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FI: Brynhildr photo

First Impressions: Brynhildr in the Darkness

I'm not sure what I expected from Brynhildr in the Darkness, but it wasn't what I got. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it, but given the fact that I had only truly skimmed the summary when choosing the show for coverage, I shouldn't be sur...

Monthly Musings  photo

Monthly Musings: So Moe It Hurts

Hola, bounty hunters! It's that time again. Time for me to assign an arbitary writing assignment for you all to tackle in the hopes that senpai may notice you! Well, too late. Senpai is too busy noticing me to notice you properly. At any ra...

PreCure photo

Shoujo Showdown: Happiness Charge PreCure Episodes 5-6

Helping others out is awesome, but getting caught up on PreCure is cool too. We're gonna get there yet. Here's another dose of Happiness Charge PreCure! I'm having a good time covering it. How's everyone else feeling about it?

Sakura Trick  photo

Final Impressions: Sakura Trick

Too often, romance anime is relegated to tsundere girls and beautiful bishounen. Where's the yuri representation? True, we've got plenty of harems and beautiful boys, but there's a huge dearth of relationships between women in anime. It's e...

FI: Keroro photo

First Impressions: Keroro

Sgt. Frog never appealed to me during high school. I had joined 1Up to be part of the gaming community and noticed a few people were excited for the manga release, but it didn't strike me as very interesting -- especially given the fact tha...

Flowers of Evil photo

Flowers of Evil manga ending in June

Remember how much fun I had with Flowers of Evil? I also am a fan of the manga, which does a much better job of delving into the events of the anime series further, especially given the complex nature of the relationship betwen Kasuga and N...

Sailor Moon photo

Haruka and Michiru competing for "Gayest Cartoon" on LogoTV

If you've been following my several Sailor Moon posts or the blurb I wrote up about my favorite anime couple, you should know I harbor an unhealthy obsession with Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. I think they're absolutely gorgeous togethe...

Sailor Moon photo

New Sailor Moon musical debuting this summer

Another day, another piece of awesome Sailor Moon news while counting down to the new anime series releasing this summer. Today, the 20th anniversary Sailor Moon website released details about a second musical coming this summer. Apparently...

Pokémon 3DS XL photo

Man who stole 3DS from grade schooler finally arrested

In a move that screams "get a job," or if I'm playing devil's advocate "why did this child store such a pricey item in the basket of his bicycle," a Nishinomiya City man was arrested for stealing a child's 3DS XL way back on February 23rd. ...

ImoCho photo

Final Impressions: Recently, My Sister is Unusual

ImoCho has consistently been a source of great confusion and frustration over the short time it's been airing. It started out as a hilariously trashy series I felt a little sheepish about enjoying, then it evolved into something different e...

DBZ Fanfic photo

King Vegeta's Queen

My name is Akiko. I am the last female Saiyan, and I have finally found King Vegeta.To others, he may be a prince, but he is the king of my heart. I've been searching for so long. And I've finally found him. I've been watching, you see, w...

Pupa photo

Final Impressions: Pupa

Pupa has been a long, strange ride. I'd love to say that I enjoyed it, but the truth is I couldn't wait for it to be over. Instead of a gritty, disturbing look at a symbiotic brother-sister pair and the challenges that come with turning int...

Sailor Moon photo

Get your henshin on with Premium Bandai Light Masquerade Pen

It's time to get one step closer to becoming Sailor Moon herself with the Moonlight Memory Series Part 2: Light Masquerade Pen. That's right. You probably already got the first Premium Bandai piece, the Crystal Star Mirror Case, and if you ...

Onee-chan ga Kita! photo

Final Impressions: Onee-chan ga Kita

What do you say about a 12-episode series of shorts that doesn't have any real story? It wasn't really that funny, either. Or endearing. Thinking back on it, it was actually pretty bland, overall. The only things that happened to stand out ...

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure photo

Get ALL the Jojo swag at LAWSON convenience stores

Oh, Jojo. You guys keep talking about it, and for some weird reason I still haven't watched it. I want to, but I'm busy. But you keep talking about it. And I want to be cool, too! Do you think if I head out to a LAWSON convenience store and...

Deadman Wonderland photo

Review: Deadman Wonderland Vol. 1

When the anime adaptation of Deadman Wonderland began airing on Toonami, I was intrigued -- not because I thought I'd ever be able to catch it when it came on, or that I'd remember to hit the record button on my DVR, but because I thought i...

ComicWalker  photo

Read select English Kadokawa manga for free at ComicWalker

If you're a heavy user of Crunchyroll's new digital manga service or prefer to read your favorite series digitally, you might want to get in on Kadokawa's latest project, ComicWalker. ComicWalker is an online application that offers 150 wor...

PreCure photo

Shonen Showdown: Happiness Charge PreCure Episodes 3-4

It's another double dose of Happiness Charge PreCure as I get up to speed on the series for regular Shonen Showdown coverage! This week we're rapidly developing some characters and checking out some new PreCards. I'm ready for the third Pre...

PreCure photo

First Impressions: Happiness Charge PreCure! Episodes 1-2

I'm no stranger to magical girl anime, but I've never watched a PreCure series. I've always been interested, but once I sat down and started watching, the daunting task of sitting through 50+ episodes of each series no longer appealed to me...

JapanaTerror photo

JapanaTerror 016: Manhole

When the landscape of western horror simply isn't extreme enough for you, you need another way to satisfy your cravings. Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers may be enough to terrify the masses, but you're looking for something a little more ex...

Black Butler photo

Black Butler "Book of Circus" anime premiering in June

You probably remember how stoked I was to announce a brand new Black Butler anime series, because my love for Sebastian Michaelis is unmatched. However, I haven't gotten around to reading the manga, so the details that have finally emerged ...

Monster Rancher photo

Discotek streaming 12 minutes of subtitled Monster Rancher

Monster Rancher and its surrounding media was a huge part of my life growing up. I spent hours with the PlayStation release and my menagerie of music CDs doing my best to find new monsters, and when I found the "cutest" ones I could, it was...

Cloudbuilt photo

Preview: Cloudbuilt

I don't like hand-holding. Sometimes, I want to jump in and make my own mistakes. I don't want the safety net of a checkpoint or the illusion of control afforded to me by objectives. Perhaps that's why, even in games like Mirror's Edge that...

Monthly Musing  photo

Reminder: March's Monthly Musing is all kinds of romantic

It's nearly the end of March, and love is still in the air. It's like a love stench that you can't quite get rid of, no matter how much air freshener or room spray you pepper the house with. And I'm still patiently waiting for a deluge of e...

Annotated Anime photo

Annotated Anime: Recently, My Sister is Unusual Episode 11

It's finally happened -- the dreaded hot springs episode. I was thinking perhaps we'd be able to get by without it, but in the end it wasn't as offensive as it could have been. In fact, it was pretty tame as far as ImoCho's standards go. Mi...

Cloudbuilt  photo

Cloudbuilt official website live now

If you've been following Rising Star Games and Coilworks' frenetic race through the skies known as Cloudbuilt, you're probably either playing preview code or are well aware of its March 20th release date. If not, and you feel like you still...

AA: ImoCho Ep. 10 photo

Annotated Anime: Recently, My Sister is Unusual Episode 10

Hiyori decides she's about 1000% done with Mitsuki after the two become locked in a little argument. I was done with Hiyori about one episode in, so Mitsuki has a lot more patience than I do, and it's obvious. This episode is frustrating...

JapanaTerror photo

JapanaTerror 015: Homunculus

When the landscape of western horror simply isn't extreme enough for you, you need another way to satisfy your cravings. Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers may be enough to terrify the masses, but you're looking for something a little m...

AA: ImoCho Ep. 9 photo

Annotated Anime: Recently, My Sister Is Unusual Episode 9

Just when the plot was going somewhere a couple weeks ago, we're left with episodes like this one, last week's, and the week before, where the relationships are made up and the little sisters don't matter. I'm confused as to why all of a...

Viz Manga photo

Viz racks up Assassination Classroom, One Piece, and more

Viz has my number, you guys. They've been consistently bringing the noise, bringing down the house, coming here to turn the party out. They're raising the roof to prove they can get loose, y'all, with high-profile releases like a new One Pi...

Monthly Musings photo

Monthly Musings: Romantic, rabu-rabu moments

February was a whirlwind, wasn't it? We lost a few friends, but gained some as well. Even I went through some big changes. Things might be difficult, but we've soldiered on beautifully and we're all stronger because of it. You guys really b...

JapanaTerror photo

JapanaTerror 014: The Female Fridge No. 1

When the landscape of western horror simply isn't extreme enough for you, you need another way to satisfy your cravings. Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers may be enough to terrify the masses, but you're looking for something a little more...

Pokemon X photo

Buy a 3DS, get Pokemon X or Pokemon Y

If you're still on the fence about whether or not picking up a 3DS or any of Nintendo's handhelds is a good idea, this should sweeten the deal considerably. The latest promotion to come from Nintendo is a pretty lucrative one -- register an...

Pokémon photo

Pokémon movies and TV series coming to Netflix

If you're like me, you spent many a Saturday morning recording new Pokémon episodes on a worn-out old VHS because actually waking up to catch the exploits of Ash and Pikachu was a pretty tall order. As a result, you probably never sa...

AA: ImoCho Ep. 8 photo

Annotated Anime: Recently, My Sister is Unusual Episode 8

This anime series has to be one of the weirdest rides I've ever taken when it comes to weekly recaps. I just never know what to expect from it anymore. Given last week's incredibly asinine and horrible outing, this week really needed to del...

Monthly Musing  photo

Reminder: We want YOUR favorite anime endings

Lovelies! The time is upon us! It's time for you to hit the c-blogs and write up a flowery post to wax poetic about your favorite anime ending song! Remember, just like last month and every other month before it, there's a swanky prize up f...


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