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Goodbye Japanator Radio

Sorry this took so long. Some of you have already noticed, but for those of you who haven't, you are no longer able to download any episodes of Japanator Radio. That is because the show is no longer in production and is no longer being supp...


Japanator Radio 169

Boy, sure does seem like it's been a long time since we were last together, no? Hey, let's not get all sentimental here. Look, I brought you a present! It's a new Japanator Radio! Toddle! Supercar! 9mm Parabellum Bullet! All your favorites!...


Japanator Radio 168

Looks like I'm making a habit of this? Lots of sweet music here this week, such as some great anime endings and a little OST love in there as well. School Food Punishment, Taku Takahashi, Perfume, Tokyo Jihen and more all make appearances! ...


Japanator Radio 167

Time again for me, Zac (that's my name!), to take the reigns of the Japanator Radio, um, train? and fly it into the...hmm. Sure has been a while, huh? Anyway, while I try and collect my thoughts and remember how to make words into the longe...


Japanator Radio 166

Another slightly-delayed episode of Japanator Radio! Okay, calm down it was only one day! This week we cover a lot of ground, from some recent pop/remix stuff to the much-talked-about Princess Ghibli album from collaboration group Imaginary...


Japanator Radio 165

Hello again! Time for another action packed episode of Japantor Radio! Action packed? Is that even possible on an audio podcast? I don't know. But if it is, then this is it! This time we've got all new music from the likes of Boris and Poly...


Japanator Radio 164

Another fine episode of Jtor Radio has arrived! It's got a hard, crunchy outside and a gooey, music-filled inside. I hope you don't mind that I focused quite a bit on some OSTs this week, as we had a couple good recent new releases that I w...


Japanator Radio 163

Hello again, music lovers! It's time to kick off the month of March with a new Japanator Radio! This week we take a closer look at Mo'some Tonebender, as well as a ton of both new and old music from all over the spectrum. Oh hey, what did y...


Japanator Radio 162

Wait a minute, what's going on here? What am I doing here? Yes, that's right, ladies and gents, I've taken over Japanator Radio! Well, every other episode, anyway. That little surprise Zac hinted at last time was this! Japanator Radio is no...


Japanator Radio 161

What's this? Can it be? It's been so long...but yes, I think it is! It's a new Japanator Radio! Yes, it's been over a month but we're back! Back with another round of musical selections both new and slightly old, all mooshed together into o...


Japanator Radio 160 - Best Japanese Albums of 2010

Well, here we are, at the end. The end of the year, at least. And it's been a doooozy!This week we've got the second and final installment of the Best Japanese Albums of 2010. Hooray! Did your favorites make the list? If not, let the world ...


Japanator Radio 159 - Best Japanese Albums of 2010

Well, here we are. At the end. Well, ok, almost the end. That can one mean one thing: Time for another Best Japanese Albums of the Year show(s)!That's right. For the next two weeks we'll be taking a look back at the best Japanese albums fro...


Japanator Radio 158

Time again for another rollicking, frolicking episode of your favorite Japanator radio show, Japanator Radio!No guest DJ segment this week (boo) but we do have a slightly extended Polysics Artist Spotlight to make up for it (yay!). Oh, and ...


Japanator Radio 157

Bam! Another Japanator Radio, all set to bring pleasure to your ears in ways better left unspoken. This week we've got lots of great new music, Some Buck-Tick in the Artist Spotlight (again?) and the one and only Colette Bennett in the Gues...


Japanator Radio 156

Happy December! Well, as happy as this crazy month can be, at least. I've already shoveled the driveway more times than I'd like. But I digress... Time for some music!No special guest DJ this week, so you're stuck with me for the entire hou...


Japanator Radio 155

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Or, if you're not into that, happy Another New Episode of Japanator Radio Day!This week, lots of incredible new musiuc, including the new Polysics single! Yay! Oh, and the always hot hot hot Brad Rice brings us...


Japanator Radio 154

Another week, another Japanator Radio! What makes you so special all the time??This week we've got a ton of new music, but most special of all is guest DJ Mike LeChevallier! You are not ready for what he has in store.So, as always, sit back...


Japanator Radio 153

Raaaawr! Computer problems make angry!..Oh! Hi there. Don't worry, it's all OK. Everything's fine. Here's a new show!This week, Vola and the Oriental Machine in the Artist Spotlight and a special guest DJ set from the Ben Huber. Huzzah! Oh,...


Japanator Radio 152

At long last! Here we are with a brand new show, all shiny and nice and ready to be taken for a spin around the block. Exciting!You'll notice a few small changes, most notably the new Guest DJ segment, as well as a shorter Artist Spotlight....


Japanator Radio 151: Halloween 2010

Well hello! It's been a while since we last met and shared a brand new Japanator Radio, has it not?And look! We have a special occasion to celebrate as well! Well, at least something even more special than a new show after this long time ap...


Japanator Radio 090

[Once again, here's a retro episode from the vaults! Japanator Radio is taking a break until November. Until then, please enjoy some classic episodes that have been lost to the ravages of time...until now! This show was first "ai...


Japanator Radio 042

[Once again, here's a retro episode from the vaults! Japanator Radio is taking a break until October 27th. Until then, please enjoy some classic episodes that have been lost to the ravages of time...until now! This "Best of 2008: Pa...


Japanator Radio 041

[Once again, here's a retro episode from the vaults! Japanator Radio is taking a break until October 27th. Until then, please enjoy some classic episodes that have been lost to the ravages of time...until now! This "Best of 2008: Part ...


Japanator Radio 017

[No, you're not going crazy. Japanator Radio is taking a break until October 27th. Until then, please enjoy some classic episodes that have been lost to the ravages of time...until now! This "Best of 2007" show was first "air...


Japanator Radio 150

Welcome to Japanator Radio episode number one hundred and a fifty! It's been three whole years (give or take some days) since this mess started up. Hard to believe.Too bad I'm not doing anything special to celebrate.Nope.Not a thing.Ah well...


Japanator Radio 149

Here we are at show number 149. Boy, it's sure not as exciting as show number 150, I'll bet! Even though I may have a coal-black heart that pumps ash and sawdust, there occasionally comes a time when even I must admit that a song is pure an...


Japanator Radio 148

Hello again! Glad you could make it. We're nearing show 150 and the 3 Year Anniversary for which I have no plans whatsoever. Ho hum. And ideas?But enough of the future! Let's look to the now. This week, new stuff from plugnet, Lillies and R...


Japanator Radio 147

OK OK, a day late, but hey, you're not a dollar short! Unless you sent me a dollar. Did you send me a dollar? OK then.Oh boy, lots of cool new stuff this week. And some cool old stuff. And hey, only three weeks until show number 150 and the...


Japanator Radio 146

Back again? Sheesh, it's never enough for you, is it? Well ok then. Here's another new show! This week there's some Meg, Art-School, Supercell and more! But something tells me that even this won't quell your hunger... Also in the show, we t...


Japanator Radio 145

So the other day I realized that not only is Japanator Radio episode number 150 coming up soon, but so is the 3 year anniversary of the show! The very same week! I don't really know what that means, Probably some sort of celebration is in o...


Japanator Radio 144

Hi!How's it goin'?Nice! I hope that works out well for you.Here's a thing I made for you. I hope you enjoy it. Some of it is OK, I think.Talk to ya soon,-Zac DOWNLOAD EPISODE 144 FEEDZUNE @[email protected] Track-list and ...


Japanator Radio 143

Hello friends! Here we are again with another gut-busting Japanator Radio! This week, the usual ton of new releases from the likes of Scandal, Clean of Core, Gackt and an Artist Spotlight with Boris, who are touring the US now. Now loosen y...


Japanator Radio 142

OK! Now that all that funny business with the Best Of shows is over, it's time to get back into the swing of things with a brand new regular old episode of Japanator Radio!This week, lots of new stuff, unsurprisingly. Like Art-School, Megum...


Japanator Radio 141 - Best of 2010 - Listener picks

Here we are with the final installment of our seemingly never-ending look back at the year in Japanese music (so far.)This week we've got a show made up of various reader and listener picks for best albums of the year.  I wasn't able t...


Japanator Radio 140 - Best of 2010 Part 2

Welcome back for the second installment of our look at the Best Japanese Albums of 2010 (So Far)! Remember, you can read the full post featuring all the albums over here. And you can get the previous show here. Next week's show will be made...


Japanator Radio 139 - Best of 2010 Part 1

Welcome! This week we're taking a listen to the Top 10 Japanese Albums of 2010 (so far) of which I posted about over here. There you can read the full write up and watch some great videos as well. Now you can download this new show and hear...


Japanator Radio 138

[This post intro was written in invisible ink! Smear some lemon juice on your screen then toss it in some fire and the secret message will be revealed!] DOWNLOAD EPISODE 138 FEEDZUNE @[email protected] Track-list and links af...


Japanator Radio 137

Uff da! It's another week and another Japanator Radio, dontcha know?! How lucky are you? This week, new music from Meg, Immi, te and more and some Buck-Tick in the Artist Spotlight just for the hell of it.You can get the show right here, ri...


Japanator Radio 136

Look. At. That. On time, m-er f-ers! That's right. I'm a doing my job adequately. Boo-ya!   This week, music from Buck-Tick, Versailles and more, and Lillies and Remains with some new music in the Artist Spotlight. I am going to to cel...


Japanator Radio 135

What can I say? It's a day late. It happens to the best of us. By which I mean me. But let's be serious here. Any new Japanator Radio is a happy Japanator Radio! This week, new stuff from Vamps, some Maximum the Hormone, Polysics, and GO!GO...


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