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Oreshura photo

Review: Oreshura

Oreshura, or Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, is an elaborate reimagining of a simple idea. Short for "My girlfriend and my childhood friend argue a lot," the shortened name makes marketing and looking up the show on search e...

Vividred Operation photo

Review: Vividred Operation

I knew basically nothing going into Vividred Operation. I wasn't watching much anime during the Winter 2013 season anyway, and Vividred kind of got blurred together with all those other shows in that broad category of "cute girls with [inse...

Sword Art Online photo

New Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment details

It was a sure thing that after Namco Bandai's PSP release, Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, sold over a few hundred copies, they were gonna get another game out ASAP. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment for the Vita looks to up the ante fai...

Sword Art Online photo

Review: Sword Art Online BD Box Set I-IV

Not even original light novel scribe Reki Kawahara could have predicted how big his Sword Art Online franchise would eventually become. Since the first novel was published in April of 2009, Kawahara's creation has seen 12 sequel novels, fiv...

SAO: TV special photo

Sword Art Online TV special get a date and a synopsis

You probably thought I'd never write about the anime adaptation of Sword Art Online ever again. You were wrong. The time and date have been revealed for the upcoming Sword Art Online: Extra Edition TV special. It'll be airing at 10:00 pm Ja...

SAO: Hollow Fragment photo

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment announced for the Vita

It should come as no surprise that Namco Bandai is eager to produce a follow up to its PSP Sword Art Online game. The release sold exceptionally well on a platform that is essentially dead, and it makes sense that they would want to capita...

Blue Exorcist The Movie photo

Aniplex to release Blue Exorcist The Movie on Blu-ray

Aniplex have just announced that Blue Exorcist The Movie is not only coming to home video, but you'll be able to enjoy it in glorious Blu-ray format if you choose to buy the limited box set edition. It includes the film in both English and ...

Friday Night Fights photo

Friday Night Fights: Kirito vs Haseo

*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Grace sure is adorable; however, the cute little squirrel lacks the ability to fly. Therefore, Momo wins by a landslide for traveling with the trio that's in search of the sunflower samurai. On top of that, Mom...

Magi Final Impressions photo

Final Impressions: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

The first season of the Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic anime has come and gone, and I'm left wondering what exactly happened. My experience with the series came after reading a substantial portion of the original manga in preparation of cover...

Magi season 2 photo

Magi anime gets a 2nd season this fall

It's almost tragic how this Magi business turned out. To prepare for my coverage of the show in Annotated Anime, I decided to read the original Magi manga first. I ended up purchasing the whole series, and enjoyed the read so much that I co...

Oreimo commercial photo

It's almost Oreimo time!

We're only a couple weeks away from the premiere of the second season of everyone's favorite sis-con romp, Oreimo. There's a new commercial on the airwaves in Japan, and I have to say the animation and artwork are looking well up...


Review: AnoHana - The Flower We Saw That Day

I largely passed up on watching new anime in 2011, spending most of my time watching older series and Western television. One show that I was continually bugged about was AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day. It was a big hit in 2011, a...


Magi: The First Dungeon 3DS game gets a trailer

As a huge fan of the Magi manga, I can't even begin to describe how relieved I am that the anime adaptation has finally begun to get things right. The series is just good fun with a genuinely likable core cast, which makes it ripe for a ge...


Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment gets a 2nd CM

If you follow Annotated Anime, you probably already know how I feel about Sword Art Online these days. I think it's got a whole lot of problems, many of which will probably never be fixed. That being said, I'm still sort of enjoying it, an...


Blue Exorcist finally sees a full theatrical trailer

The sharp-eyed folks over at Alafista spotted an update to the official Ao no Exorcist website which included the long-overdue full theatrical trailer for the upcoming movie. We've already reported on the film several times, posted up some ...


Get hype for Blue Exorcist: The Movie

We've already posted some teaser info and such for the upcoming Blue Exorcist movie, and it looks like there has been another update to their official website with a buttload of new design, work-in-progress, storyboard, and character drawin...


First Impressions: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Love them or hate them, A-1 Pictures has been tearing it up in the anime world. They have numerous successes under their belt and their most recent project, Magi, is looking to keep up that track record. A few weeks ago, I started purchasin...


Astronaut lends his voice to Space Bros... from space!

How amazing is this? Space Bros, the anime that follows Nanba Mutta in his quest to become an astronaut like his brother, has received a little more help from NASA and JAXA than we first thought. It seems that Akihiko Hoshide, a Japanese as...


Imouto at the ready, Oreimo returns in April

Everyone's favourite closet otaku little sister will be returning for a second season of Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, not that she's happy about that or anything. The announcement comes from the Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival...


New Magi CM has voices and funny faces

With Magi's premiere date edging closer and closer, we finally get our first real look at the voice acting in the series now that the cast has been revealed. The new CM uploaded to the Official Site is purely Aladdin and Alibaba, but it sou...


Official Blue Exorcist page updates with movie teaser

Just a week ago, we got a premier date for the upcoming winter movie for Blue Exorcist. Last night, we were alerted by Crunchyroll that the official BlueEx page has been updated with a brand new teaser. You don't get to see much, but CR doe...


Blue Exorcist movie premier date announced

For those of you who might be in Japan around/after Christmas time, you can catch the premier of the upcoming Blue Exorcist movie on December 28. I briefly mentioned the film in my review of the BlueEx DVD release, so I'm glad to have some ...


Japanator Recommends: Blue Exorcist

It seems like only yesterday (actually, it was like nine months ago) that Blue Exorcist aired in Japan and Hiroko published this article with her full thoughts on the show. Now, its license has been realized in a full DVD release and I've g...


First Impressions: Tsuritama

noitaminA is one of my favorite blocks, so when I had the chance to jump on one of their shows in arguably the best anime season in recent years, I pounced for Kenji Nakamura's Tsuritama. Of course, even though Watanabe's Kids on the Slope ...


Upcoming Fairy Tail film gets a trailer with storyline

August 18 marks the opening day for upcoming Fairy Tail film titled Hōō no Miko (translates to Maiden of the Phoenix). It's got a completely fresh plot and introduces a character called Eclair, who has an important task to deliver...


A look at: Fairy Tail DVD/BD vol.s 3 and 4

When FUNimation announced they took up the license for Fairy Tail, I was ecstatic. I wasn't sure if everyone else would be though, especially considering that said license is limited to just the first 48 episodes. While I'll certainly take ...


Someone had a great idea: Wagnaria!! to be a stage play

I may have a terrible opening headline joke, but this is a typical entry into the "weird news" department. Wagnaria!! (also known as Working!!) was recently announced to become adapted for the stage. You know, with actors and props and thea...


First Impressions: Working'!!

You certainly missed out on a gem if you happened to let the first season of Working!! pass you, but luckily we have a second course of consumable-based gags to enjoy, so don't miss out this time! The plot remains highly unchanged from the ...


First Impressions: Uta no Prince Sama - Maji Love 1000%

Come on, don't tell me you didn't see this one coming! A little late, since I was out of town, but welcome to my intro and impressions for Uta-Pri, this season's reverse-harem style bishounen-ridden anime! Do I seem excited? Yeah, I kind of...


Working!! gets second season, pranks its fans

Japan doesn't really do April Fool's Day, at least not to the extent that some Western countries do, but A-1 Pictures got in on some of the fun last week for their series Working!!, released as Wagnaria!! by NISA last month. After building ...


Japanator Recommends: Birdy the Mighty: Decode

The anime industry continues to dig up its past, producing rehashes of former shows to prey on a mix of entrenched nostalgia and modern eye-popping visuals. Sometimes the new project becomes something barely related to the original, but mor...


First Impressions: Togainu No Chi

This show is clearly geared towards girls, so don't say I didn't warn you: there is A LOT of beefcake to be seen here! Lots of strong, manly beefcake that like to beat the snot out of each other. In any case, I generally gave up on BL some ...


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