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J-Boys pole dancing: new heights of 'so wrong' eroticism

There are no words to describe the level of "wtf" generated from watching this trailer of Japanese hotties learning to pole dance, so I'll let you just watch it and marvel at Japan's weirdness. [Thanks for the tip, Stella!]


Why we love the Japanese: Cats in bowls

Do me a favor. Whatever you're doing, stop. Just stop now. Save that email draft, pause that song in iTunes, hold on a sec on that Tweet. Just stop and enjoy the fact that there is a Japanese game show that features challenges such as "How ...


Space Battleship Yamato comes to Singapore this month

I've been tracking news on the live action version of Space Battleship Yamato ever since I got word that my number one j-crush, Kimura Takuya, was playing the starring role. It's done very well at the Japanese box office as well, raking in ...


Get your face on the cover of the new Polysics!

Thanks to Zac Bentz, our resident Japanese music genius, I discovered Polysics a few years back, and I've been hooked ever since. If you don't dance your ass off after watching the video for "How Are You?", well ... it's probably best for y...


New Norwegian Wood trailer will give you the chills

Our first teaser for the live action adaption of best selling Japanese author Haruki Murakami's coming of age novel Norwegian Wood was good. Good enough to get fans frothing at the mouth and for popular fashion chain Uniqlo to follow up wit...


Saki Aibu dons a fat suit for her newest drama, Rebound

Saki Aibu -- you know that pretty girl from Zettai Kareshi and Buzzer Beat? Yep, that's the one. The same one you see above sporting a full fat suit. If you can't even recognize her, that's good, because that's exactly what they were going ...


Custom Delights: Catherine comes to life

Ever since the very first videos about the Persona team game Catherine from Atlus, I have been trembling, frothing at the mouth, and unable to shut up about it. The demo was recently released on Japanese PSN, and it lived...


Japanator Interview: The Art of Akira

We gave you a brief introduction to the Art of Akira collection when we showed you a video about the loving detail put into some of the scenes from the collection's owner, Joe Peacock. Fascinating, to be sure, and our readers liked seeing i...


Be my Valentine: I'm sweet for you, Hanazawa Rui

Since it's Valentine's Day, it's obviously a holiday where you have a special opportunity to do one thing: openly declare your love. We do that a lot in our Confessions series, but today at Japanator, we're going to give Valentines to the c...


Arashi's Nintendo CM series continues with Nintendogs

The peeps at Nintendo are very smart. For instance, they know that Nintendogs sells like hotcakes, and they also know anything with Arashi on it sells like hotcakes. What's the solution? Why, to combine the two things of course. Let's have ...


JapanaTen: Further feeding your J-drama addiction

[Editor's note: Yaiko of Asian Pop Shock fame has kindly agreed to give us her take on the next ten dramas you must see. Enjoy!]  Hello, Japanator readers! Your new J-drama fangirl, Yaiko, here with my inaugural post. Ag...


Japanator Adventures: The US Gantz screening

Was I excited when I heard that the live action version of Gantz would be premiering in US theaters? You bet I was. Not only are lead hotties Kazunari Ninomiya and Ken'ichi Matsuyama wearing skintight leather suits in the film (which appare...


Ero Week: How I Met the Bondage Fairies

Growing up in a small town has it's advantages. For instance, in mine there was only one comic shop, but even so, being the only game in town meant that the owner had free reign over what he stocked his shelves with. As a fifteen year old, ...


TBS announces their most expensive j-drama ever

I have a lot of good looking studs in my J-boy harem, but some of them will only come out for the best of the best. After all, you get deeply established enough in this business, you get to do what you want. Take SMAP member and excellent a...


Japanator's Holiday Shopping Guide: Books and Movies

Sure, maybe you've seen our 2010 anime guide, our otaku guide, and our manga guide (or if you haven't yet, you will soon). But maybe you're a little snobby when it comes to your taste. Maybe you prefer live action films. Or maybe, even wors...


Live action Space Battleship Yamato rocks box office

That live action adaption of Space Battleship Yamato starring my delightful husbando Takuya Kimura has finally descended on Japanese theaters, and it's doing just as well as one might imagine such a classic would fare. I...


Anchor Bay bringing us Battle Royale 3D

I try to keep up on my J-film news, but sometimes stuff slips through the cracks. For instance, this conversion of 3D that J-action classic Battle Royale is undergoing. The film was originally passed over for North American distribution som...


Mizushima Hiro writes an award-winning book, quits acting

I heard sometime in October that one of my harem of husbandos, Mizushima Hiro, had decided to throw in the towel on acting. Considering that he has been cast in many popular dramas and was named in a lot of "rising star"...


Japanator Does Not Recommend: Suck My Dick or Die (NSFW)

When you fire up a game with a title like Suck My Dick or Die, you should more or less know what you're getting into. Liquid's adventure game involves military forces, your typical young anime girls with big eyes, and rape. Lots and lo...


Seeing Akira in a whole new light

Akira is one of those films that very few people really have much to say about in a negative light. Since its release in 1988, the movie singlehandedly introduced anime to millions of English-speaking fans (myself included). Obviously,...


Gackt expands his family, also, mini-confession

Fabulously handsome rock star Gackt posted some proud photos on his official blog recently of two new bundles of joy. In puppy form. He has named them Angie and Dolce, and talks about them at length on the blog. Here's a rough tra...


Japanator Original: VAMPS interview

If you don't know who VAMPS are, you really should, at least if you are a fan of Japanese music (but especially rock and visual kei). Formed by HYDE of L'Arc~en~Ciel fame and K.A.Z from Oblivion Dust, these J-rockers will be blowing up a st...


Confessions 22: Takuya Kimura

Why do I wait so long between Confessions, you might ask? Well, the truth is, I'm not as easy as I seem. It takes me months, sometimes even years, before I can warm up the kind of fire it takes for me to need to make a major confession. &nb...


Japanator Recommends: Persona 3 Portable

Anyone who reads any of the Modern Method websites I work for knows that I am completely, totally, ridiculously obsessed with the Persona game series. It all started with Persona 3, which caught my attention  with its dating sim mechan...


Final Fantasy 14 live action trailer stars TOMA!

So this morning, my best friend sends me a link to this video and says, "Hey ... doesn't this guy look familiar?" Since I transformed said friend into a j-drama addict, of course he recognized j-actor Toma Ikuta, who has been gett...


Chi in hoodie form? Yep, you can buy that

It's taken me much too long to post this, but better late than never. Chi of Chi's Sweet Home fame is one of my very favorite characters from any anime, so when I caught this young lady walking across the dealer's room at Otakon, I nearly t...


Otousan's new dad just happens to also be my husbando

You know that we like to keep up with the adventures of Softbank's adorable mascot Otousan around here. However, there's only one thing that's better than a new Otousan commercial, and that's an Otousan commercial with Matsuda Shota in it. ...


Paprika director Satoshi Kon dies at age 47

[Update: The Otakon message boards have confirmed that Madhouse's Maruyama-san was in fact correct. We'll still wait for an official statement, but it looks as if this may be true.] Twitter is in an uproar this afternoon as Gainax employee ...


Oguri Shun and Mao Inoue together again in new drama

Ah, one of the most beloved almost-pairings in the J-drama world: Mao Inoue's Makino and Oguri Shun's Rui from Hana Yori Dango. Any fan of that show will quiver when you mention them, and the idea of seeing them together in a new drama just...


First live action trailer for Ashita no Joe posted

Naturally, I've been following all and any news of the live action production of Ashita no Joe ever since I first got word about it. It's one of Japan's most beloved manga series, not to mention my darling husbando Yamapi is playing the lea...


Black Rock Shooter RPG teased

[Update:The game is registered under Ryu's Office, the company that did Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Persona 3 & 4 according to ANN.]We spotted a very interesting video on Canned Dogs this morning. Very simple, it directs to a Japanese web...


Otakon '10: The Men of Kuroshitsuji

Things that are relevant to my interests: boys, butlers, and boys dressed as butlers Actually, I'll happily take anyone, male or female, dressed as any of the characters from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler in the States), which easily sports my...


I thought Wheelchair Furry was the best Otakon photo...

I mean, really, it seems as if it would be hard to outdo this.But, considering the whole fire alarm situation and everything, I have to admit this photo really does give Wheelchair Furry a run for its money.[Via Lauren Rae Orsini]


I, Otaku: Identifying as a J-culture enthusiast

When I first started watching anime, I had never heard of the word otaku. However, in 1983 Japanese author Akio Nakamori wrote a little series called "An Investigation of Otaku" in loli manga mag Manga Burikko, and the word caught...


Otakon '10: These badge choices are kind of meh

We have to admit, we were a little bit surprised to see the badge decor choices at this year's Otakon (and thanks for Pedro for snapping this photo for us). I mean, I get that the state of the anime industry is not so hot and everything, bu...


Hikikomori phenomenon a 'national crisis"?

Of course, most Japanese culture fans are aware of what a hikikomori is, even if the only one you've ever met is lovely Kiri from Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei. To see a cute girl wrapped in her blankets, even if she does have a rather serious ...


Shun Oguri to star in A Clockwork Orange!

Sure, Shun Oguri is one of my original, number one j-drama crushes. That being said, he's really taken strides to step forward with his career rather than just start in romance drama after romance drama, starring in major films like Tajomar...

 from  tomopop

Otakon '10: Tomopop panel, free figures and more!

What happened at San Diego Comic-Con this year? Well, as you can clearly see, Leah, Stephen, Jake and I wasted no time getting suited up for a pajama party on our first night. We're a fun bunch, as you can clearly see (lucky for you, the...


Japanator Recommends: Black Rock Shooter OVA

Being a fan of all things even remotely related to Hatsune Miku, I was originally under the mistaken impression that artist Huke's Black Rock Shooter was an alternate version of her. Not true, it seemed -- but considering the similarities i...


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