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Capsule Hotel photo

Capsule Hotels go upscale in Akihabara

A new hotel in the trendy area of Akihabara is taking the idea of the capsule hotel to an all new level of luxury. While capsule hotels are known as low priced, cramped, one night layovers for drunks and tired salarymen. That imag...


Thanks, Photoshop: Strike Witches demo at Iruma Air Base

Whether or not you give a rat's ass propeller's blade about Strike Witches, the sheer amount of fanboyerism and stances, for or against the franchise, amounts for some amusing Internet bafflement from time to time.In this case, the ever rel...


Man constructs CG recreation of Hiroshima before the bomb

Sixty-four years ago yesterday the city of Hiroshima in western Japan was destroyed in the first-ever wartime use of a nuclear weapon. Delivered by the U.S. Air Force bomber Enola Gay, the 15-kiloton bomb's explosion flattened everything ...


Do not go to a Pachinko parlor or you will die in a fire

I visited Japan once on a study tour way back in the day, and if there's one thing I took away from that experience, it's that Japanese arcades are eff'n LOUD. I couldn't help but wonder how those kids were able to play Dance Dance Revolu...


Pro tip: Take cash when visiting Japan

We all have to eventually make at least one pilgrimage to the "holy land" called Akihabara. Dorks like me try to do it as often as possible. First time or not, one thing a gaijin visitor should never do is count on one banking ins...


TGS 2007 Akihabara Black Bar Extravaganza!

Some Japanese culture and anime blogs out there are pretty classy, but not Japanator. I'd apologize for that, but those who know us know that we wouldn't mean it anyway. We do our own thing in our little corner of the internet, and ...


Podtoid-san 15: More congenial than usual edition

Sorry for the wait, cause I know you all have been waiting for this one moment in time, the release of Podtoid-san 15. This week we spill the beans over our first television appearance, Natzi dragons, and how we will never speak of spoile...


In your face America! Toronto now has an authentic maid café!

Imaid café in Toronto is a newly opened maid café where—as you might of guessed—maid-clothed women wait on the customers like the okatu gods that we deserve to be. While there, enjoy some ice cream hearts with strawberry sauce and h...


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