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#Weekend Waifu


Christmas Waifu: Harem Edition

It's not Christmas unless you spend it with someone special. Whether it is with your girlfriend, boyfriend, family, friends, pets, or waifu/husbando. We all like to have that person, animal, love pillow next to us during this time of year. ...


Weekend Waifu: Kashimashi Edition

The female-only version of Weekend Waifu is back!Since last week's post was devoted to yaoi lovin', I figured I'd placate our male readers this week with a little yuri. More specifically, I've chosen a series of images from my favorite...


Weekend Husbando: Yaoi Edition

Yup, it's still Man Day!While reading last week's Weekend Waifu comments, I noticed that some of our female readers were feeling left out. I thought to myself, "Hey, if our perverted male readers get to drool over sexy galleries of nea...


Weekend Waifu: Bunnygirls Part Two

The bunnygirls are back!I know these lovely ladies are huge in anime, but has anybody here actually seen one in real life? Aside from a few crappy cosplays at anime conventions, I have never met a real, honest-to-god bunnygirl. Since I'm no...


Weekend Waifu: Bunnygirls Part One

You must like a horny bunny?I definitely like horny bunnies... and so does Japan.  In fact, our Asian friends view the bunnysuit as a symbol of raw sexuality, much like the bikini or Hooters outfit in the States. That's why it's common...


Weekend Waifu: Dirty Pair Edition

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Weekend Waifu! Today, we have a very special pair of guest hosts... the famed 3WA trouble consultants known throughout the galaxy as the Dirty Pair! Lovely Angels!What?We're called the Lovely Angels!...


Weekend Waifu: Sexy Teacher Edition

Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?It happens in anime all the time, mainly because 2D female teachers tend to be insanely voluptuous. Sure, they might TRY to dress professionally, but their curves just won't allow it. Tight-fitting ...


Weekend Waifu: Beer Edition

Welcome to the first edition of Weekend Waifu! Every weekend, I'll be posting another one of those great anime girl galleries that you've come to know and possibly love. If you have any suggestions for a future gallery, or a great image you...


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