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Evening roundup: Postwar protests, too many Yu-Gi-Oh! cards

Hidey-ho, Jtorinos! Even if most of the con dust has settled for most of us, vacuumed up and thrown out by the mundanity of real life, we'll still have the strength to corral another news roundup today. As usual, it's just a few m...


San Japan '08: The Chibi Project

San Japan left me full of warm and gushy impressions, up to and including the full-blown case of headache-y sniffles I came down with Sunday night, and the days of drugged sleep resulting therefrom; luckily, most of the con i...


San Japan '08: Day 1

Adjust the microscope of your Convention Senses, if you would, on a mental map of the U.S., and zoom in. Now do it further. No, more, past that huge Ota-smelling one, in Baltimore, the one I am not attending with my site brethren (not ...


Mainichi confesses: the Internet might have lied to us!

So, 'bout a month ago, we found out that the infamous "WaiWai" section of Mainichi was being shut down because it was full of salacious crap that made its country of origin look like a bunch of loli-loving unnatural-sex-crazed&nbs...


Traditional undies for all? Why not?

Proponents of seeing women without adequate butt-clothing, rejoice, for another incarnation thereof is emergent in Japan. It's not new, per se, as Japan Probe points out: fundoshi are traditional men's loincloths, usually seen the...


$2 million space wedding? That's unpossible! Except not

Japan Today had a really brief but weird tidbit for all you airless-void-lovin' people: On July 1, some guys yclept First Advantage will start letting Japanese couples line up to get hitched about 100 kilometers above the Earth. Starting in...


New piggy bank/dating sim is almost too cute to be dumb

The Japanese have come up with some strange, high-tech and even violent means of saving money in nonsmashable personal containers; as the latter blog points out, men and kids are not the ones wielding the principal financial power in the av...


Epic sword is epic! Comes with bonus math problem

I couldn't bring myself to horizontally crop this one from o'er at Sankaku, a full-size replica of Guts' Dragon Slayer from that heartwarming coming-of-age tale, Berserk, and the only other sword permitted in international "Who'd win i...


Japanator Review: Bleach: Memories of Nobody

There's something unbelievably refreshing about abandoning your higher tastes for a couple of hours and diving headfirst into a big, man-sweaty pool of shounen. You can forget intricate plots, carefully constructed character development, an...


A-kon '08: AMV Contest(s)!

I've put this post off, not only because the past week has seen me running around like a monkey on acid back and forth 'cross central Texas getting ready to go back to "school" or "move" or whatever the hell's been k...


A-Kon '08: Anime Hell

This con staple took place a tiny bit late, which is not notable at itself in a huge, busy Friday-night con environment; what stuck out here was that several key volunteers and/or Anime Hell guys seemed to be sick or otherwise absent, and...


A-kon '08: Helen McCarthy and Peter Beagle's panel

On the con schedule, it was called "Gossip" with those two writers, but really, it was last year's Storytelling panel all over again, which was not a good thing so much as a magnificent concession to the fact that life doesn't alw...


A-Kon '08: Friday arrival, Idea Generator panel

A full day's rest and no alcohol have set me up nicely to talk about some little ol' con from this weekend in Dallas; with my chocolate all melted, my L wig broken and a couple of fantastic souvenirs, I'll always be able to treasure A-Kon 1...


Japanator Review: Death Note (live-action, English dub)

Last night and the night before, over 300 theaters 'cross the country rolled out the first live-action adaptation of some series no one's ever heard of, something about a notebook and some slob who makes sweet-kabobs. (At this point, I'm go...


Guess who's coming to Otakon! 'Cause there's a prize

More exciting news outta Otakon '08: this time, they've announced a superdupertriplechocolate special mystery guest, but not the person's identity. Instead, we get to guess it based on several criteria:1) It's a Japanese person;2) It's a Ja...


Social networking wars on Japan's 'Net horizon

Evil corpotate entity Facebook Inc. has just announced their intentions to launch a Japanese tentacle of their massive social-networking hentai monster, emphasizing that the site is very safe and awesome and you should totally use it. They'...


One more delicious, delicious nugget of Bleach

As promised, here's where you can buy tickets to the Bleach movie if you're lucky enough to have a participating theater in your area. As I expected, there are three theaters in my artsy-fartsy neck of the woods showing both Memories of Nob...


Secret nude photography > real porn?

One of my favorite pastimes, besides donating 40 hours of my life to FF: Crisis Core, is analyzing cultural nuances in stories about porn, and this one hit the jackpot. First up in the disturbingly detailed account of one woman's journey to...


More Bleach movie info trickles down from on high

Our super-secret informational sources have revealed that Bleach: Memories of Nobody is gonna be in theaters for exactly two nights, June 11 and 12. (Wednesday and Thursday? Weird. I s'pose the theaters don't wanna fork over weekend time/sp...


Fangasm senses tingling: Zelda manga in English!

Good ol' ANN tells us that Right Stuf has listed two volumes of The Legend of Zelda for an October release. Disbelievers will note its listing for preorder here, right above the gritty Southern drama, as you usually find these things (?). L...


Japanator Review: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Nippon Ichi Software, purveyors of anime-lookin' game titles such as La Pucelle Tactics and Phantom Brave, has done some damn fine work over the years, delighting those of us who fancy big-eyed artwork in our tactically ass-kicking gameplay...


Bleach movie licensed for theaters 'n DVDs 'n stuff

Dunno what that "stuff" up there entails; good ol' Ye Olde Viz(e?) has announced their license of and plans to thus pimp out Bleach: Memories of Nobody to select theaters soon, then the DVD come wintertime, though no venues or dat...


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