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The Best Thing Ever: Yotsuba&!

[Want to tell us what you think is the best thing ever? Post it in our community blogs section, and you might wind up on the front page!] In the course of trying to explain otaku culture to the ignorant masses, the "slice of life"...


Toro gets evicted, new app to replace Mainichi Issho

This is the worst news I have ever had to report. For three years, SCEJ's Mainichi Issho has been a free app for the PS3, and as far as I'm concerned, one of the greatest things mankind has ever conceived. If you play it, you know that the ...


Beat Old Man Winter with these USB Bust Beauty oppai warmers

Japanese OLs who find themselves in the employ of frugal bosses must have it rough. Winter comes around, bossman refuses to sufficiently crank up the thermostat in the office, and next thing you know, you're sitting at your desk with cold b...


Destructoid rocks 24 hours of games for Extra Life charity

Over at our sister site, Destructoid, the Miami crew is participating in Extra Life -- a 24-hour gaming marathon which will raise money to fund research for pediatric cancer. If you're a Dtoider, you probably remember SingSterling from last...


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