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Girls und Panzer photo

Girls und Panzer gets the best hug pillow ever

Ah, the dakimakura. Few things in otaku culture are more indicative of one's...*ahem* "power level" than being in possession of a large hug pillow emblazoned with the visage of your 2D spouse. That is, unless you're a fan of old World War I...


Super Sonico hug pillow with arms hugs back!

I will always love Japan for their amazing inventions. Most recently, Nitro Plus has created a Super Sonico dakimakura hug pillow with outstretched arms to give you a hug. This way you'll never be lonely, right? This pillow case fits a norm...


Be My Valentine: Dakimakura!

Nobody has to be alone this Valentine's Day. Not when there are plenty of waifus to go around! You're looking at a picture of (a very sunburnt) me with Yoko, the lady who never lets me down. How many people are there in your life that are a...


Featured Fan Art: Segami Daisuke's Valentine's lineup

Welcome to Featured Fan Art, the Japanator column that soothes your desperately lonely tears.Today I'm going to cheat by featuring an artist that we've featured before. Then again, it's a very special day. Do you know what day it is? Y...


NBC's 30 Rock features dakimakura lover James Franco

Do you watch NBC's 30 Rock? Yeah, I don't either. The latest episode features a dakimakura (love pillow), and that's at least somewhat relevant to our interests, isn't it?Is James Franco an otaku? He doesn't look the part, but you never kno...


Prove you're truly ronery by making your own dakimakura

Wish you had a girl to call your own, but don't want to get rid of your giant dakimakura hugging pillow? Well, you're in a tough situation, I must admit. But if you value your dakimakura over a flesh-and-blood girl, I've got a way to make i...


Paw at this Kuso Miso hug pillow's well-endowed manhood

Yeah, that's right. A hug pillow (or dakimakura) featuring Abe Takakazu of the legendary comic Kuso Miso Technique was on sale at Wonder Festival this year for the butt-hurting price of 12,000 yen (about $127).Made by Questioners, it is a &...


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