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One confirmed, four teased games from Nippon Ichi

Like all good Japanophile video gamers, I'm going to assume that you guys like Nippon Ichi. You better, because they have a lot in the pipeline right now. Already confirmed is a PS Vita re-release of Disgaea 3, tentatively called Disgaea 3 ...


PSP RGP 7th Dragon 2020 looks adorable

Two new trailers have surfaced today for Imageepoch's upcoming handheld RPG 7th Dragon 2020. The first shows a quick bit of character creation, while the second shows the unspeakably cute chibi battle characters fighting some sort of monkey...


Banpresto planning a huge mash-up game

No, they're not doing the Smash Bros. thing with different licenses; that would be so last year. Heroes Fantasia is going to be a PSP RPG. No less than ten series will be represented, including such fan favorites as Sgt. Frog, Slayers, Rune...


Senran Kagura girls have special attacks, spirit animals

We already know that everyone has a special attack in 3DS booby brawler Senran Kagura. What's just coming to light is the fact that each character's abilities are fueled not only by super meters and costume changes, but by animal powers. Ch...


Senran Kagura combat trailer brings the action

The latest gameplay trailer for bouncy 3DS ninja game Senran Kagura finally shows some juicy combat action. In it, you can see a character wielding a large katana charging up her ninpo meter and unleashing a powerful cinematic attack on hor...


Fan-made Catherine covers feature everyone but Catherine

Hang on, folks, it seems the Catherine cover has achieved full-blown art meme status. Some fine Japanese artists have taken it upon themselves to switch out all sorts of characters for Catherine, Katherine, and Vincent and the Sheep as they...


ClariS sings theme song for... Nendoroids?

I had to read that headline a couple of times, thinking that I was about to see the theme song for Nendoroid Generations. It turns out the song "Anata n FIT" is just for Nendoroids themselves! It brings me back to the days of the early 90s ...


Final Class of Heroes game headed to PSP

The Class of Heroes series has had several entries on the PSP and PS3 system, but the next handheld game will be the last, according to developer Acquire. The title, Ken to Mahou no Gakuenmono: Final Shinnyusei wa Ohimesama, suggests as muc...


Irem to pull all PSN offerings, get them while you can

It's a sad day whenever classic games have to get pulled from an online marketplace, and today is such a day. All of Irem's games will be taken down on August 11th, including PSP downloadable games and PS1 classics. All of their themes, dem...


Grasshopper's upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw is very Suda51

Grasshopper Games is quickly defining itself as a company that keeps it's fanbase guessing, while at the same time assuring them that they will always stay strange. To that end, their next game Lollipop Chainsaw features a chainsaw toting c...


Choya umeshu turns Japanese into racist caricatures

You know this enormous nose I have? An my light colored hair? They go so well with my big round eyes to reinforce my Western-ness to Japanese viewers. Oh wait, I don't have any of those things. Maybe it's because I don't drink enough Choya,...


Atsumete! Kirby on DS features ten-Kirby swarm

A new site for the upcoming DS Kirby game went up yesterday complete with loads of gameplay videos. It seems the player will take control of a swarm of up to ten Kirbies simultaneously. Even if you can't read the Japanese, it's easy enough ...


A lone blurry photo of Ace Attorney movie set appears!

For those of you that haven't heard, Ace Attorney is getting the live-action film treatment courtesy of director Takashi Miike. Now that you've heard, check out this photo! It looks like the Judge on the far right, but it could just as easi...


Arashi promote Japan tourism, prance around like idiots

Japan's tourism industry is doing pretty poorly this year due to the disaster. A new video called "Message From Japan" is meant to promote tourism by featuring the pop group Arashi, who will welcome tourists to their nation and assure them ...


First Impressions: Manyuu Hikenchou

I'm a fan of the occasional ecchi series. Girls Bravo is one of my favorite comedies. I un-apologetically enjoyed Queen's Blade. Be it zany comedy, harem, drama, or action, the addition of nude ladies just makes a good show better. The prob...


First Impressions: Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts 2

BakaTest is back and I am so ready. Returning this season are the abstract and semi-abstract backgrounds complete with toner shading and bright colors. Just like the first season, the style can jump between it's usual anime look, heavily sh...


First Impressions: Nyanpire

When I first saw the preview of Nyanpire, I thought it looked like a cutesy show meant to promote a cutesy mascot to sell some cutesy merchandise. While I'm pretty sure this is the case (and there's nothing wrong with that), it's also a pre...


Video: Japanese cat learns spoken commands

A cat named Leon belonging to a woman in Shizuoka can apparently differentiate between several very similar sounding commands. Leon will eat when given the owner says "yoshi," but not "yoshiko" or any similar words. He also will sit or go t...


Tohoku gets some love from top New York chefs

In a move that I would dare to call 'badical,' several top New York chefs have flown to Japan to prepare some of their signature dishes for those affected by the recent earthquakes. Daniel Boulud led a group of renowned chefs in the prepara...


Senran Kagura gets new PR group, lots of details emerge

Yesterday's press conference from Marvelous Entertainment brought much news to light on the upcoming 3DS bouncy ninja game Senran Kagura. The first is of the formation of a PR group made of five girls, who each represent a character from th...


Grand Knights History kicks off series of 10 trailers

Today we get the first of ten daily trailers for Marvelous Entertainment's upcoming PSP RPG Grand Knights History. It sheds some much needed light on the "Sphereal Battle" system and while there is no explanatory text it's easy to infer a f...


Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos has extra long trailer

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos, the sequel to Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos, is shaping up to be a pretty bonkers PSP game. It's a strategy RPG like it's predecessor with cinematic attack animations, and true to form they generally result in the lo...


Hendane to sell Little Hands charity doujinshi

If you've ever been to a dealers room in an anime convention, you are probably aware of Hendane. They're the guys shouting "YAOI!" at the top of their lungs and selling everything from paddles to computer games. Actually, I got my PC copy o...


Senran Kagura news streaming July 3rd

I would hate for a whole month to go by without me reminding you of the upcoming big-breasted ninja action game on the 3DS, Senran Kagura. You know, the one upcoming game that makes me want a 3DS (that domestic 3DSs won't play). It seems th...


Let's Go Island 3D arcade shooter hits next month

Let me tell you a story about Let's Go Jungle. It's an arcade shooting game where you sit in a little enclosed cabinet made out to look like a safari jeep and you shoot all kinds of enemies with swivel guns mounted to the dash of your vehic...


Impressions: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition DLC

Street Fighter IV has been credited with revitalizing 2D fighters, and this is a fair assessment. When the upgraded Super Street Fighter IV was released it was widely (though not quite universally) welcomed as a needed and desired update wi...


Pranking Indonesians makes them... not get mad

Apparently the Indonesians are among the slowest to anger. After reading an international study on the subject, a Japanese TV show sent comedian Udo Suzuki to Indonesia to do his best to piss people off and see what would happen. It turns o...


Banpresto releases do-it-yourself bath bomb maker

Combining the Japanese love of bathing and of novelty devices is an something I can get behind. Banpresto is taking a break from churning out anime goods so they can sell this sweet looking custom bath bomb maker. For those not in the know,...


Grand Knights History to use asynchronous multiplayer

That's right. Asynchronous. As I pat myself on the back for using that word, allow me to explain further: the multiplayer component of Grand Knights History will not be played in real time. Rather, you will periodically synchronize your dat...


Details on Grand Knights History controls and multiplayer

Vanillaware's upcoming PSP strategy/RPG had me excited when I saw the four-character setup that reminded me of Valkyrie Profile's battle system.  It doesn't look like it will play like that now, but new details have emerged regarding o...


Japan working on immigration point system

The Japanese government is considering a new system for allowing skilled immigrants into the country by grading them on a 100 point scale. Points would be given for things like employment history, company position, education, and stable inc...


Japanator Recommends: Dance in the Vampire Bund

I didn't really know what to expect going into this show. It was about vampires, I knew, and had some controversy over the fact that the petite heroine was often nude, but not much past that.  On the other hand, vampire romance is seri...


Black Rock Shooter PSP game gets a confusing trailer

There's a new trailer out for the upcoming Black Rock Shooter PSP game, but it left me wondering as to exactly how the game will play. The trailer seems to consist of all cinematic scenes, depicting a world where a bunch of military type du...


Devil Survivor 2 coming soon to... the original DS

Astute gamers will remember the release of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor on the Nintendo DS. The game about surviving over the course of seven days is getting an update on the 3DS with added content, so now is the perfect time to annou...


King of Fighters XIII coming to America courtesy of Atlus

Yes, please. King of Fighters XIII is finally going to get released over here, so I can finally jump into the series exactly where I want to. Atlus claims to have improved the netcode significantly, and there are a host of new features and ...


Bouncy 3DS ninja game Senran Kagura finally gets trailer

Sorry for wasting you guys' time with that last trailer. I really should have saved all the hype for this one. A game that will truly set new standards for excellence in electronic entertainment, Senran Kagura has a new trailer showing you ...


New trailer for team ICO collection

If you missed out on either Ico or Shadow of the Colossus, then it's safe to say you missed out on two of the more incredible games of the previous generation. The knowledge that they'd be getting HD re-releases on PS3 was comforting, but w...


Nightmare controller confirmed for Wii successor console

The rumors are true, according to Nikkei. The controller for Nintendo's upcoming home console will indeed have a six inch touch screen, leaving me scratching my head as to exactly how it will be incorporated into anything at all. It will al...


Vanillaware's PSP game Grand Knights History gets trailer

There have been rumblings of a new Vanillaware game for a while now, and finally they're ready to show off some of Grand Knights History in action. Exact gameplay details have not been announced, though we do know that it will be a strategy...


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