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Corgi power photo

This corgi's costume is over 9,000

Cosplay? Corgsplay? With their long shape, oversized head, and ridiculous features, Welsh Corgis make the best costume dogs. And as members of the herding dog group, they're a perfect fit as scouter users. I almost couldn't believe the pati...


This McDonald's news video is better than Ran Ran Ruuu!

We've followed the weirdness over at McDonald's Japan for years now here at Japanator, so you all should be used to the strange stuff that we tag Ran Ran Ruuu here. But today we have news coverage of McDonald's that's even stranger. If you...


Seven Japanese anime firms to stream anime overseas

My anime dreams are coming true. Well, not those dreams (that's another post). I'm talking about my dreams for how we as non-Japanese fans will view anime. Cutting out the middleman, if you will.  Welcome upcoming website Daisuki.net t...


'Chocolate Love' is footsie, glasses, and cymbal licking

Twinkie drumming idol (yes, really) duo Bandjanaimon has a new music video for their song "Chocolate Love." Read that sentence again. Gotta love J-pop. This new PV is off the charts as far as weird goes. I don't want to spoil it all for yo...


Greatest software ad ever: Trend Micro's Password Manager

Only can Japan make you excited about an advertisement for PC software. Trend Micro's Password Manager has received the full treatment, complete with a character, theme song and animation. Head over to the 'Pasumane' webpage to se...


Beckii Cruel's first vlog in 2 years

It has been awhile since we've heard from Beckii Cruel, the dancing Brit girl on YouTube turned Japanese idol-ish jailbait, but she's back with a new vlog that promises more ...vlogs as well as dancing and hairstyling videos. Yay? It'...


Survey says Japanese workers spend less than $6 on lunch

How much do you spend on lunch while working? I'd guess about $9 outside of the rare times I feel like going all dollar menu. Even if it's cheap, we all know that eating $1 filler is not eating well.  It's hard to eat well for less tha...


Possibly my new jam: Cosplay idol group panache!

It might be too early to call, but I'm going to anyway: my new jam will be idol group panache!. And they're not just your everyday idol group, either. Try cosplay idol group. Oh, and look at them! LOOK! This trio (Akira Itsuki, Enako, and K...


Ran Ran Ruuu! 5th anniversary video will break your brain

[DISCLAIMER:  Japanator and its parent network, ModernMethod, are not responsible for trauma or death caused by watching this video.] While Japanator's Ran Ran Ruuu! tag has become a sort of catch-all for anything McDonald's Japa...


BWAHAHAH! Josh Groban singing in Japanese!

You guys know who Josh Groban is, right? He's a very talented multi-platinum selling 'easy listening' vocalist that has 'raised up' so many weddings with his music that I get teary just thinking about his voice. So, again, super-talented, ...


Uniqlo and Bic Camera unite to form new store BICQLO

[cue robot connection sound] Uniqlo, Japan's rapidly growing clothing company, and Bic Camera, one of the country's largest electronics retailers, have come together to open a new store in Shinjuku. The name of this new store is BICQLO, and...


Look at this lovely Square Enix 25th Anniversary art

Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show booth has a gallery of lovely Final Fantasy 25th anniversary artwork on display. The pictures here do not do the original pieces justice at all, though.  I want to buy all of these. Especially the Final Fa...


Um, nevermind: No more free flights to Japan!

Remember how Japan said that they would be giving 10,000 free flights to foreigners in 2012? Well, not so much anymore. Japan's national tourism agency had high hopes for boosting visits to Japan with some free flights, but that's not happe...


Dark Souls ESRB listing: Multi-headed dragons, breasts

Oh, ESRB. We love your little game listing write-ups. They always inform us and they sometimes entertain us. I see that your new listing for upcoming game Dark Souls is marked with an M rating for blood and gore, partial nudity, ...


Fuami fuami fuamiiiima, fuami fuamima!

Fuami fuami fuamima, fuami fuamima! Fuami fuami fuamima, fuami fuamima! Fuami fuami fuamima, fuami fuamima! Fuami fuami fuamima, fuami fuamima! Fuami fuami fuamima, fuami fuamima! Fuami fuami fuamima, fuami fuamima!...


Hulu is coming to Japan

I love me some Hulu. US Hulu, that is. The funny thing is that I mostly watch Japanese stuff on it! You get some J-drama on there and I'll never need anything else. I think Japan will love it just as much as I do. Hulu has revealed plans to...


Tommy Lee Jones is making new BOSS commercials

It never fails. Take someone to Japan for the first time and it seems like the first thing they do is jump back in surprise at advertisements for Suntory's BOSS coffee. I'm so used to seeing it that the ads never look out of place to me. I...


ICO novel based on the PS2 game coming August 16

Viz Media has announced that they will publish author Miyuki Miyabe's novel ICO: Castle in the Mist, on August 16th. The new book will be published by the company’s Haikasoru imprint and will carry an MSRP of $15.99. It is base...


This English-language guide to Tokyo arcades is awesome

The folks at the Madman's Cafe have been working on an English-language guide to Tokyo area arcades for fighting game fans since before the March disaster. I'm with them in hoping that this guide gets good use even the scary events of earli...


CandyJapan: The Japanese candy subscription club

I'm in love with Japanese candy. There's no measure for my love. In fact, I'm eating a soda-flavored Puccho right now! During my childhood in Japan I usually had one daily goal: To walk to the konbini and buy a bunch of sweets. I usually di...


iTunes Japan drops prices to closer match the U.S. dollar

When you try to line up Japan's Yen to the U.S. Dollar, it just doesn't work anymore. There was a time where 100 yen was a dollar, and you could easily figure out that thae dusty Sega Saturn game in the reduction bin in an Akihabara alley w...


Awesome: Steadycam Guy's Anime Expo cosplay video

I've said it before, but I love the work that "Steadycam Guy" does at anime conventions. YouTube user acksonl goes everywhere with his full-body steadicam rig: Otakon, New York Comic-Con, and most recently, Anime Expo, which took place in L...


GONNA MAKE YOU SWEAT: Tokyo's summer power cuts begin

Starting tomorrow and running from September 22nd, power consumption will be restricted from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays in Tokyo areas covered by TEPCO. Most other areas won't have a set restriction, but the supplying power companies for ...


Lady Gaga's best song yet is for Japan...kinda

If you watch Japanese television news broadcasts you'll know that Lady Gaga is all over the news. Re-dei Ga-Ga. LOL. I shut off one news show last night because about 30 minutes of the hour long broadcast was dedicated to her visit to Japan...


If you don't like this video then we can't be friends

This intro sequence to 1980's show Space Sheriff Gavan is so amazing that I've made it part of my new friendship threshold evaluation kit. It's test number one, actually. Watch it, like it, and you're my friend for life. Dislike it and I ha...


Niconico.com is now open!

Niconico.com is now open as Beta. It's our own taste of Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga, complete with commenting directly on videos. The team is still working out the kinks, but you can join in the early fun now. Go now: NicoNico.com W...


Hyadain's first major single is the opening for Nichijou

I am getting caught up with my anime backlog, so I'm just now touching down with Nichijou. <3 But get this: That crazy YouTube remixer, Hyadain, did the theme song, and now his first PV is out.  That insanely talented guy that freq...


Mass Effect anime announced by EA and FUNimation

A Mass Effect anime is coming. A deal was just announced between EA and animation company FUNimation to bring a home video movie version of the popular videogame to fans in 2012. Set in the Mass Effect universe, the anime will feature a sci...


Big pink penises and candy vaginas at Japanese festival

One of my favorite Japanese video bloggers, jetdaisuke, shot some footage at Kanamara Matsuri, a festival that celebrates big penises. It used to have something to do with fertility, but now it's all about the lulz.  There used to be t...

 from  japanator

Yokatta! Goro is fine

Goro, our favorite Japanese Welsh Corgi, is fine. That's a huge relief as he and his owner, SiroWan, live 400km from Sendai. I'm also fine. Thanks for the love, Japanator. It means a lot. If all goes well, I'll be back home in America very ...


Video: Lovely day on the Tama river

On one of the first sunny days of spring here in Tokyo I enjoyed a walk by the Tama river, starting out near the absolutely lovely Futako-Tamagawa area. This area, which is west of Shibuya, is consistently voted by Tokyoites as one of the b...



The girl in the header image gave me an approving look after I snapped these shots, as if to say, yes, otaku boy, this is definitely worth taking pictures about and HHNNNGGGing over.


McDonald's Japan's Manhattan Burger has pastrami on it

Last month I showed you McDonald's Japan's Miami Burger, which is one of their series of Big America 2 sandwiches. It was...pretty good. Strange, but good. Taco meat and chips on top of a cheeseburger is crazy, but it kind of works. This ne...


Pretty: Tokyo's first plum blossoms of the year

Everyone knows about the sakura, or cherry blossoms, and that April is the best time to visit the Tokyo area to see them. But there's also a visual treat from another tree that comes a bit earlier. The plum blossom is equally as lovely and ...


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