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This Code Geass pachislot ad is 13 minutes long

In Japan, pachinko is serious business. So is pachislot, a slot machine with pachinko balls. According to Wikipedia, the Japanese government estimates that this industry makes around ¥29 trillion ($378 billion) a year. There are tons of...


Watch the Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland promo

If you have a wondrous superpower like a Geass, there has to be some temptation to abuse it for your own enjoyment, right? That's what Lelouch does in Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland, when he uses his Geass on the entire cast to help tel...


Nunnally in Wonderland Blu-ray has English subs in Japan

With Bandai dropping out of the anime distribution market in America, there's no telling what will happen with series that would normally have been licensed and localized by the company, even those made by its Japanese branch. Code Geass: N...


Plenty of Code Geass coming in 2012

News relating to Code Geass has been pretty slow as of late, so I'm guessing someone panicked and let these three juicy morsels into the wild. The first piece of news, and probably the oddest of them all, is the announcement that a 'Nunnall...


Code Geass hitting the stage in 2012

Ignoring the fact that the original story featured tons of fancy, smoothly-animated mech battles, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is getting adapted into a theatrical play that you can see as soon as April 2012. Butaiban Code Geass Han...


Code Geass to get a new manga and more knightmare frames?

You know what beats a new Code Geass anime? Having both a new anime and manga, that's what! The latest edition of Newtype Ace has revealed that Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito will be receiving a manga rendition as well as an anime, whi...


Code Geass Gaiden: Bokoku no Akito goes direct-to-video

The first animated sequel to Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion has a release date! Sometime in November 2011, we'll be able to see a Lelouch-less story set after the events of the original anime, in which Elevens (a.k.a. Japanese) have t...


Code Geass artist prepares to sue blogger for defamation

Code Geass, Sunrise's crazy mech show about a fabulous chessmaster, has had a manga prequel running for a little while now. Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya occurs during the same timeline as the anime, though is set during Japan's Edo era. Th...


New Code Geass definitely doesn't have clone Lelouches

Last year Sunrise decided to milk the Code Geass goat a little bit more by announcing a project set within the Code Geass world, Code Geass Gaiden:Boukoku no Akito. The series, a side-story to the larger Code Geass franchise, follows Akito ...


Balticon '10: Bandai brings you more Code Geass

I really love Code Geass and personally think it's one of the better series of more recent anime. Along with the show, Code Geass also has several volumes of manga, and that's what Bandai's sinking its teeth into! Robert Napton, the No...


New Code Geass anime coming, doesn't star clone Lelouches

Not as far as I'm aware, that's for sure. According to 2ch, it's going to be called Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito (Akito of the Ruined Nation), and is set several years after the end of the TV series. The whole "world peace"...


Bandai announces more Code Geass manga

Shortly after launching its own manga-dedicated website, Bandai gave out a press release announcing more manga goodness. This time it's about new licenses that will be released in May and June 2010. First up is Code Geass Lelouch ...


Yet another new Code Geass anime in the works?

That's right ladies and otaku, it seems that the mysterious power driving the Code Geass planning meeting has taken hold once more, announcing a new Geass for all lovers of CLAMP-designed noodle people to enjoy.Unlike the shuriken-shooting ...


New Code Geass manga announced: Shikkoku no Renya

Here's your new project. It's called Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya, and it is set in the Edo period. That could be fun.  Manga, it be. Awesome. Well, wait. Before you get too excited, know some details.C.C. is back (good)"unknown ...


What do you want in a new Code Geass?

Well, slap my ass and call me Orange-kun! As you know, a new Code Geass project will be launched in 2010. No details, though. Only a message from Zero himself:This is a reincarnation...the day of new birth. From today, Geass proceeds in new...


Lelouch gives fans a present on his birthday, or a tease?

This is totally in the viral marketing category, but Code Geass's cellular phone site in Japan just tossed up a cryptic message today, announcing something about a new Code Geass project. What we know for sure is fan speculations run rampan...


Crunchyroll to stream C.C.'s ass for free

Want to watch Code Geass on your computer without getting your door kicked in by the feds or angry DVD buying otakus? Or perhaps you want to experience the show all over again, but this time with Johnny Yong Bosch on the helm. Well thanks t...


Tuesday Otaku Debate: Battle of the Meisters

Last week we had a debate that I had to get off my chest. Now that both Code Geass and Gundam 00 are finished, which one made the better series? Even though Gundam 00 finished last, and was still fresh in our minds, it still got its butt F....


Tuesday Otaku Debate: Code Geass vs. Gundam 00

The gods of mecha fought it out in last weeks Tuesday Otaku Debate. Who was the better anime and manga creator, Go Nagai or Yoshiyuki Tomino? It's easy to figure out who would win this round, since only one series can be named a true staple...


Fun Friday AMVs: Code: Ecchi

“Killing the Emperor is postponed- our hero has more urgent business to take care of.” This is the only sentence the creator, ~Aggressor~, wrote about his AMV, Code: Ecchi; and really, this is truly the essence of this AMV. Di...


More Geass? You'd better believe it buddy!

When Code Geass ended earlier this year, it left a hole in our heart big enough to house a Knightmare frame. We thought all hope was lost, but then December 10 came around and everything changed. In an interview with Sunrise anime studio wi...


Weekend Japanatainment: I want to be a minority, edition!

Otaku are the minority. So let’s celebrate it with this great AMV sung by Konata herself! Well, Konata doesn’t really sing the song, but wouldn’t it be cool if she did? We all know she has a super-cute kawaii voice no ma...


Japanatainment: Nice Geass, edition!

You all love Code Geass right? (Waits for applause to end.) Nice, and you all love crazy cookie MADs right? (Ten minutes applause this time.) And I bet you all love the second intro to Bleach right? (…) Fine, don’t all applau...


Fun Friday AMVs: EMPTY Rebellion

Welcome to an extremely late edition of Fun Friday AMV. Don’t let my tardiness upset you because I’ll let you in on a little secret, there is a little piece of Fun Friday in us all, hidden within our hearts; so it can never tr...


Tuesday Otaku Debate: Lelouch vs. Batman

Last week we had an epic debate between two megalomaniacal leaders who also happen to be fan favorites in villainy; Gendo of Neon Genesis fame vs. Final Fantasy VI’s Kefka. If these two ever fought, you know the world would be destroy...


Tuesday Otaku Debate: Nunnally Lamperouge vs. Ranka Lee

Last week’s epic Tuesday Otaku Debate is finally over. I received many death threats this week for pitting up two of the world’s greatest otaku goddesses. Haruhi vs. Konata was a very close fight this time around, but only one c...


Kururugi-copter incoming: Spinzaku, Rapezaku and more

Our Honorary friend Suzaku Kururugi can tell you, first hand, about doing something publicly that you can never take back. In this case, it was a very unmanly and awkward spin kick from a now classic episode of Code Geass. Our very own God...


Fun Saturday AMVs: Lulu, what have you done now?

Since most of you are pumped up for the recent Code Geass dub, which has already aired on the internet and will be shown on televisions across America today, I thought it would be necessary to feature a Code Geass AMV for this Fun Friday ...


Featured Fan Artist(s): Suzaku kick!

This Featured Fan Artist is different than the rest, the black sheep of the family if you will. Instead of focusing on one artist, this one is about numerous anonymous artists coming together to work on one particular concept; a classic ani...


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