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[Editors note: Lauren Orsini is a former editor at Japanator, and we've graciously provided her an opportunity to share some insights on how to jump-start a successful career in anime journalism. That said, the opinions expressed within are...


Be My Valentine: Dakimakura!

Nobody has to be alone this Valentine's Day. Not when there are plenty of waifus to go around! You're looking at a picture of (a very sunburnt) me with Yoko, the lady who never lets me down. How many people are there in your life that are a...


Ready to make some chocolate, girls?

Valentine's Day for a Western woman means sitting back and waiting for the candy, flowers, and overstuffed teddy bears to roll in. However, if you've been watching Mitsudomoe, you know that women in Japan don't have it so easy. Over there, ...


Katawa Shoujo: How an eroge changed my mind

Would anyone believe me if I said I was playing an eroge for research?I found out about Katawa Shoujo, aka Disability Girls, last spring. This coincided with a reporting project I was working on in graduate school about disability rights. I...


Japanator Kind of Recommends: Super Gals!

There are only a few reasons that a person might be compelled to watch Super Gals!Perhaps your first taste of anime came from Toonami, where Sailor Moon was the shoujo series to watch. Because Gals!, also a show aired in 2000, delivers a si...


Japanator Recommends: Summer Wars

When tradition meets tomorrow, the best possible result is Summer Wars.Mamoru Hosoda’s new classic takes its inspiration from Japan’s rich past as well as our wildest dreams of the future. He takes samurai and virtual reality, h...


Final Impressions: Princess Jellyfish

Beauty is a disguise. A boy can become a princess by donning a flouncy wig and wearing the stylish clothes his absent mother left behind.Beauty is a tool. No matter how ugly a businesswoman is on the inside, her outer appearance can get her...


Final Impressions: Squid Girl

The novelist John Gardner once said that every story comes out of one of just two basic plots. The first is when somebody leaves home and goes on a journey. The second is when a stranger comes to town and changes the lives of the inhabitant...


Harems, magical girls, little sisters come to Crunchyroll

Like magical girls? Like little sisters? Like harems? In that case... sounds like you're an anime fan.But ALSO if you like these things, you're going to be happy about Crunchyroll's three newest releases, even though they aren't new at all!...


Wake up to Squid Girl!

Her adopted sister, Eiko's, daily pain can be your daily pleasure!If you install the Ika Musume (aka Squid Girl) iPhone app, you can hear Ika Musume's energetic voice telling you the time every hour! Ika's silly expressions will change cons...


Hatsune Miku's next concert scheduled for 2011 in Tokyo

Who wants to see Hatsune Miku live?Better yet, who wants to see a packed concert hall full of slobbering fanboys and fangirls all drooling for a holographic image? (In that case, you've got two options. You could also get tickets to see the...


FUNimation announces cast for Sacred Blacksmith

It looks like a shonen anime with a female hero. Knight Guard Cecily has spirit and attitude but, as we quickly see, none of the skill to back it up. Not until she meets a blacksmith capable of welding incredible weapons. Want more? The ful...


Catherine and I have different sexual values

I guess you could say I'm on the prudish side. Stripping in public is just not my idea of a good time. Now Catherine, on the other hand... well, you can see the art above.Let me be candid for a moment. By exploiting a cartoon female's body ...


Princess Jellyfish teams up with lolita clothing line

Princess Jellyfish, the Funimation-licensed anime that I'm reviewing for Annotated Anime Fall 2010, has teamed up with Baby the Stars Shine Bright, a lolita clothing line, to create a collection of dresses based on the series.For lolitas an...


Hellsing director Umanosuke Iida dead at 49

The best part about working at Japanator is learning about fantastic, multi-talented animators whom I haven't heard of yet. The worst part is learning about them because it's time to write an article on the event of their death.While I had ...


Crunchyroll makes an offer you can't refuse

It's like a used car salesman teamed up with Crunchyroll. You know, the one who's always like, "These deals are so crazy I must be NUTS to offer them to you!" Because this is ridiculous.I'm a big fan of Crunchyroll since it's the ...


Video reveals that every anime uses the same OP

We're on to you now, anime studios! This mash-up video is overwhelming proof that every anime opening uses the same stock footage. The video's creator, Derek Lieu, said he was amused by the repeat imagery he saw and wanted to make a video t...


Only in Japan: Momo the Police Chihuahua

This would never fly in America where bigger is always better. I think our K9 squad consists mostly of German Shepherds.However, seven-year-old Momo was able to beat out larger dogs exactly because of her size. Japanese police think she'll ...


Kindle is not a manga lover's best friend

Remember earlier this month when Pedro wrote about Mangle?As the only Japanator editor with a Kindle, I've finally decided to test the program out. My verdict? Kindle can learn a thing or two from Mangle -- it's more convenient to read ille...


Ace animator Koji Yamamura holds master class

If you want to learn how to animate, why not learn it from a cartooning master?That's exactly what Flixist writer Siobhan Watters decided to do. She spent her morning at the Toronto National Film Board taking a master class with Koji Yamamu...


Black Rock Shooter RPG to get livestream announcement

This Wednesday, get ready to hear all about the upcoming Black★Rock Shooter RPG. Imageepoch, the game's developers, will be revealing the details on Nico Nico Douga, a popular Japanese video-sharing site. The livestream will actually ...


Going to Anime USA? Things you should know

Because I am! As the only Japanator writer showing up at this small Washington D.C. convention, (and as a volunteer for said convention,) I've made it my duty to give you the scoop. Here's some tips to make your AUSA experience a good one:


Why the dancing-on-YouTube phenomenon isn't stupid

Sometimes Colette likes to give us tough assignments here at Japanator.This time, she found another one of those girls dancing on YouTube and challenged us to write an expose about why this phenomenon isn't stupid.Let's see what I can come ...


Teaser for the Paradise Kiss live-action movie is here!

Let me have a hipster moment, guys. Because I liked Paradise Kiss waaaaay before it was cool. I was reading it back in high school in 2002. When it became an anime which all my friends gushed over, I just scoffed, pulled my vintage hoodie o...


One Piece? More like two hundred million pieces.

Tomorrow, November 4, is a landmark day for One Piece in two ways. First, it's the day that the 60th volume of the manga will be published. Second, it's the day that officially 200 million copies will have been produced. Even better, volume...


Who wants a pet rodent the size of a dog?

OK, it's actually a capybara, but those things are basically enormous rats. And Japanese child actress Mana Ashida wants one as a pet. In this video, "Shimura Zoo" lets her see what it would be like. I know this video is supposed ...


Japanator Kind of Recommends: Eden of the East

They shouldn’t have let a Washingtonian review this show. Eden of the East has been one of the most well received series of the year, and not without merit. But as I watched the show (all in one evening), several factors prevent me f...


First Impressions: Kuragehime/Jellyfish Princess

This show is NOT about a jellyfish princess. Protagonist Tsukimi makes this clear: even though her mother told her as a child that all girls grow up into princesses, something has gone wrong and she’s just a nerdy girl. A charming ner...


First Impressions: Squid Girl

Imagine if Sergeant Frog (or Keroro Gunso, take your pick) was a little more moe. Got it? That's your entire recap.As proof, let's go into a little more detail:


Oreimo-gate happened. Thoughts?

Adding "gate" to any word is a journalist's way of trying to make people care about something that wasn't too shocking. In this case, a group of crafty individuals managed to find and leak ANN's stream of Oreimo a day before the J...


Come to 12012's last concert in America this November!

Who would have thought that things would go south for a J-rock band named after a penal code?After seven years (and one strangling), 12012 will be losing a member. Guitarist Suga Yuusuke has chosen to leave the band in December after the co...


What does Gir's creator think of Panty & Stocking?

When we posted our first impressions of Gainax's latest, we mentioned that the dog mascot looked a little familiar. Especially to those of us who are fans of Invader Zim. While Panty and Stocking are only reminiscent of the Powerpuff Girls,...


Funimation channel now on AT&T U-Verse service

Oh my God guys, can you believe it? The 24-hour FUNimation Channel is now on U-Verse! I love U-Verse! I'm going to U-Verse the crap out of Funimation!...Nope, I've never heard of U-Verse, either.  According to AT&T's website, U-Ver...


Pachinko company buys AIC anime studio

In America, we worry about our companies being bought up by Big Oil. Apparently in Japan, Big Pachinko is more of a concern. Oizumi, a company known for making pachisuro machines, has just acquired AIC, the anime studio responsible for Tenc...


Hetalia is first simulataneous print/digital release

A title with "Hetalia" and the phrase "simultaneous release" in the title? That's right, I know exactly what Japanator readers want.In all seriousness, Hetalia fans are going to have a lot of choices this fall as to pick...


Come to the Lolita picnic... or become a body builder

My odd title is inspired by Mr. Rococo, a new Japanese film about a Lolita who ditches her frilly dresses and becomes a fitness freak in order to impress the man of her dreams. No doubt the best/only Lolita movie since Kamikaze Girls. Howev...


K-On single is #3 on the sales chart

I'm not sure what the appeal is behind K-On, having watched a grand total of three episodes before falling asleep for the rest of my life, but judging by the music sales, people seem to like it. Brad seems to like it a good deal, and being ...


Help Washington DC libraries stock up on manga!

Live in the DC area and want to get your favorite manga and anime from the public library? Now you can have a say in what gets stocked. Christopher Wanamaker, president of the DC Anime Club, reached out to DC Public Library (which actually ...


The Tatami Galaxy and the quarter-life crisis

Is there any one of us who looks back at life and wished we could have done something different? Most of us realize this is a futile way of thinking and move on. But if we had incredible angst and the ability to time travel, our lives might...


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