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Fate/Grand Order photo

Impressions: Fate/Grand Order: First Order

I have to admit that I was initially rather disappointed to learn that Fate/Grand Order: First Order was being planned as a one-off TV special, rather than a full-season TV series, as the rumors had originally stated. After all, i...

Gandalf x Fate/stay night photo

Here, let Gandalf lend some class to Unlimited Blade Works

There are no words for this, besides "HOLY SHIT SIR IAN MCKELLEN JUST READ THE UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS INCANTATION". It's even funnier when you see the 77-year-old, award-winning British actor pause ever so slightly when he encounters the ba...

Man at Arms: Reforged photo

Watch Man at Arms bring Saber's Excalibur to life

Ever since Man at Arms switched to a new group, I started to miss the old team's style, since their weapons were more accurate than the current gang. Nonetheless, the main thing that both blacksmiths have in common is that they use their s...

Unlimited Blade Works photo

Final Impressions: Unlimited Blade Works

And so the hero's journey begins. That's actually the weird thing here, as in these kinds of stories, most heroes are "born" at the beginning of the tale. A Link To The Past's hero is born when a green-clad youth leaves his house on a ...

Unlimited Blade Works photo

Annotated Anime: Unlimited Blade Works episode 19

Ufotable's take on Unlimited Blade Works may be in many ways the Fate/stay night adaptation fans always wanted, but it's not without its sticking points. Besides the usual caveats that can be attached to a property as self-se...

Unlimited Blade Works photo

Annotated Anime: Unlimited Blade Works episodes 4-7

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers, as well as you savvy non-Americans who've appropriated their holiday as an excuse to stuff your faces! You might be full of coma-inducing food right about now, but we've got a nice hot dish of...

Fate: UBW photo

Annotated Anime: Unlimited Blade Works episodes 2-3

The more I watch of Unlimited Blade Works, the more I'm convinced that everyone would've been better off if each episode were an hour long rather than the standard length. It'd work, even if the show became bi-weekly because of it.  If...

Anime photo

Ufotable's take on Fate/stay night UBW looks hot

In what can only be described as a "oh wait, really?" kind of moment, Ufotable revealed this past Sunday that their upcoming new Fate/stay night TV series would be adapting the Unlimited Blade Works route of the video game. I can hear some...

Fate stay night photo

New Fate/Stay Night trailer features Taiga's lesson

Aniplex Japan has posted a new trailer for the remake of Fate/Stay night by animation studio ufotable. It's not really different from the first Fate/Stay night trailer shown from Anime Japan earlier this year, but it's worth a look since t...

Fate/Stay Night photo

UDON to publish translated Fate/Stay Night Artbooks

UDON is forever busy bringing fans delicious art books to this side of the Pacific. Adding to the huge list of titles they're releasing in the near future, Fate/Complete Material Volume 1: Art Material will be available June 2014. The books...

Japanator Arena photo

Japanator Arena: Nrvnqsr Chaos vs Soma Cruz

*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Even with Victor's immense strength and ability to harness electrify through his body, Stein was smart enough to void the creature's electrifying grabs-- including the butt one. After Stein used his Soul Purge ...

 from  tomopop
Kara no Kyoukai figure photo

A new Ryogi Shiki figure preorder is future good news

Back in 2008, Good Smile Company released a figure of Shiki Ryougi from Type-Moon's Garden of Sinners. It was a hot purchase back then and one of the few re-released by GSC through their 10th anniversary popularity ranking. In some way...

Japanator Arena photo

Japanator Arena: Saber and Guts vs Chrono and Zoro

*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Toshiro's ice abilities have no effect on Kuzan, so he had to resort to his Kido skills. Unfortunately, Toshiro's non ice abilities couldn't damage Kuzan. After converting the J-tor Arena into a winter wonderla...

FI: Fate/Kaleid Liner  photo

First Impressions: Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA

As much as I've enjoyed the Fate/Stay Night franchise, I have to admit that I've always felt that something was missing. Last year's Fate/Zero was a fabulous series filled with beautiful action, lovely animation, and a gripping story. Yet b...

Fate/Zero BD/DVD photo

Huzzah! Fate/Zero gets a NA BD/DVD release with the dub

I'm in love with Ufotable's Fate/Zero anime adaptation.  On a technical level, it's a beautiful looking show with fantastic direction, a great soundtrack, and amazing cinematography. In fact, I loved it so much that I bought both Japan...

Fate/Kaleid licensed photo

Sentai Filmworks licences Fate/Kaleid magical girl series

Earlier today, I watched the first episode of Fate/Stay Night spin-off, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. It's cute, a bit weird, and the faces seem kind of off. All told, I actually enjoyed it more than I was expecting to, so keep an eye for...

Fate/kaleid Liner photo

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya finally gets a trailer

A three minute preview for Silver Link's upcoming Fate/stay night spinoff anime, Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma Illya has hit the web, and it's full of cute things. This should surprise approximately nobody.  The original manga that this is...

Go West! 44 photo

Go West! Week Forty-Four: Fate/Ninja Moon Types

Salutations, and welcome to Go West! 44, your [sometimes] weekly column about the latest games to hit store shelves in Japan. I'm your host, Elliot, and I'd like to take you on a magical journey into the deepest, darkest abysses of the Japa...


Wait, what? Neon Alley to summon Fate/Zero's English dub

I didn't think that I would live to see Fate/Zero and English dub in the same sentence, since many of us assumed that Aniplex's release of Fate/Zero's import set would nullify the possibility of seeing a release with a dub. With ...


Fate/Extra CCC gets another character introduction video

It's hard to believe that Fate/Extra CCC is finally hitting Japanese shelves in March. I'm still looking forward to seeing where this quasi-sequel goes, though I have to admit that the Sakura lookalikes have ridiculously stupid looking des...

Friday Night Fights photo

Friday Night Fights: Homura vs Kiritsugu

*ding, ding, ding* It's over! Red XIII is taking quite a blow from Repede's swift knife attacks -- very impressive, Repede. And right as Repede readies one of his Artes, Red XIII attacks with Cosmo Memory. Luckily, Repede isn't yo...


The new Tsukihime remake is looking great in this trailer

I guess at this point all Type Moon fans can breathe a collective sigh of relief. It would appear as though TM is actively working on their Tsukihime remake. Huzzah! The above trailer is only a couple minutes long, but it shows off all the...


Check out the Tsukihime remake's new character art

I know, I'm surprised too. How often is it that we actually get new news on Type Moon's upcoming Tsukihime visual novel remake? Images have leaked of the brand new character designs, which I've included in the tiny gallery below. I'll ...


Friday Night Fights: Tenchi Muyo's Tenchi vs Saber

*ding, ding, ding* It's over! Poor Dragonar-1 Custom, he had the proper weapons to obliterate Lancelot Conquista, but not many folks on here got to experience his show. Lancelot Conquista wins! (5 > 2) Two immense weapons ...


These Fate/Zero cushions are manly as hell

There's no hiding that Fate/Zero filled me with all sorts of happy feelings. It's one of my favorite shows from the past five years, and I go to bed every night while caressing my BD sets.  Ok, that last part isn't true, but I wish it ...


Fate/EXTRA CCC's Gilgamesh is as arrogant as ever

I really dug Fate/EXTRA for the PSP. Despite its many issues, I found the story to be an engaging take on the Fate/Stay night mythos. I was pleased as punch to read that a sequel was in development, and then disappointed as hell when it se...


Friday Night Fights: Roa vs Castlevania's Dracula

*ding, ding, ding*  After a long hiatus, the J-tor Arena is open again for Friday Night Fights. And until things move on to the next phase, JT has left me in charge of picking out the participants for each new fight. Before we introduc...


This new Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] trailer is awesome

I can't wait for this November. As a Vita owner, not only do I have Atelier Totori Plus to look forward to, but the Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] port as well. The latter just got a new trailer and it's making the wait all the more difficult...


New Tsukihime remake artwork is a bit surprising

Type Moon fans have been waiting quite some time for Tsukihime to get the remake treatment. I can only imagine that after the awful anime adaptation aired (what anime?), fans were probably erupting into a blind fury. I've always enjoyed jok...


Silver Link to animate upcoming F/SN spin-off Prism Illya

Looks like the upcoming Fate/stay night spin off anime, Prism Illya, now has an animation studio and a director attached. Known for their work on Baka to Test and this season's Kokoro Connect, studio Silver Link will be heading up productio...


Fate/stay night[Realta Nua]'s main visual is pretty cool

As we reported a few days back, Fate/stay night[Realta Nua] will be hitting Japanese Vita's this fall. At the time, we had little in the way of confirmed details, but now we have a main visual image, some screenshots and some definitive det...


More Kara no Kyoukai anime; Tsukihime remake may exist

At the Type-Moon 10th anniversary event, Type-Moon Festival, the audience were shown a preview video of a remake for Tsukihime. Likewise, the animation for Kara no Kyoukai's last chapter, "Recalled out of summer," was announced. Maaya ...


Fate/stay night[Realta Nua] hitting the Vita on 11/29

A recent Newtype leak has revealed that the popular Type Moon visual novel, Fate/stay night, will be hitting Japanese Vita's this year on November 29. As far as I can tell, this is the first time that the game has been brought to a handheld...


Final Impressions: Fate/Zero

When I first watched Ufotable's Garden of Sinners, I was immediately blown away by the attention to detail applied to every shot. Something as simple as the effective use of depth of field made the experience far more cinematic than the ave...


Gilgamesh has a cool Fate/Zero chess set, and you can too

Of course, I'm reasonably sure the King of Heroes doesn't call his Fate/Zero-themed set a "Fate/Zero-themed chess set. He probably just calls it "My chess set". Just like he'd call everything else "mine", as per his "I own everything" ...


Uh oh! Season 2 of Fate/Zero to get a western BD release

I love Fate/Zero. I love it enough that I went out and purchased the BD set of the first season, albeit at a discounted price. As beautiful as the set is, I can't actually recommend it simply due to its outrageous price here in Japan and in...


Type Moon isn't done with Mahou Tsukai no Yoru just yet

I'm only a few hours into Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, Type Moon's latest visual novel for the PC, but it's been a fantastic ride thus far. The production values are above and beyond anything that TM has ever produced, and the whole game just feel...


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