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Oldboy manga hits Dark Horse Digital

If you've been in the mood to dig into some high quality manga lately, why not give Oldboy a shot? The manga that inspired the fan-favorite movie has been out for years, but not always in ready stock. Now Dark Horse has the first three...

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A Look @: Oh My Goddess!, Volume 45

As long as Kosuke Fujishima's most celebrated manga has been running, it wasn't actually around during Benjamin Franklin's time. We can discern this because if it had been, his famous quotation would have stated that the only certainties in...


Japanator Kind of Recommends: Vampire Hunter D Vol 18

While light novels are a relatively new concept stateside, they've been around for ages in Japan. They've been the source of many popular franchises, including Slayers, Boogiepop Phantom, Kara no Kyokai, A Certain Magical Index, The Melanch...


Japanator Recommends: Oreimo Vol. 1

On the surface, a series like Oreimo may appear to be saturated with silly gimmicks and sexual hijinks with a hint of incest. When you get to know eroge-obsessed Kirino and all those important to her, it morphs into something completely di...


NYAF '10: Dark Horse licenses Drifters and Kekkai Sensen

Dark Horse appeared at the New York Comic-Con with some exciting announcements. Two new manga have been unveiled for release in 2011, one of which I'm very much excited about since it's by the creator of Hellsing: The se...


Omnibus Manga: Big books for your bucks!

One of the nice things about reading books like Les Miserables, Anna Karenina and The Canterbury Tales (and yes, I have read all of those) is that they're so big it makes you look smart. Thick books have a tendency to make other people assu...


SDCC: Viz and Dark Horse part 2

Okay, so now that the craziness of preview night is over, I managed to get a decent look at the Viz and Dark Horse booths. Surprisingly, there wasn't a lot there-- at least for me. For all the space Viz took up, you'd think they'd be able t...


SDCC: Preview night; Viz, Dark Horse, and Kotobukiya

You know, for a preview night, the con was sure as hell packed. Maybe it's been the countless other cons I've been to in the last year, but the preview night for this year's Comic Con alone was about the same as a regular day at Anime Expo,...


Domo-kun animation site launches

Remember how we told you about Domo-kun taking over your slurpee machines? Well, the next phase of the whole Domo-kun wave has launched, with GoAnimate's Domo-kun movie maker. The system lets you go ahead and construct one of several differ...


Domo-kun is raiding your slurpee machines

Be prepared. On October 1st, your slurpee machines will no longer be safe. Dark Horse and Tokyopop are teaming up (this sounds bad already) to unleash Domo-kun into 7-Elevens across the nation. Not only will there be special Domo cups and a...


A wild Kodansha appeared! Use master ball!

I can always turn to Gia to grab some of the biggest news first: one of her readers caught wind of some fun Amazon Canada listings, which labeled Akira Vol. 1 and Ghost in the Shell Vol. 1 as titles being printed by Kodansha. These two seri...


Anime Expo '08: Dark Horse panel liveblogging

[Liveblogging - hit refresh to update!] Ooh! They're passing around previews of manga that will be relased in the future. They're showing off Clamp's Clover now. Clamp is digitally remastering the art, so it should look pretty good. We actu...


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