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Gyaru girls march in support of...tampons?

Well this is certainly one way to get people to notice your cause. According to Japan Probe, the Unicharm Corporation apparently convinced around 100 gyaru to wear pink shirts and wave fans around in order to promote the use of tampons. It'...


Taka Tony exhibition gives me an excuse to post a gallery

Pretty much as above, a new art event at Toranoa in Akihabara may yet give you, our readers, another thing to give thanks for, namely this gallery of Taka Tony's awesome artwork.Now you don't have to wait for weird condoms or ita-keyboard a...


Matsumoto gets a breast reduction in US Shonen Jump

Tite Kubo's Bleach has no shortage of breasts, but he chose 10th division lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto as his flagship mune model. Matsumoto's mounds go unmarred in Japanese print, but it seems that one reader of the US version Shonen Jump ...


Take one for the team

Warning: This vide is rated NSFW. (not safe for work) The guy in the video is a trooper and a great sport. We commend him. He's willing to have delicate and sensitive parts of his face pinched and pulled at, all in the name of nudity. ...


If you can't take the heat...

...then you're probably a lot like the contestants of this cooking/game show. I don't really get what is going on here, but I'm sure that the contestants could care less whether they win or lose. The other video also features a scantily c...


New Japanese proposal trying to ban lolicon

Lolicon, hentai of young girls (under 13) having sex, is one of the most controversial types of hentai. Now, it appears as though a proposal has been submitted that would ban or severely limit the sale or production of lolicon, by saying ...


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