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J-Boys pole dancing: new heights of 'so wrong' eroticism

There are no words to describe the level of "wtf" generated from watching this trailer of Japanese hotties learning to pole dance, so I'll let you just watch it and marvel at Japan's weirdness. [Thanks for the tip, Stella!]


Be my Valentine: I'm sweet for you, Hanazawa Rui

Since it's Valentine's Day, it's obviously a holiday where you have a special opportunity to do one thing: openly declare your love. We do that a lot in our Confessions series, but today at Japanator, we're going to give Valentines to the c...


Arashi's Nintendo CM series continues with Nintendogs

The peeps at Nintendo are very smart. For instance, they know that Nintendogs sells like hotcakes, and they also know anything with Arashi on it sells like hotcakes. What's the solution? Why, to combine the two things of course. Let's have ...


Mizushima Hiro writes an award-winning book, quits acting

I heard sometime in October that one of my harem of husbandos, Mizushima Hiro, had decided to throw in the towel on acting. Considering that he has been cast in many popular dramas and was named in a lot of "rising star"...


Final Fantasy 14 live action trailer stars TOMA!

So this morning, my best friend sends me a link to this video and says, "Hey ... doesn't this guy look familiar?" Since I transformed said friend into a j-drama addict, of course he recognized j-actor Toma Ikuta, who has been gett...


Oguri Shun and Mao Inoue together again in new drama

Ah, one of the most beloved almost-pairings in the J-drama world: Mao Inoue's Makino and Oguri Shun's Rui from Hana Yori Dango. Any fan of that show will quiver when you mention them, and the idea of seeing them together in a new drama just...


Otakon '10: The Men of Kuroshitsuji

Things that are relevant to my interests: boys, butlers, and boys dressed as butlers Actually, I'll happily take anyone, male or female, dressed as any of the characters from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler in the States), which easily sports my...


Shun Oguri to star in A Clockwork Orange!

Sure, Shun Oguri is one of my original, number one j-drama crushes. That being said, he's really taken strides to step forward with his career rather than just start in romance drama after romance drama, starring in major films like Tajomar...


Akanishi Jin officially leaves KAT-TUN

I might be a boy band fan, but no matter how much I tried, I could never bring myself to give a red f*ck about KAT-TUN. I'm sure they're similarly cheesy in all the ways that the bands that I love are, sure. Each to their own, right?Anyway,...


JapanaTen: The Beginners Guide to J-drama

You may have noticed that since I started writing more frequently at Japanator, our coverage of J-drama has gone significantly up. Along with semi-clothed Japanese boys, but you know, as much as that may seem like the reason I fell in love ...


Trailer for Love Shines in Rainbow Color leaves me pink

I'm almost finished watching Tsuki no Koibito, and it's been such a great show that I knew that I would be a great big drama-shaped hole where it used to be if I didn't find a suitable replacement. Then I remembered that Fuji TV was betting...


The newest Wiiparty CM series stars all of Arashi!

I was super excited to see just Nino and Aiba of Arashi in the last Nintendo commercial for Super Mario Galaxy 2, but apparently Nintendo had no plans to stop there when it comes to featuring my favorite boys in their promotions. The newest...


Philosphers turned into bishounen? Yep, there's a book

In Japan, somewhere, there are whole teams of people hard at work on art projects such as Nazis gone moe, so why should the idea of hot bishounen boys as great philosophers be any more surprising? Still, I was delighted to read about Tetsug...


Weider's in Jelly promoted by Yamapi (instant buy)

Easiest way to sell me a product? Have a boy I have a crush on do the selling. I assume it works not only on me, but on half the women in Japan (and maybe even some of the men, heh heh). My boyfriend Yamashita Tomahisa has a new CF (commerc...


OMG FANGASM: Arashi announce their new album and tour

For better or for worse, I love Japanese boy band Arashi. I like lots of respectable Japanese bands too, I swear. Anyway, whatever -- I'm not going to try to save my reputation by pretending I wasn't thrilled when I heard they had announced...


Does marriage threaten the careers of Japanese actors?

Maybe not, if you aren't an ikemen. But if you are, apparently you need to watch out for falling in love in real life. A recent article on Gendai-Netto summarizes concern over that J-actor Eita (currently starring in airing drama Sunao ni N...


Arashi's Ohno eats the hell out of some KFC

I mean, I know Japanese commercials are super intense and all. I get it. That's their thing. I remember there was an Oguri Shun commercial for some Japanese cracker I saw last year and he was drinking beer with such relish that it looked as...


Confessions 20: Matsumoto Jun

It's been a little too long since we did a proper Confessions around here -- not since our April Fool's Americanator prank, in fact. Not acceptable, especially if you consider the amount of shared j-lust that the Japanator staff has for ido...


Oricon votes on hottest celeb lips, Matsujun and Aya win

I've decided I want to work at Oricon. All these freaking people do is sit around surveying the Japanese on who's hot, who would be fun to kiss, who has the best ass, who would make the greatest boyfriend, who would perform cartwheels in th...


Japanator Recommends: Junjo Romantica

First off, let's get this out of the way: in case you're blind, this is a review about yaoi. Yes, Junjou Romantica is about men falling in love and having sex. If this turns you off, I'd advise you march away in the other direction.On the o...


Yamapi doubles up in new Kirin Namacya CM

Look, in my mind, there's only one thing better than Yamashita Tomahisa, or Yamapi as his fans call him: TWO of him. Um, thanks Kirin ad people -- you have just brought one of my major fantasies to life in commercial form. THANK YOU! I know...


Want to know what the top Johnny's boys make?

Sure, there are some famous dudes employed by Johnny's Entertainment, and I admit I am a fan of several of them. I haven't spent too much time wondering how much money they make, but thanks to a recent broadcast on the Shukan Emi Show, the ...


Let's all watch a Docomo CM with Mizushima Hiro

Why is this new Docomo CM interesting? Well, simply put, it has Mizushima Hiro in it, and frankly, that's all I need know. Since a lot of you responded favorably to my Confessions piece on him, I thought you might enjoy reveling in my lust-...


Live action Ashita no Joe coming in 2011!

If you're an old manga nerd like me, you may remember a series that came out in the early seventies called Ashita no Joe. It follows the adventures of Joe Yabuki, an orphan who meets his future after running away and bumping into a man name...


TVXQ's Hero Haejoong will guest star in Twitter drama

I've been excited about the "Twitter drama", as it's been called since we first heard about it, starring the delightful Ueno Juri. It sounds like something with a lot of potential, and since I haven't fallen madly in love with any...


Suntory's new Protein Water ads are ridiculous and sexy

I'll watch absolutely anything than Matsuda Shota sets foot in. Anything. However, if you give these new Suntory Protein Water CMs a gander, you'll find that they are laugh out loud AND somehow hot at the same time. I mean, those costumes i...


Jude Law and Toma Ikuta laugh it up over cheesecake

One of my favorite hot j-drama actors and one of the handsomest men in American film on one show? Oh yeah, I'm all over this. Japanese TV show Tunnels no Minna-san no Okage deshita recently featured Law (via Japan Probe) to promote the rele...


Ueno Juri and Eita starring in new drama about Twitter

It was only a matter of time before social networking site Twitter made its way into television -- after all, you hear Facebook mentioned all the time in American TV now. Even Japanator has one (and you better be following it, cause we talk...


Ooku live action film announces more cast members

Imagine this scenario: a great disease called the Red Pox falls upon society and takes out 75 percent of the male population. Because the male numbers have decreased so dramatically, women are forced to take on societal roles mostly occupie...


Man Day: I celebrate hot Japanese men in vests

Since it's Man Day today and I can, I am going to present to you this photo of Japanese actors Toma Ikuta and Yamashita Tomohisa that I discovered quite by accident last week. While I did my daily j-drama browsing, I stumbled across this ge...


Man Day: Have a gallery of drop dead gorgeous Ikemen

You're giving me an excuse to post a gallery of hot Japanese men, you say? Oh. Well, that's fabulous. Give me a moment to sift through the 6 gigs of photos that I've been collecting over the last year. And yes, if you're wondering: I have n...


Let's celebrate idol day: I love Matsumoto Jun

Of all the idols I've gotten crushes on, the story of how I discovered Matsumoto Jun is my favorite. After watching Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, I was instantly drama crazy and had to have more. I started reading up and asking friends for rec...


Let's celebrate idol day: I love Mizushima Hiro

Didn't we already talk about how much I love Mizushima Hiro? Oh yes, we did. However, since it's idol day, I get to do it again. YAY! I promise to say some different stuff than I said the previous time so it doesn't get too boring for you.I...


Let's celebrate idol day: I love Yamashita Tomohisa

I mentioned in my Oguri Shun tribute that I don't really need an idol to be ultra-talented to catch my attention. After all, idols are there to be pretty -- the talent is just a bonus! Yamashita Tomohisa, or Yamapi as he is known to his fan...


Let's celebrate idol day: I love Oguri Shun

I misunderstood something Brad Rice said in an email yesterday and thought he meant to say that Friday was idol day. What he meant was that Idol of the Week was due on that day, but I immediately lost myself in a flurry of ideas. Could I po...


'Binan Tokei' is the cute boy version of the Hot Girl Clock

Um, hey cutie. Why you holding that chalkboard with a number on it? Oh yeah -- this looks a lot like that Bijin Tokei business a few months back, where you could get a web widget and an iPhone app that showed you a different pretty girl hol...


Confession 4: Matsuda Shota

Matsuda Shota, I love you. Oh, you thought I was already seeing somebody? Well, you see, Mizushima Hiro and I have been chatting, and while I think he might like me ( I mean, what man in his right mind wouldn't fall prey to my  devices...


Confession 3: Mizushima Hiro

You think the Confessions feature ended with Dale North and his lengthy list of gorgeous Japanese ladies? Think again. I return with an all new edition of Confessions-- this one aimed at the gentlemen who are trained by Johnny's & Assoc...


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