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JapanaTour: Comiket

Welcome to the first edition of a new segment us folks like to call JapanaTour, a glance at some of the awesome places and events Japan has to offer. The authors of these articles will be people who have actually visited the place at hand, ...


The Cosplay of Comiket 80: Last Blast

Comiket's over! And with the tide of otaku exiting Tokyo Big Sight comes a tailing wave of sweet, sweet cosplay pictures, including yet more portayals of Madoka Magica. Now, I know a few of you demanded that I stop gathering pictures of Mad...


The Cosplay of Comiket 80: Day Two

Gosh, is it day two of Comiket cosplay already? It's as if our day one Comiket cosplay gallery went up just yesterday! Wait, that makes perfect sense. Cosplay goodness continues as Comiket slowly starts to wind down. The cosplayers are melt...


The Cosplay of Comiket 80: Day One

Ah, Comiket! That most essential of otaku events is going full speed ahead, and the first day has just passed. And before everyone is overwhelmed by the tide of perverted doujinshi and other obscene material (that's for day three!), there's...


Comiket 78: Yui vs. Uiharu!

So Comiket 78 has been pretty intense so far with a massive amount of people attending: 560,000!But, that's nothing compared to what Canned Dogs mentioned earlier today. Apparently K-On's Yui and Railgun's Uiharu got into a very spirited di...


Check out some of Fall's anime in shaky-cam glory

It's that second time of year, and the summer Comiket is upon Glorious Nippon. Besides sweltering heat, teeming masses of sweaty otaku, and countless instances of quietly ignored copyright infringement, there's also anime.Specifically, prom...


Touhou oil painting for the true fan (auction of the day)

Who here likes Touhou? What's better than bullet hell shooters featuring shrine maidens? Not much, apparently, as Pixiv artist Kabaji has put up on the Yahoo! Japan auction site three Touhou oil paintings featuring: Marisa, Rumia, and Cirno...


Highlights of Comiket 76 cosplay part 2

I couldn't help but go with the Nia cosplayer for this set. I think you know why.So, for the second group of Comiket 76 photos courtesy of Moeyo, there's simply one thing I have to say: there is the most amazing Master Roshi cosplayer ever ...


Highlights of Comiket 76 cosplay part 1

Sadly, we're not at Comiket 76 in any official fashion this year. Pedro and Eva are braving the tides, but I couldn't imagine making them take photos while trying to carry all of their goods and fight against the language barrier. So, until...


FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU: Check out the Comiket crowds

Odaiba is a sandbar that sits in the Tokyo bay. It's basically an entertainment island where shopping centers and restaurants and the like are piled up, all set on a beach. Nice place for a date, really. It's also the home of mega-conventi...


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