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#Ran ran ruuu!


This McDonald's news video is better than Ran Ran Ruuu!

We've followed the weirdness over at McDonald's Japan for years now here at Japanator, so you all should be used to the strange stuff that we tag Ran Ran Ruuu here. But today we have news coverage of McDonald's that's even stranger. If you...


Ran Ran Ruuu! 5th anniversary video will break your brain

[DISCLAIMER:  Japanator and its parent network, ModernMethod, are not responsible for trauma or death caused by watching this video.] While Japanator's Ran Ran Ruuu! tag has become a sort of catch-all for anything McDonald's Japa...


McDonald's Japan's Manhattan Burger has pastrami on it

Last month I showed you McDonald's Japan's Miami Burger, which is one of their series of Big America 2 sandwiches. It was...pretty good. Strange, but good. Taco meat and chips on top of a cheeseburger is crazy, but it kind of works. This ne...


McDonald's Japan's Miami Burger is gross, but I like it

I wasn't expecting much when I strolled into a Shibuya area McDonald's today to try their new Miami Burger. This sandwich, the next in their line of Big America burgers, features a few strange additions to the typical hamburger formula. Mos...


Texas Burger from McDonald's Japan looks sad

Youtube user shitemita has cracked open countless junkfood packages and fast food bags in his day, but this has to be one of his yuckiest reveals yet. The on-and-off McDonald's Japan burger offering they call the Texas Burger would have Tex...


McDonald's Japan goes upscale...kinda

Before you start ran-ran-ruuing in a tuxedo, you need to watch this video clip (below the jump) of a recent television feature on how McDonald's Japan has upgraded the look of some of their locations. It's not upscale as much as it is "...


McDonald's JP Hawaiian Burger looks gross but good

First off, I should say that I picked the absolute grossest frame for the above image. Sorry about that. I know it looks horrible. My YouTube pal shitemita is back with his food videos, today with McDonald's Japan's Hawaiian Burger. Now tha...


McDonald's New York burger looks like crap close up

First off, I've got to explain a bit about how this video came to be. One of my favorite YouTube users ever is shitemita. All of his videos are the same thing: very, very nicely recorded, high-definition, first-person clips of shitemita ope...


Someone's eating them: McDonald's JP posts record profits

Say what you want about McDonald's Japan's Big American burgers, or anything else they sell, for that matter. It's working. It's all working. McD's is making money, hand over burger, and I bet the whole board of directors is Ran Ran Ruu-ing...


'Big America' comes to McDonald's Japan. Plus bacon

Ah, McDonald's. It's a quintessentially "American" franchise, but global enough to develop a unique identity for nearly every market it claws its way into.Following up on the Quarter Pounder's Japanese launch, the House of Ronald ...


A moment of silence for the original Ran Ran Ruu

What would Japanator be without Ran Ran Ruu? So much of our time has been spent making fun of the Japanese Ronald McDonald that I almost can't imagine our website without these stories. We wouldn't have the Japanese Ron McD to make fun of i...


Sumo wrestlers get custom double-wide seat at McDonald's

What do you do if you want to grab a bite to eat at McDonald's, but your ass is the width of a compact car? That's not an issue for sumo wrestlers in Tokyo's Taito ward. The McDonald's right near the Ryogoku Kokugikan arena gets a lot of of...


Tokyo ranks favorably on the Big Mac index

What's the Big Mac index, you ask? It's a chart (see gallery below) that displays how many minutes you'd have to work to have enough money for McDonald's Big Mac sandwich. What? You've never considered the work-cost in hours/minutes for yo...


Japanese model Yuri Ebihara to go international

I came to fall in love with the beautiful Yuri Ebihara through McDonald's. You see, she's the spokesperson for McDonald's Japan's Ebi-Filet-O, a wonderfully disgusting sandwich that features a patty of little shrimp pieces on lettuce and t...


Slighty chubby people live longer, says Japanese study

I've been trying to find a good side to my blogger's physique lately and now I think I finally have with a study by the Japanese health ministry.People with a little belly flab at around the age of 40 outlive skinny people by six or seven y...


Man caught shoplifting girls' unmentionables...in his pants

Hyogo Prefecture resident Katsutoshi Nishigaki was arrested Monday while trying to leave a store in with four pairs of women's underwear layered under his pants. A plainclothes security guard for the store got suspicious when the 29-year-ol...


Jealous: I missed a live Ran Ran Ruuu-ing

If you haven't been following the McDonald's Japan Ran Ran Ruuu internet video craze on our fine Web site, then you probably won't understand why I am as jealous as I am now. It seems that I missed a personal appearance by the red-headed D...


Earthbound's Gigyas Theme gets Ran Ran Ruu'd

This video came to us by way of the Destructoid tip line. I know they got the classic NES/Famicom RPG EarthBound/Mother reference, but I'm not too sure they understood the "Ran Ran Ruuuuu" roots behind this evil creation.But you,...


Fresh from Japan: Final Fantasy Extra Value Meal

Surely you already know of my unhealthy obsession with the whole Japanese Ronald McDonald "ran ran ruuu" meme. It seems that no facet of otaku life has been left untouched. I'm honestly glad for that, though it seems that, until ...


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