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So yeah... let's watch GACKT play video games: Tekken

You know what I've not been doing? I haven't been torturing you and trying to put you to sleep enough! Thus, GACKT Games returns! This time he's stinking up a storm with Tekken, missing roundhouses and executing the occasional knee to the ...

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So yeah... let's watch GACKT play video games: Gran Turismo 6

So GACKT is finally on a PS3, only one generation behind current times. He's also not all that bad at Gran Turismo. However, who's idea was it to put him behind the wheel of a Honda Fit? Doesn't the Japanese superstar deserve something a b...

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So yeah... let's watch GACKT play video games: Final Fight

Tonight we take a look at GACKT playing one of my favorite games, Final Fight. He doesn't do too bad, and manages to lay some beatings on Poison and beat level one! However, I have to ask... Cody? I guess I would have taken GACKT as being ...

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So yeah... let's watch GACKT play video games: Gran Turismo 6

Hiroko had to step out of the building for a few hours, so I've decided to help her in her journey to share GACKT's gaming adventures with everyone on here. Surprisingly, the guy decided to hop on the PS3, as he races his way through Gran ...

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So yeah... let's watch GACKT play video games: XEVIOUS

It's kind of weird. Xevious for the Famicom was actually one of my favorite shooting games, but I never noticed how ugly it looks. Not only that, it has to be the most uninteresting game to watch someone play, even someone as gorgeous as G...

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So yeah... let's watch GACKT play video games: Rockman 2

Ever want to watch the ultra-talented, super sexy GACKT play video games poorly? Well, you better clear out your calendar for the year, because he's set to do it daily, and share his exploits with the world. Weird? Yes. Intriguing? For sur...


Now you can have your GACKT and drink it too

Go anywhere in Japan, and somehow you will run into the phenomena known as GACKT. Wether its music, movies, videos games, or books --the man is everywhere. So it shouldn't come as any surprise that the former Malice Mizer frontman...


A Daily Dose of Music: GACKT

Hiroko is out for the week, so that means you're left with me and my crazy music tastes!  Gackt has certainly had plenty of love via A Daily Dose of Music, especially when both Hiroko and Josh have feature his tunes before, but I feel...


A Daily Dose of Music: GACKT

Tearing up the charts in Japan this week is the newest single from the hottest man on the planet, GACKT. The track, Until the Last Day, is featured in the new Dragon Age anime series. GACKT himself seems to be getting into th...


A Daily Dose of Music: Yellow Fried Chicken

Japanese superstar GACKT returns with his latest high energy project, Yellow Fried Chicken. Does today's Dose have you a bit confused? That's right, half of the lyrics of The End of the Day are sung by the second vocalist, Jon. I love this ...


GACKT invades Hollywood in BUNRAKU

Wow, this movie sure crept up on me. Super sexy GACKT and even sexier Josh Hartnett? You definitely have my attention! In the upcoming film BUNRAKU, it looks like it's cowboys and samurais vs Ron Perlman, with a das...


Gackt to make guest appearance in Supernatural anime

Pop star Gackt is set to do a guest voice role for Supernatural the Animation, an anime based on the original American television series Supernatural. Gackt will be voicing a character named Andy, who also appeared ...


Sad news: Gackt's puppy dies

I was squealing with glee when Colette posted the cutest thing ever, announcing that Gackt had adopted two puppies, Angie and Dolce. Today it is my sad duty to inform you that one of the puppies died. According to a translati...


Gackt expands his family, also, mini-confession

Fabulously handsome rock star Gackt posted some proud photos on his official blog recently of two new bundles of joy. In puppy form. He has named them Angie and Dolce, and talks about them at length on the blog. Here's a rough tra...


Gackt to hold concert in Germany, streaming live

Okay, so if you'd like to know more trivia about Crystal (which I know you're dying to--don't lie), then you probably should know that there are two things I love a lot: super fem boys (read: Gackt, or Bill Kaulitz), and Germany. I love Ger...


First Impressions: Shi-Ki

Summary: A quiet village with some creepy deaths and disappearances occurring left and right is the setting for this horror/mystery. If you dug Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, then you'll eat this up.This seems to be the season of spook. Highsch...


Get your $31,000 Gackt necklace right here

So, Gackt's celebrating kind of a big milestone here soon -- 11 years as a solo artist. Kind of a big deal, but that's no surprise as he's only gotten more popular the further along he's progressed in his career. Even at the ripe old age of...


Gackt cast as RPG villain, shows up in weird outfit

Oh hey Gackt, I didn't see you there. You'd think you'd be impossible to miss with those back spikes going on (which kind of rip off Edea's from Final Fantasy VIII, but whatever), but I guess I was blinded by the blue lights blaring from yo...


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