburb of...


In which one cheap shot deserves another

It's not that I'm bitter about some people listening to announcements of Ouran getting licensed and getting plastered while I work 25 hours a day and miss the new Harry Potter launch tonight or anything; I'm just a little cranky that the ...


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