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Confessions: Zechs Marquise

Zechs. Oh Zechs! How I dream about you day and night! As each episode passes by, I dream of what you look like under that mask. How I long to pull that helmet off after a long day's battle, stroke your long and beautiful locks, and tend to ...


Confessions: Kikuko Inoue

As anybody who has been watching anime for any length of time should know, certain voice actors and actress' get used fairly often. I mean, it's pretty easy to pick up that the voice of Louise from Zero no Tsukaima and Taiga from Toradora a...


Celebrate 15 years of Pokemon films with a Pokemon film

Let's go back to 1999 for a little while. Scary, I know, but bear with me. I was just another kid caught up in the Pokémon craze that was milking money from parents all over the world, and I was helping contribute to that by convinci...


Confessions 24: My worst break-ups

To my utmost beloved, You know, it's hard for a man, especially on a special day such as today, to admit when and how he made a mistake. Sometimes, it's as simple as forgetting a birthday or anniversary, or even failing to realize that you ...


Be My Valentine: Dakimakura!

Nobody has to be alone this Valentine's Day. Not when there are plenty of waifus to go around! You're looking at a picture of (a very sunburnt) me with Yoko, the lady who never lets me down. How many people are there in your life that are a...


Confessions 23: Stuff in eggs, on rice

We usually find ourselves confessing to idols, actors or even characters, but this time I'm opening my heart to food. If anything, this will serve as an exploration of my feelings toward this particular type of dish, which is uniquely Japan...


Confessions 22: Takuya Kimura

Why do I wait so long between Confessions, you might ask? Well, the truth is, I'm not as easy as I seem. It takes me months, sometimes even years, before I can warm up the kind of fire it takes for me to need to make a major confession. &nb...


Confessions: GARtender AGAIN

As you may recall, I first confessed my feelings for Heiwajima Shizuo on historic Man Day. However, that was the first blush of an impulsive, immature love; Only five episodes of Durarara!! had aired at that time, meaning that I simply coul...


Confessions 20: Matsumoto Jun

It's been a little too long since we did a proper Confessions around here -- not since our April Fool's Americanator prank, in fact. Not acceptable, especially if you consider the amount of shared j-lust that the Japanator staff has for ido...


Confessions 19: President Barack Obama

Here at Americanator: The Yankee's Companion, we hate President Barack Obama for being a Muslim socialist alien nazi...or at least, we're supposed to. I have to admit, once I found out that he bowls about as well as I do, I started to feel ...


Confessions 18: Tsugumi Aoba

Hey, Tsugumi, what's shakin'? What, you're waiting for Jin again? Look, I don't know how to tell you this, but I saw him and Nagi in the park and... well, I don't think it's a good idea for you to keep pursuing him. I don't think you're goi...


An Ode to the GARtender: the most manly man among men!

As Man Day draws to a close, I know that all of the manliness on display here has taken it's toll on me, because I want a man right now. In fact, I want more than just a man; I want the epitome of manhood, the vessel of virility, the hottes...


Man Day: Kamina my Love, I love you more than Colette

Maybe it's brash of me to declare my love to you right after Colette, but who can be bothered with etiquette whilst in the throes of passion? Kamina, I want you more than a full box of Dark Chocolate Pocky, and I know that you're enough of ...


Confessions 17: Simon

Hello.We hope that We are not intruding upon your Day of Men, but We thought the moment opportune to engage in what you Spirals call a "confess-ion."We hereby submit Our confess-ion to one Spiral in particular, the one who leads t...


Confessions 16: Howl

Like most other Studio Ghibli devotees, when Howl's Moving Castle hit theaters in 2004, I was patiently waiting over here in America for any news of how fans liked it, when the subs would come out, and if Disney would get their big white gl...


Confessions 15: The Major

P-permission to speak freely, ma'am!I know I'm not actually a member of Section 9. In fact I shouldn't even know your unit exists, much less participate in the training exercises that involved following you around, but now that you've found...


Confessions 14: Keitaro Urashima

After my track record of dashing butlers and insanely gorgeous Japanese actors, you may be surprised to find that this Confession is to a man that is neither dashing nor remarkably handsome. In fact, he's pretty average, fairly clumsy, and ...

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Confessions 13: Karen Gellender

Look! It's a Karen. A few years ago I met this rare specimen of a woman. We met because we worked together at Barnes and Noble (gee, us working in a bookstore, you don't say?). And while I made it a point to know everyone I worked with, I i...


Confessions 12: Aisaka Taiga

Hey, Taiga! You got a minute? There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about. I've noticed that you're always going over to Ryuuji's, he's always making bento for you, and it seems like you two are a couple. Is that true?No? Good....


Confession 11: VF-171 Nightmare Plus

Yo! What's a sexy variable fighter like you doing in a crummy hanger like this?Sorry, sorry. I know that's a horrible line. In any case, it's good to see you! Honestly, flight-testing that VF-25 Messiah was an absolute ordeal. It's good to ...


Confessions 10: Bobby Margot

Alot of people like Macross Frontier. And alot of people like the characters in it. Ranka? Sure, cute. Sheryl? Okay, she's not bad. Klan Klan? Heck, I wouldn't pass her up. But most people miss the real point. The honest-to-goodness truth, ...


Confession 9: Sheryl Nome

Hey! Hey Sheryl!I haven't seen you in a while! How have you been?It's been so long since we last talked, Sheryl. What have you been up to? Had your panties stolen by any Vajra larva recently?*SMACK*OUCH! Okay, okay, I shouldn't have brought...


Confession 8: Drossel von Flugel

Hey there, Drossel! Do you have a moment? I have something I'd like to talk to you about. Hmm, what's that? How did I get inside your mansion? Well, to be honest, your security system kind of sucks... but that's not important right now.When...


Confession 7: Cafe

Not counting OPs and EDs, little Cafe has only appeared in one episode: Yumeiro Patissiere episode 6. Some would say that I'm moving too fast; that maybe I should wait until he's spoken more than three lines in his entire anime career to de...


Confession 6: Sebastian Michaelis

From the first moment I laid eyes on you,  Sebastian, I was simply enamored. Of course, who wouldn't be -- you're the type of guy who seems to be SO together. I mean, that Ciel is such a bother, always being kind of a snobby jerk, and ...


Confession 5: Hiiragi Kagami

You think Dale and Colette had the market cornered on confessing their love? Think again.Hey, Kagami? I don't mean to be troublesome, but would you mind helping me out with some of this homework? I mean, it's not like you've got any clubs t...


Confession 4: Matsuda Shota

Matsuda Shota, I love you. Oh, you thought I was already seeing somebody? Well, you see, Mizushima Hiro and I have been chatting, and while I think he might like me ( I mean, what man in his right mind wouldn't fall prey to my  devices...


Confession 3: Mizushima Hiro

You think the Confessions feature ended with Dale North and his lengthy list of gorgeous Japanese ladies? Think again. I return with an all new edition of Confessions-- this one aimed at the gentlemen who are trained by Johnny's & Assoc...


Confession 2: Misaki Ito, daisuki!

Confessing to the one you love is an important first step. It can either kick off a relationship of mutual love or shut your one-sided love down, telling you to move on. And what better forum to confess your love than in front of the whole ...


Confession 1: Leah Dizon, I L O V E U <3

Confessing to the one you love is an important first step. It can either kick off a relationship of mutual love or shut your one-sided love down, telling you to move on. And what better forum to confess your love than in front of the whole...


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