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Kill la Kill photo

Some amazing Kill la Kill cosplay

Last weekend, there was a Kill la Kill gathering at the Winter Wonder Festival figure event! Any time there is a convention or anime based event, you know what the calls for. Lots and lots of cosplay! I used to be a cosplayer myself, s...

Love Live photo

Kanto snowfall strands Love Livers, snow-covered lines

In Japan, Love Live is probably the fastest growing seiyuu idol media-mix franchise today, drawing tens of thousands to their live events with just a couple years since its inception. Their sold-out Saitama Super Arena live yesterday coinci...

Cosplay photo

Cosplayers reenact Beyond the Boundary idol dance

Hey, remember that crazy filler episode of Beyond the Boundary where the whole crew tries to take down a monster by distracting it with an idol dance number? I seem to recall spending way more time writing about that incident than it proba...

Kill la Kill photo

Kill la Kill jacket is up for grabs

Correct me if I'm wrong, but most people are Kill la Kill fans! This anime got popular really quick, and just about everyone I know loves the series a lot! I need to watch the show myself. Even though I haven't yet, I can spot a Kill la Kil...

Cosplay photo

Cosplayers really can make a change

I always love seeing a group of people come together and help children who are sick. When that group of people happen to be cosplayers, it makes me love it even more! When people can take such loveable characters and use it to help, I'm al...

Sacanime photo

Sacanime finally gets 10,000 attendees

It seems these days you cannot go to a convention without seeing someone dressed up as their favorite character. Trust me, there's nothing wrong with that. Not only do I personally attend conventions with the intent to see guests or have a...

Attack on Titan photo

Cospa names Attack on Titan top cosplay seller

One of the cool things about cosplay's increasing profile is that it's no longer exclusive to people who can make their own costumes. While the best pro cosplayers and their bespoke outfits certainly deserve the props they get, nowadays ave...

Shingeki no Kyojin photo

Attack on Titan cosplayers are dedicated

Dressing up is one thing, but these fans like to express their love for shows through a different way. Cosplay has become one the biggest things in the nerd community this year. It's hard to go to conventions and just see people dressed no...

Cosplay photo

Brooklyn Robotworks brings your favorite bots to life

There's always some guy at a convention that tries to look like a robot. Whether there's a bit of effort or a simple Cardboard Gundam, you're bound to find somebody clomping around in a suit. While that's all well and good, the photos from ...

Cosplay photo

MCM London Comic Con Oct 2013 cosplay gallery

Heading to the ExCel Centre for MCM London Comic Con isn't all about buying pricey import goods and hearing about the latest anime titles to be licensed, no sir! As is the case with all conventions that are vaguely anime-related, cosplayers...

Cosplay photo

This year's Kawasaki Halloween Parade is a glorious treat

Halloween may be on the 31st of October, but that's not stopping the people of Kawasaki City from having their yearly parade before Hallow's Eve engulfs our lives. Overall, the attendees at the event continue to put on a great show. Among t...

Cosplay photo

Popular Malaysian cosplayer now a murder suspect

Ng Yuk Tim, a 15-year-old girl from Malaysia went missing not too long ago. Now, the missing girl has been found dead. The man who allegedly murdered her is apparently a big One Piece fan; the 23-year-old suspect is well-known a...

Cosplay photo

Video: 40 minutes of Dragon Con cosplay

The folks at Beat Down Boogie threw together a lengthy montage of cosplay from Dragon Con 2013 with nearly 40 minutes of footage, and while the convention lends itself to the Western market, there are a few anime cosplayers sprinkled in. A...

NYCC Cosplay photo

NYCC 2013: Cosplays

New York Comic Con 2013 is underway. Building on prior years, Thursday is now a full day for a lot of the vendors and events at the con, and the crowd is out in force. Compared to last year even, the exhibit hall floors are way more packed....

Cosplay photo

Video: Epic cosplay from AWA 2013 part 2

Here's a second helping of cosplay from Anime Weekend Atlanta, courtesy of Beat Down Boogie (the first video is here). There was quite a lot of amazing cosplay at AWA, and it makes me sad I wasn't there! But this video ...

Cosplay photo

Video: Epic cosplay from AWA 2013 part 1

The folks at Beat Down Boogie have released their latest "Epic Cosplay" videos. The videos were filmed during Anime West Atlanta 2013 late last month. You can catch the first of the two parts above, and we'll have the second part posted la...


Custom Attack on Titan weapons impress

With the popularity of Attack on Titan, I've been told that it was the "it" series to cosplay this last con season. This is impressive since, while not exactly difficult, it isn't the simplest outfit to put together. Besides the jacket, boo...

TGS 2013 Show Floor photo

TGS 2013: The booths of TGS Part 1

Tokyo Game show is a crazy place. It goes without saying that the show floor is constantly flooded with people running around to take a look at the next big thing. It's a sight to behold, which is why I wanted to give you fine folks a littl...

TGS 2013 Sen no Kiseki photo

TGS 2013: Hands on with Sen no Kiseki

Despite the fact that Falcom's latest JRPG, Sen no Kiseki, is hitting store shelves next Thursday, I couldn't help but hit the lines to play the demo here at TGS. For those of you unaware, Sen no Kiseki is the sixth game in the mainline Kis...

San Japan 2013 photo

San Japan 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 3 of 3

San Japan, an annual Japanese culture and Anime Convention in the city of San Antonio, Texas, celebrates its sixth year with the alliterative subtitle "Sinister Six". If there's anything we love here at Japanator, it's alliteration. A lot. ...

San Japan 2013 photo

San Japan 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 2 of 3

Here's the second wave of pictures from the annual San Japan Japanese Culture and Anime convention in San Antonio, Texas. Yes, it was still hot and I'm still complaining about since I had mild heatstroke even though I drank a lot of water. ...

San Japan 2013 photo

San Japan 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 1 of 3

San Japan, an annual Japanese culture and anime convention in San Antonio, Texas celebrates its sixth year of bringing together otaku and other enthusiasts of different fandoms and a lone Japanator agent was there to take some pictures for ...

PAX 2013 photo

PAX: Cosplay

At every convention that I go to the first thing I normally scope out are cosplayers. Why, you may ask? Well, to be frank, cosplayers are the people that literally wear their passion on their sleeves. It’s something that I know that I...

Cosplay v. Characters photo

Editorial: When erotic designs, cosplay and figures meet

You might have noticed some people talking about the description of how Hideo Kojima and his team create the next Metal Gear Solid project. Specifically, Kojima tweeted how one of his characters are designed. The reaction seems confusing--n...

Japan Expo USA photo

JX: The Sunday cosplay of Japan Expo

As promised, I am here with your cosplay fix from Japan Expo! Unfortunately, I went a bit light on the Saturday photos because of schedule conflicts, but I returned Sunday ready to start snapping away pictures of anyone that I came across. ...

Comic City 33 cosplay photo

Fukuoka Comic City 33 Cosplay of Doom

This past Sunday I had the great fortune of being able to go up to Fukuoka to attend Comic City 33, the premiere doujin event for Kyushu. We're talking thousands of people in a very small space selling their wares for a good five hours.&nbs...

JX: Cosplay photo

JX: Saturday Cosplay

I'm glad I had at least some time to take some cosplay photos. Still there is not enough of them to satisfy me so I will be going out again a stalking...err looking for some more cosplayers tomorrow. Hopefully some of the ones that I missed...

Otakon Sights photo

Otakon '13: Cosplay part 2, and others

Otakon 2013, or Otakon 20, featured a room full of past Otakon wares, such as the badge selections and con t-shirts of years past, all the way up from Otakon 1 in 1994. For long-time goers it's a tunnel back in time. For new Otakon attendee...

Otakon Cosplay photo

Otakon '13: Cosplay

Otakon 2013 is underway and it's a big deal. The local hotels and restaurants is decked out with Otakon-themed menu items, pins, and doing their best to make Otakon 20th one of the best experiences in my memory of past Otakons. The cosplaye...

AM2 Con photo

AM2 2013 is officially postponed

After months of everyone already knowing speculation,  AM² representatives have released an official statement confirming the cancellation postponement of their 2013 convention. Originally scheduled to take place August 23rd ...

con cosplays photo

AX '13: Cosplay

For all that it has gone through, my trusty Sony NEX-5 camera has finally bit the dust due to its negligent owner leaving it somewhere it probably wasn't suppose to be. I've traveled far and wide with it, around the world in fact. But I gue...

Attack on Titan 3DMG photo

Prepare to take down Titans with your 3D Maneuver Gear

Wow. This has to be one of the best cosplay props I've ever seen. A gifted Attack on Titan fan has blessed all of nerdkind by creating his very own set of "working" Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear! In case you've never seen Attac...

Animenext cosplays photo

Cosplays from AnimeNEXT 2013

AnimeNEXT 2013 took place in central New Jersey--it's one of those anime conventions where everything seems to go according to stereotypes. It's one of the mid-size conventions that ramps up the summer con season towards the larger gatherin...

3D Maneuver Gear tutorial photo

Overcome Titans with your own homemade 3D Maneuver Gear

As my time to catch up on Attack on Titan comes closer, a special guide has appeared to protect us from any future Titan attacks. The credit goes to Reika, who manages to share the secrets of creating the 3D Manuever Gear for anyone th...

Animazement 2013 Cosplay photo

The Cosplay of Animazement 2013: Part 2

Selected from choice cosplays on Saturday at Animazement, Japanator brings you more pictures of cosplay. The Stig approves. Saturday brings out the crowd! If you plan to cosplay and hit a summer con this year, take a look at the first wave ...

Animazement 2013 Cosplay photo

The Cosplay of Animazement 2013: Part 1

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, the North American summer con circuit officially begins. This year Anime Boston makes an unusual move joining the other three major anime cons--Anime North, Animazement and Fanime--overloading the East Coa...

Idol of the Week photo

Idol of the Week: Iiniku Ushijima

Name: Iiniku Ushijima Birthdate: February 19, 1990 Hometown: Tokyo, Japan Measurements 83/56/87.7 cm  Today's idol is super cosplay idol, Iiniku Ushijima. Yes, her name does mean "good meat'. I actually first heard of Ii...

Anime Matsuri 2013 photo

Anime Matsuri 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 3

Well, this is our last cosplay gallery for Anime Matsuri. I swear there was a lot more awesome cosplay, just check out last year's galleries. However, the venue change made it a bit a difficult to move around for everyone and with even more...

Anime Matsuri 2013 photo

Anime Matsuri 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 2

Here is the second wave of awesome cosplay from Anime Matsuri 2013 for your eye organs to feast on! Speaking of feasting, there were plenty of yummy food available to con goers thanks the awesome food trucks. These food trucks (pictured in ...

Anime Matsuri 2013 photo

Anime Matsuri 2013: Cosplay Gallery Part 1

It's that time of the year again when springtime comes to the heart of Houston, Texas. When the annual Anime Matsuri anime convention, gathers fans of Japanese pop culture for three days to celebrate our love for well... Japanese pop (and n...


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