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Viz photo

Viz launches All You Need Is Kill rebrand, graphic novel

With the live action adaptation of All You Need Is Kill (rebranded as Edge of Tomorrow) set to release on June 6, Viz's Haikasoru line is preparing to capitalize on the blockbuster film. They'll be dropping an updated version of the book, r...


Former porn actress Yuma Asami pens autobiography

Yuma Asami, one of Japan's better-known adult video actresses, is spilling her secrets in a book titled Restart: Believe in Yourself. The book, set to hit Japanese shelves on May 8, details some of the reasons Asami took the plunge into the...


Viz releasing Princess Mononoke: The First Story

Just about everyone is a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki's output, especially Princess Mononoke. But I imagine not as many folks know about the original story (of the same name) that Miyazaki put together. The book was a collection of rough illus...

Art photo

UDON to publish SUBSTRATA, an artbook for a fake game

Here's something a little different from UDON Entertainment. Known for publishing some pretty nifty anime and video game artbooks, UDON will publish SUBSTRARA, an artbook for a game that doesn't exist. Created as a way to reunite the creati...

Japan photo

Lawyers publish book to empower job seekers

The image of the put-upon salary man in Japanese culture is a powerful one. It is seemingly part of the cultural identity, where after college you jump in a suit and find a job at a big corporation and generally be unhappy while chipping aw...

Hello Kitty vol. 2 photo

A Look @ Hello Kitty: Delicious!

The first volume in the Hello Kitty (reviewed) series published by Perfect Square was all about travel, and it didn't disappoint; we went all over the world and beyond. This second volume promised to have our mouths watering, and once again...

Literature photo

Happy birthday, Haruki Murakami!

Haruki Murakami, today's Jtor-honored birthday boy, isn't a character from an anime or video game, but a real person who is still alive and kicking. And to mark the occasion, I am joined by Brittany and Karen in sharing our love and appreci...

Pokemon photo

Don't leave on Pokemon adventures without a field guide

Kari Fry is so dedicated to your success as a Pokémon trainer that she created a beautiful field guide to all things Kanto. It kind of flew under our radar - this book was released at the end of November and it sold out last week - b...

Kickstarter photo

Help fund a Moe-themed guide for headphone enthusiasts

Audiophiles and headphone enthusiasts may be interested in helping kick-start this interesting project we've stumbled across -- Lunatic Joker's Moe Headphone Guidebook 2013. The doujinshi guide will reportedly feature an in-depth ...

Luka artbook photo

An artbook preview just for Luka Megurine's biggest fans

UDON Entertainment have revealed a nifty 12-page preview of an artbook featuring the lovely Luka Megurine all by her glamorous self. This artbook comprises over 150 illustrations on 96 pages created by over 35 artists, and it's available fo...

Books photo

Cower in fear! Apparitions: Ghosts of Old Edo is out

We may be past the halfway point in November, but that doesn't mean spirit of All Hallow's Eve has left our realm. Taking this knowledge into account, Viz has released Apparitions: Ghosts of Old Edo on November 19th under the Haikasoru...

Releases of the Week photo

Releases of the Week: Akira celebrates its 25th Birthday

Brad is still in Ireland as we speak, so I'll be covering Releases of the Week for him today. While there aren't that many new titles coming out this week, people can look forward to the return of Akira! This time around, FUNimati...

Literature photo

Novelist Haruki Murakami pens a new Beatles-inspired tale

I've been a big fan of Haruki Murakami ever since my high school years, when I realized that my local library had a treasure trove of his novels available. I love his approach to magical realism; he does it better than any living author I'm...

Interview photo

An interview with Dr Akiko Mikamo

In conjunction with my review of Rising from the Ashes, I was given a special opportunity to interview its author, Dr. Akiko Mikamo. In case you haven't read the review yet (and why haven't you?!), here's the basic synopsis to get you ready...

Pottermore photo

Pottermore is now translated to Japanese

Yesterday, the Pottermore Insider announced that the Harry Potter online experience is now translated to and launched in Japanese. Pottermore offers a look at the things you didn't get to see in the books or films - the in-between stuff, an...

Review photo

Review: Make Your Own Manga

It was a little chilly that morning and I didn't really want to go outside. The mailman always comes so early around here. Are we his first stop? I think he really needs to relax, since I don't even get up on my days off until dinnertime an...

Book Review photo

Review: Rising from the Ashes by Dr Akiko Mikamo

One of the very best experiences I've ever had traveling in Japan was visiting Hiroshima. It is one of the most peaceful places on the planet, and the message that beautiful city conveys to all who pass through is one I'll never forget. It'...

Hobonichi Techo photo

A Look @: The Hobonichi Planner

The Hobonichi Planner (Techo) has been around for years, and it comes in three different sizes. But it's more than just a planner - it's a record of your daily life, and a vessel for your creativity, designed to serve as an "anything" book...

Hello Kitty vol. 2 photo

Hello Kitty's next target is your stomach

Following the release of Hello Kitty: Here We Go! (reviewed), Perfect Square have updated their site with the listing for the second book in the series, titled Delicious! Delicious! will be released on January 7th with the price listed at U...

Redjuice Artbook photo

REDBOX, a Redjuice artbook, is a thing that's happening

Redjuice is an illustrator I'm always happy to hear news about. I became acquainted with his work when his art started being made into truly delightful figures, thanks to my gig with Tomopop. You've got Hatsune Miku a-la World Is Mine, Laci...

Pepita photo

Rejoice! Pepita is now available worldwide as an eBook

Normally, I'm the kind of guy who prefers to look at his artbooks physically; however, that doesn't mean that I won't praise Viz for their recent efforts. Starting today, the company has released Pepita: Takehiko Inoue meets Gaudi ...

Hello Kitty: Here We Go! photo

Travel the world with Hello Kitty in a new graphic novel

Hello Kitty: Here We Go! was announced way, way back when Perfect Square was still called Viz Kids. The newly re-branded VIZ Media imprint have announced the first book in this new series is now...released! Head on over to your favorite boo...

Kodansha Comics: October photo

Gear up for Kodansha Comics' October releases

In case you need a reminder of what comics should be on your shopping list this month, here's a look at what Kodansha Comics is releasing throughout October. Some highlights include the Sailor Moon Box Set vol. 2 (Oct. 29th), Fairy Tail vol...

Mighty No. 9 book photo

Mighty No. 9 artbook and strategy guide in development

[update: the Vita/3DS stretch goal was reached, as well as a retro-style soundtrack. Nice deal.] UDON Entertainment has recently announced that they'll be designing and releasing an official Mighty No. 9 artbook and strategy guide. UDON wil...

VIZ Media: Totoro books photo

Celebrate Totoro's 25th anniversary with books and art

VIZ Media's Studio Ghibli Library imprint is celebrating 25 years of the beloved My Neighbor Totoro by releasing a new novel as well as a brand new edition of the My Neighbor Totoro Picture Book. Both titles will be available on October 1st...

100 Eshi Gen. 2 photo

Review: 100 Masters of Bishoujo Painting vol. 2

[update: added purchase links for a few territories, and also note that the posters are available for first edition sales overseas! If you have a Books Kinokuniya in your area regardless of territory, they probably already have these in st...

Capcom 30th anniversary photo

Capcom 30th anniversary encyclopedia on the way

It's hard to believe that Capcom has been around for 30 years, but here we are celebrating their anniversary. Feeling old yet? In honor of this occasion, BradyGames is publishing the Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia on October...

Mameshiba: Enchanted!  photo

Mameshiba: Enchanted! released by VIZ, is magical

VIZ Media imprint Perfect Square have launched their third and final volume chronicling the adventures of Mameshiba, and it looks like so much fun. Here's an excerpt from the press release, which I've pasted in full below the jump: “...

It's Over 9000 in Spanish photo

Kaio-ken! It's Over 9000 powers up into a Spanish release

So I was just thinking about my brief time with the Spanish dub of Dragon Ball Z, and all of the sudden, Derek Padula's latest book known as It's Over 9,000! When Worldviews Collides has been published in Spanish! Para las personas que solo...

acttil's e-book release  photo

Aw snap, acttil's releasing an e-book by Nobuo Uematsu

Now this is an interesting turn of events. Acttil has announced that they will be releasing Blik-0 1946, a picture e-book by the great Nobuo Uematsu. Not only that, the book will include three exclusive tracks created by Uematsu that will a...

Trails in the Sky art photo

Udon to bring over Trails in the Sky art books

This is both great and tremendously saddening news for me. The folks at UDON have announced that they're translating and bringing both Trails in the Sky art books to NA this November. This is great news because both of these books are absol...

Kiki's Delivery Service photo

First look at the live action Kiki's Delivery Service

It's important to note that Takashi Shimizu (Ju-On) adaptation of Kiki's Delivery Service is not a live action remake of the Ghibli film. It uses the original novel as its source material, so I would advise folks to not make comparisons jus...

Persona 4 Art Book photo

Review: Persona 4 Official Design Works

The Shin Megami Tensei games are known for their engaging stories, deep gameplay, complex demon fusing/summoning systems, etc. You know that when you play any of these games that you'll get a polished, solid experience. However, one as...

Kojiki Review photo

Review: Kojiki by Keith Yatsuhashi

Kojiki is the title of an old Japanese text which attempts to explain where the islands of Japan came from. Among other things, it recounts the stories of the gods and their part in creating the land. I found that, while reading Keith Yatsu...

Tokyo Vice live-action photo

Jake Adelstein's Tokyo Vice filmed with Daniel Radcliffe

Here's some sweet news for fans of a diverse range of things. Fans of Harry Potter, fans of Japanese gangsters, fans of books, and fans of movies can now rejoice together, as Jake Adelstein's book Tokyo Vice is getting a live-action fi...


Anime-inspired novel, Kojiki, on sale April 19th

Keith Yatsuhashi's debut novel, titled Kojiki, is a whole new fantasy set in Tokyo, where powerful spirits await the 18-year old Keiko Yamada following the death of her father. She sets on a mission to fulfill his dying with by visiting the...

Decade novel release date photo

Novel Attack Ride: Decade passes by as a book this week

It has been known for a good while that there were plans to create novels based off of the Heisei Rider shows ranging from Kuuga to OOO. As the Decade novel known as Kamen Rider Decade: The World of Tsukasa Kadoya ~The Garden Insi...

P.A. Work's newest anime photo

Get ready: Uchoten Kazoku is P.A. Work's newest project

I feel bad for not watching Tatami Galaxy, since I've heard nothing but good things from everyone that has laid eyes on it. In order to compensate for my shameful deed, I'm hear to tell you that P.A. Works's newest anime project i...

Viz's newest acquisition  photo

Interesting: Viz releases the Self-Reference ENGINE

Due to some instructions by the people of Viz, I am not allowed to refer to their new acquisition as a novel or a collection of short stories. Luckily, they didn't say anything about it not being a piece of literature, s...

The ultimate Jojo artbook photo

Bam: Jojoveller is the ultimate artbook for any Jojo fan

Ever wanted to own the strongest works of art brought to you by the man that created the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? Well, you are in luck, my friend, because Shueisha is taking a stand to release an artbook that will have every Jojo fan bre...


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