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AnimeNEXT '16 photo

Aw, snap: Rei Hiroe and ZAQ are heading to AnimeNEXT

With almost a month left until June, it turns out that the man behind the original Black Lagoon manga, Rei Hiroe, and the singer of Love, Chunibiyo & Other Delusions' opening, ZAQ, are making an appearance at AnimeNEXT '16. I may b...

Studio Trigger photo

Anime Next '14: Studio Trigger

At Anime Next 2014, the "Creative Officer" and "Creative Director" of Kill la Kill, Shigeto Koyama and Hiromi Wakabayashi, respectively, did some show-and-tell for the crowd. Their Saturday panel on Kill la Kill was not only packed to ...

Cosplay photo

Anime Next '14: Cosplay

Anime Next 2014 in Somerset, New Jersey, spotted some terrific weather. It was almost nicer outdoors than indoors because the air conditioning was having problems on Saturday at the Doubletree Hotel, where many of the panels were hosted. Th...

Anime Next photo

Anime Next brings Rookies and Luna to East Coast burbs

Anime Next 2014 is this weekend, out in central New Jersey. This mid-size anime convention is pretty neat in that recently it has consistently pulled in some star power with solid musical acts, idols, and some really hip animation staffers....


AnimeNEXT '10: 'Cosplay is Serious Business'-con

Cosplay is always serious business. As such, serious photographs are required.While Jeff and I were trolling the mean streets of Somerset to cover AnimeNEXT (our Kamiyama interview debuts later this week), Tomopop editor Anthony DePasquale ...


Questions for Kenji Kamiyama, Eden of the East director?

AnimeNEXT is coming up this weekend, and one of the guests that I'm looking forward to is Kenji Kamiyama -- director of Eden of the East. He's got some other titles under his belt, like Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex ...


East coast welcomes Eden of the East creator at AnimeNEXT

Live on the east coast (a.k.a. the beast coast)? If you do, you'd better get ready to drop your pants (more than usual, at least), for Kenji Kamiyama, director and creator of nudist tourism anime Eden of the East, is coming to AnimeNEXT, th...


Japanator interview: Vertical's Ed Chavez

At AnimeNEXT, Ed Chavez took the stage in front of a few dozen people. It created a bit of despair for the panel -- one of the industry's smaller publishers was put into the largest panel room (FUNimation, meanwhile, was in the smallest). N...


Anime Next '09: FUNi announces Dragonaut cast

With bated breath, Jeff and I waited at FUNi's panel at AnimeNEXT for the announcements they'd have in store. But alas, all we got was a dub cast and a blanket statement that they're looking, but haven't yet gotten any of the following seas...


Japanator will be at AnimeNEXT this weekend!

Just a reminder to all of you in the tri-state area: Jeff Chuang and I will be wandering around AnimeNEXT this weekend, covering some of the panels and taking some photos. Right now, I'm planning on attending the Vertical and FUNimation's p...


FAKE? coming to perform at AnimeNEXT

I didn't realize just how many music artist were coming to the US until Zac made this post. It's pretty overwhelming, especially for people who really want to see every single artist that will be here. I guess I could say I'm one of those p...


Super secret awesome post

“What are we going to do about this?” asked Dr. Fernwood as he slapped the stack of papers within his grip. He took the fist paper in the stack and tossed it onto the desk that was opposite the one in which he slouched. “P...


AnimeNEXT 08: Thanks for all the fish

I just wanted to take a moment out of everything to say thanks to a bunch of people who made AnimeNEXT a lot more enjoyable than I expected it to be. First off, I want to thank Trisha Sebastian, the director of publicity for the con, for al...


AnimeNEXT 08: Media Blasters panel

I'll admit -- the Media Blasters panel was a little less than exciting this year. They don't do panels all that often, and so to do this one, and repeatedly say that you've got no acquisitions to announce, why hold the panel at all?There wa...


AnimeNEXT 08: Yoshitaka Amano confirmed for Bra-- er, NYAF

Coming out of the New York Anime Fest panel, Peter Tatara -- the Conference Manager for NYAF -- has announced that Yoshitaka Amano will be the guest of honor for the New York Anime Fest '08. He'll be there at the con to talk, and at a relat...


AnimeNEXT 08: Del Rey panel

Del Rey, much to my disappointment, didn't want to announce anything new at AnimeNEXT. Sure, they've got announcements coming up, but nothing that they wanted to share with the fine folks here in Jersey. Namely Gia, Scott, and myself. There...


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