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Catherine or Katherine? You decide!

Catherine came out a little while ago...but I just got around to playing it with much "enthusiasm." Hit the jump to see my video review of this tantalizing game, and let me know if you agree with me or you think it deserves anothe...


Hey Guys, I'm Having a Photography Gallery!

If you're in the Los Angeles area tomorrow (Thursday) or Saturday, you should really come check out my very first photography gallery. My work is being featured at the Spring Arts Tower in downtown LA as part of ArtWalk. There you will...


George Takei's Valentine Surprise

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon in downtown Los Angeles. That is, it was a perfect day for a surprise... Japanese American actor, George Takei, put a plan into action to make one woman's Valentine's Day very special. Hit the jump, and pre...


Sanrio's 50th anniversary 'Small Gift' event in LA

Sanrio, creator of the world famous Hello Kitty, is celebrating it's 50th anniversary with a special event here in Los Angeles and in Miami. They also have a "Pop-up Shop" touring multiple cities in the US. And lucky for you guys,...


The Whole Jtor Gang, Here at Otakon

It's a rare occurrence for all of our main staff to be in the same place at one time. That being said, it's even rarer for "special" moments not to occur with all of us together in one room. But here at Otakon, we thrive for these...


Japan Man Journal - The Lost Files

Ever wonder what happened to me on the second half of my trip to Japan? Yeah, me too.Various things happened and I became preoccupied. But hey, that's the way it goes. The point was to get lost, and in a way I accomplished that. So hit...


Japan Man Journal - Day SomethingOrOther

Konnichiwa!Ug, that feels so overused. Mina, Osssu~ There we go, that's much better.Well guys, I've had my first full week living just as anyone else does here, and it's been very interesting. Then again, it has also been a little unde...


Japan Man Journal - Day 3

Hey guys!Quick update after my first few days in the land of weeaboo fun.Check out the pictures and video after the jump~ 


Japan Man Journal - Day 0

Hey everybody!Guess who's headed to Japan?! ME!I will be spending the next 32 days in the land of the rising Haruhi discovering all of the hidden treasure troves that this small pacific island has to offer.Every few days I'll be giving vide...


Americanator AM: USA FTW!

Fellow Americans, We here at Americanator share your passion for everything U, S, and A. So that's why we've made this special 30 minute podcast hosted by yours truly, Jake Beck.In this very special and very pro-America podcast, we will cov...


More Photos from X-Japan in LA

Hey look! We've got some more shots from X-Japan's music video recording at Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles on Saturday!A good sized crowd gathered on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and gawked 5 stories up to get an exclusive look at a ...


Sweat, screaming, and samurai at Japan Nite '09

[Once again Ace went out to cover the LA events du jour for us at Japanator. Armed with his amazing camera skills, here we have an article that you're sure to enjoy. -- DMV] Japan Nite is a collaborative concert event that has been going on...


A night on the town with the Polysics in LA

[Ace here went to the Polysics concert on October 18th at The Roxy Theater. He's got an amazing writeup and even more amazing photographs that make me feel totally inadequate in my camera skills. Enjoy the review and the photos. I sure as h...


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