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Uh-oh: NIS America cuts ties with Atlus in Europe, Oceania

It's been a long time since it has truly sucked to be a European gamer, but this latest development certainly qualifies, particularly for Europeans and residents of Australia and Oceania that are fans of Atlus' games. NIS America (a.k.a. NI...

Pokemon Bank photo

Pokémon Bank has appeared in Europe

You know, after months of watching fans of Pokémon X&Y eagerly awaiting the release of Pokémon Bank, it seems extremely odd that it would end up on the European eShop without any kind of grand announcement. Inste...

Video Games photo

Ys: Memories of Celceta bound for Europe in early 2014

Gamers in the United States will be able to play the latest installment in the long-running Ys series before the holidays, with Ys: Memories of Celceta set to drop on November 26th. However, Europeans needn't feel too left out; the series w...

London MCM Licenses photo

Anime Licenses from London MCM Comic Con

After a typically blustery day at the London MCM Comic Con, the event begins to wind down as it enters its final day. Saturday brought more than pesky gales, as we have some fresh anime acquisitions from both MVM Entertainment and Manga UK....


Sony launches Animax VOD service in the UK this Fall

With Animax already present in 17 countries, it's about time Sony launched a version in the UK. Sony is launching the video on demand service in Fall 2013 at www.animaxtv.co.uk, with other platforms and devices to follow. That likely means ...

Studio WIT at MCM London photo

Studio WIT to ravage London this October

The London MCM Expo is without a doubt the largest convention in the UK that caters to those with a taste for anime, and while it frequently attracts some big names in the English dub world, it's not all that often that we get a big name Ja...

Devil Survivor 2  photo

Bid Achieved! Devil Survivor 2 is coming to Europe

In an impressive manner, the folks at Ghostlight have achieved the right amount of pre-orders to complete their bid on releasing Devil Survivor 2 in Europe! Actually, there wasn't an auction house involved, but I thought their situation was...

Devil Survivor 2 EU photo

Devil Survivor 2 clocks 627 orders in two weeks

Ghostlight's efforts to bring Devil Survivor 2 to Europe is an admirable one, and you really can't help but want them to succeed. They've opted for the safe route, having customers pre-order the game ahead of time, but guaranteeing a refund...

Etrian Odyssey IV demo  photo

FOE eliminated: Etrian Odyssey IV's demo hits EU tomorrow

Right as I was getting farther into Etrian Odyssey IV's realms, NISA has revealed that the demo for Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan will be available in the Nintendo eShop on August 15th, which happens to be tomorrow. Assuming ...

Daily Dose photo

A Daily Dose of Music: May'n

Due to Hiroko being trapped in a mountain of work, I have been appointed with watching over Daily Dose once again. Preparing for her newest album release on July 24th, a preview of her May'n song known as ViViD as went up for people t...

Tales of Xillia 2  photo

Japan Expo '13: Tales of Xillia 2 to go west in 2014

Congratulations, Tales of fans; Namco Bandai Europe has revealed at Japan Expo 2013 that the sequel to Tales of Xillia is going to go west next year, which will make 2014 the year of the Tales of, aka Tales of the Year. On a neat note, Tale...

Devil Survivor Patch photo

European patch for Devil Survivor Overclocked inbound

It was mentioned in the review that went up a short while back, but the EU version of Devil Survivor Overclocked has some unfortunate bugs straight out of the box. One minor bug involves particular enemies having underscores in their names,...

Review: Devil Survivor photo

Review: Devil Survivor Overclocked

Devil Survivor Overclocked has certainly seen a rocky release here in Europe, finally landing in the laps of desperate Atlus fans well over a year after the rest of the world. What's more, the eventual launch was hampered with negative pres...

UK Conventions photo

Guests galore in upcoming UK conventions

It's not often we get notable Japanese guests at our Japan-related get-togethers (as much as you'd think we would), so it's pretty exciting to hear that we've successfully lured some famous folk onto our collection of dinky islands. First u...

#rdg is a big deal, guys photo

Reading Data Girl? Someone cares about hashtags

Seen the first episode of Red Data Girl yet? If you don't know what it's about, how about checking out the first part of our seasonal preview guide? Oh yeah, I was here to talk about drama. Internet drama, no less! Prepare yourselves. ...

Ghibli Season! photo

Film4 at it again: 18 Ghibli films in three weeks

[Just a reminder that this starts tomorrow! I've also amended the dates and times after Film4 had some changes, so make sure you readjust your schedules. You can also see if a film is dubbed or subtitled, too. Neato! - Chris] Film...

Persona 4 Arena release photo

About dang time: Persona 4 Arena gets a Euro release date

European gamer's aren't entirely unfamiliar with getting shafted when it comes to releasing certain games, but the case of Persona 4 Arena was always a tiny bit unique. Atlus and Arc System Works' lovely 2D fighter released in Jap...


Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 DLC proves monarchies rule

This March 5th, Americans will be getting the totally bitchin'-looking Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 first, whereas the rest of the world gets theirs on March 8th. That's a clear advantage, one might say. However, when ...


PSA: Persona and other Atlus titles on sale for Euro PSN

Are you a fan of deals? Sure you are! That's why Atlus is offering those of you European deal-lovers that also happen to be game-lovers a deal...on games. Atlus-published ones. On the PlayStation Network.  From now until February 1st, ...


Two Ghibli films to air on Film4 over Christmas

Did you tune into Film4 last Christmas? They held their Ghibli season over the holiday period, showing almost all of the available Ghibli films, one per day. I'd seen plenty of the big titles, like Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away and Gr...


Help Kickstart extra Princess Mononoke performances

If you live in the UK, you may have already heard mumblings of Whole Hog Theatre's adaptation of Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke. However, unless you jumped at the chance to purchase tickets, you may have ended up disappointed. Every tick...


Reminder: Hyper Japan 2012 Christmas starts this Friday

Stumped for something to do this weekend and can get to London? Well, perhaps you should go book your ticket to Christmas Hyper Japan 2012, because it looks like it's going to be a real treat. There are many interesting events that'll be sh...


Remember, London MCM Expo begins on the 26th

Get that cosplay ready, as there are only two weeks between now and the next London MCM Expo. As per usual there will be plenty to get up to, but let's take a look at the video games and guests that'll be turning up! Namco Bandai will once ...


The Wolf Children will be coming to UK cinemas

You may remember a while back that Elliot mentioned just how good The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki is, so this news might not come as too much of a surprise to some. Still, it is quite the rarity for anime to be shown in UK cinemas! The film ...


Film 4 will be showing animated films this week in the UK

Those folk over on Channel 4 certainly like their Japanese films, don't they? Back in December last year they held an impressive Ghibli marathon, showing fifteen different films from the legendary animators. From tomorrow til Friday they wi...


Oops: Problems with the UK Panty & Stocking DVD

The UK is gearing up for the release of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt on the 30th, though it seems that a select few have received their copies early. Business as usual when it comes to ordering online, but it has become apparent tha...


Ghibli to do Princess Mononoke play in London

One of Studio Ghibli's twitter accounts announced yesterday that they will be putting on a stage version of Princess Mononoke at London's New Diorama Theatre. The show will be a short one, running from April 2 - 6 in 2013. Tickets are alrea...


Japan Expo '12: Kaze President hates America

While at Japan Expo, one of the interesting events that happened was during the Awards Ceremony. Kaze, now a division of Viz, was accepting an award for the best shojo manga published that year: Dengeki Daisy. During his acceptance speech, ...


Many new UK anime licenses revealed at MCM Expo

The London MCM Expo certainly doesn't get the level of news we have come to expect from the big American conventions, but Manga Entertainment and MVM Entertainment have decided to try and break that trend by announcing some of their latest ...


Live in London? Rock out with ShiftyLook and Tim Sheehy

Londonites! Intrepid Europeans! Are you going to MCM next weekend? If so, we've got a bit of a surprise for you: The one and only Tim Sheehy will be there. That's right. Tim Sheehy. The one and only slurper. He's a part of the ShiftyL...


Reminder: London MCM Expo starts on the 25th

It's almost that time again, as us folk in the UK are now less than a week away from the next London MCM Expo. It seems like it'll be another good turn out, as many different guests and exhibitors have announced their participation. If you'...


From Up On Poppy Hill will be screened in London in April

It wasn't that long ago that I said that you don't often see Japanese animated films in the cinema here in the UK, yet the Terracotta Far East Film Festival is certainly proving me wrong! The even, which runs from the 12th to the 15th of Ap...


Free Steamboy showing for those who can get to London

Live somewhere where you can travel into London on the 1st of April? Ever wanted to watch Steamboy and never got the chance, or love it so much you'd like to see it in a cinema? Well, this may be of some interest to you then!  You can ...


Rare no more: Digital Devil Saga series coming to PSN

  Ah, Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga. Produced back in the pre-Persona craze days, when Atlus USA could only afford to do one print run of any given series (a rep they still hold today, though to a much...


Reminder: Midlands MCM starts this Saturday

For all you UK dwellers out there, remember that the Midlands MCM is set to kick off this Saturday at the International Centre in Telford. Early entry is £9 a ticket, with regular entry costing £6, so it won't dent the bank shou...


Uh-oh: Beckii Cruel will be at Hyper Japan

Well, there you have it! That one Youtube dancer-come-idol from the Isle of Man will be doing what she does best at Hyper Japan on February 26th. She'll only be appearing for the Sunday, so be sure to factor that nugget of information into ...


Time to get medieval in Tokyo

Of the many things to do in Tokyo, training to be a medieval knight wasn't something that crossed my mind. Apparently there is a place called Castle Tintagel, located off the Mejiro stop in Tokyo, that allow you to get all suited ...


Persona 2 European Collector's Edition detailed

What is this hogwash? Atlus why are starting to love Europe more than your dedicated droves of fans in the US? Europe is getting a pretty sweet looking Persona 2 collectors box set; complete with T-Shirt, art cards, a poster, and ...


Full trailer for the K-On! movie is a riot!

The full trailer for the K-On! movie has finally been released on the official website, ready to tempt you out of your money for the December 3rd release. Fans will be pleased that there have also been three new songs confirmed; "Ichiban Ip...


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