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AA: P4G Animation photo

Annotated Anime: Persona 4 Golden Animation 3 & 4

An Akira homage? What show am I watching?! The further into Persona 4 the Golden Animation we go, the better I think of it -- the stranger the better. There is one consistency though, and that lies with Marie's storyline.  

AA: Aldnoah Zero photo

Annotated Anime: Aldnoah Zero episode 5

The plot thickens and the cast gets larger as we get to know the minds behind the Vers Empire. While the latest episode serves as a brief respite from the tireless slaughter being dished out by Martians, things seem to be turning for the wo...

FI: Terror in Resonance photo

First Impressions: Terror in Resonance

A new, original anime series directed by Shinichiro Watanabe with music from Yoko Kanno?Whose hand do I shake for making this happen? Terror in Resonance was a wildcard since it was announced,  featuring a relatively unknown studio (MA...

AA: Persona 4 Golden photo

Annotated Anime: Persona 4 Golden Animation episode 2

Now that the semi-obligatory introduction is out of the way, time to go wild! Skipping entire characters, plot points, and any redundant mainline story, we're taken on a jaunty ride to the stuff Persona 4 the Golden fans have been waiting f...

AA: Aldnoah Zero photo

Annotated Anime: Aldnoah Zero episode 2

"Operation Earthfall" has been begun, igniting war on planet Earth. Launching massive structures called "landing castles" all over the world, they strategically destroy every communications resource they find on land, sea, and space. I gues...

FI: Glasslip photo

First Impressions: Glasslip

I've become a large fan of P.A. Works in the past year or two. The Eccentric Family and Nagi-Asu both proved to be among the top shows of their respective seasons, providing grounded drama in the midst of well-realized fantastical settings....

FI: Persona 4 the Golden  photo

First Impressions: Persona 4 the Golden Animation

Persona 4 is among the most addictive and stubborn video game properties of the past 4 years -- you couldn't get rid of it if you wanted to! A lightning in a bottle that continues to hook us in with spin-offs and now, a second anime re...

FI: Mekakucity Actors photo

Final Impressions: Mekakucity Actors

To take a collection of narratively contained songs, light novels and manga and spin it into a television series makes this show a anthology about a unique group of characters connected to each other in the same (and perhaps multiple) unive...

FI: Aldnoah Zero photo

First Impressions: Aldnoah Zero

On a monolithic object in space, men in colonial attire stand around with grave faces as a young princess giddily marvels at the chance of visiting the primordial blue sphere that spawned all humans: Earth. What this show doesn't tell you r...

FI: Locodol photo

First Impressions: Locodol

As an avid idol fan myself, I've always appreciated when media takes care to pay attention to details and display that they themselves are enthusiastic about Idol culture. Wake Up Girls was one such anime, and I feel like Locodol will be a ...

FI: Is the Order a Rabbit photo

Final Impressions: Is the Order a Rabbit?

Having completed this season, I have no reservations whatsoever when I say this is the best slice-of-life offering I've seen in years. Drama-free, happy-go-lucky, no-strings-attached episode after episode of fun characters and exceptionally...

FI: One Week Friends photo

Final Impressions: One Week Friends

Our lovable cast was in some trouble the last time we checked, but luckily for everyone, Kiryu is around to knock some sense into our protagonists. One Week Friends proved to be one of the strongest shows of the season, even if it doesn't h...

FI: Rail Wars! photo

First Impressions: Rail Wars!

Rail Wars was strangely one of my most anticipated this season. The premise of a train security force fighting against railway privatization extremists sounded just crazy enough to become something worth following, but the first episode lef...

AA: WIXOSS photo

Final Impressions: Selector Infected WIXOSS

So, Selector Infected WIXOSS: a anime about a commercial card game. Does it sound like a show you would watch? Me neither. Yet somehow, WIXOSS has become one of my biggest surprises, beating out many of what I considered to be the safe bets...

Daily Dose photo

A Daily Dose of Music: Especia

If you haven't noticed, the 80's is back in full swing in Japan -- whether the artists can effectively emulate the era or not. One pop group that is embracing the blown-out campiness of the era is Especia, as evidenced in this PV for No1 S...


BABYMETAL is coming to LA

When BABYMETAL announced its world tour this year, I was severely disappointed that the US was not listed in the schedule. But lo and behold, we just got breaking news tonight that BABYMETAL will be reigning its particular brand of hell dow...

AA: One Week Friends photo

Annotated Anime: One Week Friends 10 & 11

As I suspected, as we go into our final few episodes, the self-contained nature of the series has become less the case, as Kujo's presence has given way to a series of unavoidable events spanning multiple entries.  

Bloodborne photo

The hellish theme of Bloodborne remade

You may or may not have seen the full leaked trailer of a early-build 'Project Beast' trailer that's been passing around in the internet ether (Now known as Bloodborne), but what struck me was the unrelenting song accompanying the great vi...

AA: M3 The Dark Metal photo

Annotated Anime: M3 The Dark Metal episode 8

Our depressed band of weirdo pilots continue onward steadily towards entering the Lightless Realm. Pilot synchronizations, seedy adults, childhood flashbacks, and other regular themes cloud up the episode while progress plods along.  

AA: Mekakucity Actors photo

Annotated Anime: Mekakucity Actors episode 9

Family mysteries is a big theme in this episode that delivers the story in the form of a flashback. If you've followed the show up to now and pieced together chunks of the narrative that have been tossed to us off the back of a recklessly d...

AA: Is the Order a Rabbit photo

Annotated Anime: Is the Order a Rabbit? episode 9

Do you like your coffee black and unsweetened? Too bad! You're gonna take your sugar, cream, and rabbits -- no debate! One of the best-drawn shows of the season continues its sparse story threads while delivering some of the cutest and best...

AA: WIXOSS photo

Annotated Anime: Selector Infected WIXOSS 10

Well, it seems like I jumped the gun assuming that Hitoe was caught up on the details. She has a freak-out fainting spell which ends the match Ruko and Hitoe were involved in (If unconsciousness could effectively end any match, I wonder wha...

AA: M3 The Dark Metal photo

Annotated Anime: M3 The Dark Metal 7

As the show continues on, some characters start to become more interesting while others are beginning to overstay their welcome. The slow pace of the show isn't a negative, but I'm starting to see repeating patterns that could become proble...

AA: One Week Friends photo

Annotated Anime: One Week Friends episode 9

As One Week Friends starts picking up the pace towards the finish line, we finally come head-to-head with our final obstacle -- and it's a big one. But don't get too down, because there's still plenty of good feelings and progress to be exp...

Space Dandy photo

A Look at the next season of SPACE D-A-N-D-Y

Our erratic alien hunter and his bemused crew are due for another season, and soon! More throwbacks, homages, and alternate universes are just waiting to be discovered.  Here we get a full-fledged trailer that puts all the other lukew...

AA: Mekakucity Actors photo

Annotated Anime: Mekakucity Actors 8

Right at the beginning the viewers are a witness to two unrecognizable characters: a woman and a girl, caught in a strange dimension of smoldering ash and fire, standing on a structure on verge of a collapse. The woman sends the girl throug...

AA: Is the Order a Rabbit photo

Annotated Anime: Is the Order a Rabbit? episode 8

Hey, you know when slice-of-life shows decide not to do a bikini-clad pool or hot springs episode? Well you're in luck because that's exactly what we don't get! Hot tubs, bathing suits, coffee quizzes, and skeet shooting with sniper rifles ...

AA: WIXOSS photo

Annotated Anime: Selector Infected WIXOSS episode 9

You know, despite what fluffy romcom anime would have you believe, incest is a subject that comes with serious concerns. It's bizarre to state the obvious, but it's oddly refreshing when an anime series these days actually address it as tab...

AA: M3 The Dark Metal photo

Annotated Anime: M3 The Dark Metal episode 6

The viewers who still stuck with this show all this time are finally given a sense of progress but, unfortunately, it doesn't come without loss. We're also still left knowing less than when we started -- a miraculous feat that seems to cont...

AA: Mekakucity Actors photo

Annotated Anime: Mekakucity Actors episode 7

In typical Mekakucity Actors fashion, they once again subvert my expectations by actually picking up where the last episode left off. The story seems to be taking a more recognizable form now; having thoroughly explored the tip of the icebe...

AA: One Week Friends photo

Annotated Anime: One Week Friends episode 8

Deep into summer, screaming cicadas and unrelenting heat are in full force. Naturally, this can only mean one thing for an anime: time for a beach episode! Being the first field trip Kaori is taking with her new friends, the novel premise s...

AA: Selector Infected photo

Annotated Anime: Selector Infected WIXOSS 8

It's just coincidence that the most chilling entry of WIXOSS just happened to air on a uncharacteristically dreary and overcast day in sunny California… right? With a eerie grey light peering through my blinds, I sat down and watched...

AA: Is the Order a Rabbit photo

Annotated Anime: Is the Order a Rabbit? 7

Everyone's favorite, intensely adorable show of the season has arrived, delivering another packed episode full of sugar and sparkles. We're treated to a varied set of stories that invite humorous situations and all around moe pandemonium.&n...

Mekakucity Actors photo

Annotated Anime: Mekakucity Actors episode 6

This week's entry starts with a bang, passing on the usual OP and going straight into a action setpiece, where a black-haired Ene races down the metropolitan city blocks that seem to be collapsing all around her. The high tension beginning ...

AA: The Dark Metal photo

Annotated Anime: M3 The Dark Metal episode 5

Our psychological mecha anime of the season has finally built enough layers of story and intrigue to feel like a fully established show. This episode is the most focused one yet, keeping the spotlight on fewer characters and dropping larger...

AA: One Week Friends photo

Annotated Anime: One Week Friends episode 7

As Hase appears to fall victim once more to his possessive nature, Kaori is walking tall. This week's episode is a blush-fest, stepping away from group activities and focusing back onto our two original protagonists Hase and Kaori. It's als...

AA: Selector Infected photo

AA: Selector Infected WIXOSS episode 7

Whew, already episode 7. It's officially past the midway point, usually the time where many anime series start to step onto the fast track towards the season finale, and WIXOSS seems to have done just that. Each character is nurturing their...

Rabbit House photo

Annotated Anime: Is the Order a Rabbit? episode 6

After the sports-infused, cafe-touring mayhem of last week, we're in for a pretty mellow episode this time. All the characters continue to constantly run into each other coincidentally in what seems to be the smallest town ever, but new con...


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