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Wii Karaoke U photo

Japanese and anime songs now on Wii Karaoke U

When it comes to karaoke, everyone has their favorite songs. Most won't even consider a night complete until they get to their classics. Now a fair chunk of Japanese and anime songs have made their way to Karaoke U in the UK, hopefully open...

Attack on Seiyuu Karaoke photo

Attack on Titan's cast attempts to sing Guren no Yumiya

After enjoying the many great parody's of Attack on Titan's opening, I feel that I have committed a huge crime as an anime fan, since I haven't gotten around to watching the series yet. Before you decide on my punishment, the anime an...


JOYSOUND's Eva themed karaoke box

AnimateTV took it's cameras into JOYSOUND's Evangelion 3.0 karaoke box for a little tour. I'm amazed that we haven't seen this since it opened in Shibuya back in December, but at least we have something to go off of now instead of our imagi...


There she is, Miss Macross 30th

For the upcoming 30th anniversary of Macross, Joysound Karaoke is holding a contest in search of the next Ranka Lee or Lynn Minmay. The contest will be broken down to two categories: Singer and Actress. All you have to do, is...


Rumor Mill: Singstar J-pop?

Great news for some, this sounds like an incredibly illogical move by the SCEE. While we won't disclose the informant's identity for safety reasons, GAME employee (his name definitely wouldn't be Torbjörn) noticed that a title called "S...


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