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It is easy to get caught up in a controversy.  You have your closely guarded opinion /belief and the other person reciprocates with an opposing one.  Soon it devolves into a shouting match/ flame war.  I was asked to share my...


Sometimes it just hard waiting for the pre-order. You know? But then there is other anime :).



Recently I had to defend my anime choice to someone whom I considered in the same genre appreciation as me.  We differed on opinion and that is it.  We still both like the same genre (for different reasons) but now I appreciate th...


The second season

So I just so happened to learn that two shows that I had thought down for the count received a second season.  I figured since they had not received a second season in years (yes multiple years) that they were as good as written o...


Yeah! I ordered three things all at different times and they all came in at the same time. Thanks name withheld ordering company!


oh, new!

So yes I did finish all 8* seasons of Inuyasha.  Before you say how bad a show that was with repetitive story line (they fight the same 2 villains twice) imho it was a trip down memory lane and a good one at that.  It will go...


stuck in a rut

So what do you do when even you are tired of Hero A chewing through his/ or her enemies towards yet another city on their way towards their ultimate goal in a way too many season arc? Take a break. Sometimes you had all this great stuff p...


Watching an older and very long anime :).


Old anime

I am currently watching an old but good anime- Cat’s eye. Rui, Hitomi, and Ai Kisugi are three sisters who own and operate Cat's Eye café directly across from the Inunari police station. Hitomi is the fiancée of Toshi Utsumi the detec...


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I am a blogger who likes anime and manga with a good plot. As such most of the anime I have viewed has been in the romance genre, but my manga preferences are varied. I do not like gore, porn, or anything with an intentionally bad ending.