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Ultra Jump gathers Jump's finest to create a Jojo tribute

Last time I got to see a Jump tribute was when they got a bunch of Jump manga artist to do fan arts of the One Piece characters for one of the anniversaries of One Piece. Considering that Jojo is getting a new game and a new anime, the only...


Za Warudo(wide): JoJo's All-Star Battle may be going west

ORAORAORAORAORA!!! But don't break out your MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA!!! just yet, because there might just be hope of getting the Cyberconnect2-developed fighter Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle to countries where "ORAORAORA!!!" ...


Gurren Lagann art book is for charity, go buy one!

Fan of the drill-centric series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? Well if you nodded (you did nod, right?) and you also happen to own a Kindle, it's time once again to bust that piggy bank open and fork over some cash. Luckily, it's for a good ca...


Gunbuster posing up for a special edition Blu-Ray release

Everyone who loves the phrase "hard work and guts" and doesn't live in Japan, prepare to get jealous: The Gainax OVA Aim for the Top! Gunbuster is expecting a complete Blu-Ray re-release, complete with bonus footage, new commentary and more...


Badass: Man uses SCUBA gear to rescue family from tsunami

For every story of disaster-related foolishness, there's a story of disaster-related courage, and Hideaki Akaiwa's story is about as courageous as they come. According to Badass of the Week (I recommend you read their account of the story f...


Get pumped, Cat Shit One releases on February 5

And in English, no less! The adventures of tier one operator rabbits Packy and Botasky as they rescue soldiers from camel terrorists is coming to Blu-ray and DVD. It's out on February the 5th, and you can pick it up from Amazon here.You'll ...


Potato-dono is my hero

I wish I could be half the man Potato-dono was. Making curry is not for the weak of heart.


These Sengoku Basara 2 trailers are way too short

These 15-second commercials for the upcoming season of Sengoku Basara do little to quench my thirst,  but I suppose we'll just have to make due. They don't really provide any information, aside from the whole &...


Legends of the Dark King gets a disc replacement program

I'm sure some of you couldn't wait to get your hands on Sentai's original release of Legends of the Dark King back in September -- after all, anything related to Fist of the North Star is, by proxy, full of gar and awesome. S...


Sentai Filmworks announces Golgo 13 for July

For those of you who claim that anime isn't manly enough, there's always Golgo 13, the legendary assassin with a crotch that attracts women like catnip. It's a franchise I hear touted by many as one of the bastions of manliness, along with ...

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I think I just saw Junichiro Koizumi

[Editors Note: This is a promoted Community Blog, written by one of our readers. If you would like to see your own Cblog on the front page, warm up your keyboard and write something awesome! ~Jon Snyder]Live, in Brazil. Yes, I live in ...


Fist of the North Star game has useless motorcycles in it

Most Koei games make it a point to show that riding things is pointless. Dynasty Warriors and other related titles all include the riding of horses, but the only reward for a player choosing to do so is death. Riding a horse is a death sent...


Confessions 17: Simon

Hello.We hope that We are not intruding upon your Day of Men, but We thought the moment opportune to engage in what you Spirals call a "confess-ion."We hereby submit Our confess-ion to one Spiral in particular, the one who leads t...


Man Day: Why I am better for Kamina than Yoko

Ah, Kamina. There is nothing more GAR than an image of your face. I know that the flame that burns twice as bright usually only burns half as long, as that old adage certainly applies to you. Usually, I find myself drawn to the more feminin...


JapanaTen: Ten shows you that teach you how to be a man

"Being a man" is not an easy thing to do. There's no real guide to how to be an upright citizen, how to honor and care for your one true love, or what to do when your back is up against the wall. We have to discover it for ourselv...



What's that? You think we're done for? Of course; there's no point to trying any more and we may as well just give in and take our deaths without any real struggle. What kind of man are you?We've fought for how many years now? Through blood...


Celebrating 20 years of the Brave series

Yesterday struck the 20th anniversary of the Brave series, most notably dropping Gao Gai Gar onto the world. Coming from the folks at Takara, they were looking to create something new after their Transformers brand had started losing its st...


Welcome to Man Day!

There's a certain magic to men. Sure, they're brash and bone-headed, charging into situations that they have no hope of winning, almost guaranteeing to get themselves killed. But somehow, through sheer force of will or just dumb luck, they ...


More Fist of the North Star Musou screens!

For those of you, who like me, are eagerly awaiting Koei Tecmo's upcoming Fist of the North Star Musou title, you're in luck. Our buddies over at Dtoid have posted some new screens from the upcoming game via Famitsu. While I ...


Macross Day wouldn't be complete without a tribute to Roy

Roy Focker is quite possibly the manliest man to grace anime to date. Not only does he womanize with the best of them, he's got the rugged good looks shared only by the likes of Captain Harlock, and Kamina himself. When he's not busy hittin...


Master Asia's hot-blooded men gallery

So it's Idol day, huh? Two can play at this game.I don't believe in celebrating that which is cute or sexy. These things matter not to a warrior! Simply look forward to those who will challenge you, and the man that will one day put you in ...


JapanaTen: Ten most spineless male protagonists

The spineless male protagonist. His indecision or ability to do things for himself is a surefire way to stretch a storyline on and on and on. How else would stories like To Love-ru or Love Hina go on for as long as they did? If the protagon...


Japanator contest: Win tickets to New York Anime Fest!

I've got a special spot in my heart for New York Anime Fest. It might be because I don't have to travel four hours to get there or anything extravagant. It might also be because Peter Tatara and everyone at Reed does an awesome job of runni...


Tuesday Otaku Debate - Sol Badguy vs Ragna the Bloodedge

Thank god that con season is over. I'd like to think I'm through with them for the rest of the year, though you never know. Something could come up that'd make me book tickets for another con in an instant, but somehow I doubt it'll ha...


Advicemaster Asia: How to end your harem lovelife

[Our newest columnist, Master Asia, has joined us here at Japanator to dispense advice on just about any subject you can imagine. Master Asia was the form--]Fools! Do you not know who I am? I am Master Asia! The Undefeated of the East! For ...


AX 09: FUNimation licenses Sengoku Basara

Excited for the manliest musical ever? Well, while you're waiting for the Broadway version, you can check out the just-licensed title Sengoku Basara. I was busy being filmed by the TV crew, but hearing word from various tweets and checking ...


Tuesday Otaku Debate: Masamune Date vs Yukimura Sanada

Okay, so it's Wednesday. I know I said I'd try to get this up on Tuesday, but I'll be perfectly honest, between BlazBlue, Dynasty Warriors and prepping for Anime Expo, I was a bit distracted. Moving on to the matters at hand,...


Sexy Samurai underwear is the new hotness

That's right. Apparently women in Japan just can't get enough of these hot samurai undies. These tight fitted underpants, similar to boxer-briefs, feature patterns from actual samurai armor and seem to be a hot commodity among women looking...


JapanaTen: The top ten manly anime openings

Hikari ni nare and welcome to this special JapanaTen, the top ten manly anime openings in the world, presented by me Gai Shishio. In my free time, like many of you, I watch anime, but I only watch anime that is full of courage (I have stand...


Japanator Recommends: Mobile Fighter G Gundam

SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU! Now that I have your attention, let me tell you about THE GREATEST ANIME EVER MADE. Mobile Fighter: G Gundam has everything you need to help fuel your manly spirit.Enough talk! Let's just talk about why you should buy G...


GAR Friday: The most wussy beer ever: Kirin Free

Slamming down beers and pounding the table in victory. Respectable. Manly. Kinda awesome. But not when it's this beer.Kirin Free claims to be the first brew with 0.00 percent alcohol. Not this almost-pure crap. And they seem proud of that! ...


GAR Friday: The Mighty Kamina gives his life lessons

Listen up, bozos! Life is short, and you never know when things will go awry, and so like I told you before, you need to grab life by the horns and do whatever you need to get where you want to be in life.Today I'm gonna give off all my wis...


Celebrate GAR Friday with some samurai beer!

In honor of GAR Friday, it's time to do some manly ass things! Of course, I'm not a man but if you give me a beer, I'll go ahead and drink with ya! I'm not talking about your usual Bud or Corona; I'm talking about some delicious beer that o...


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