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Your Name Review photo

Check out Flixist's review of Your Name

Body swapping comedies are a huge subgenre in anime, but they haven't been explored in film in quite a while. The latest major effort is Makoto Shinkai's Your Name, and it's the highest grossing anime film of all time. But how does it stack...

Power Rangers Review photo

Check out Flixist's review of Power Rangers

If you're a fan of Super Sentai, chances are you've seen Power Rangers. After 10,000 years Lionsgate and Saban's reboot has finally hit the big screen, but how did it turn out? It's neither as bad as I had anticipated, nor is it as good as ...

Japan Cuts 2014 Roundup 2 photo

Japan Cuts Roundup: The Mole Song's Snow White Murder Case

Japan Cuts has officially begun. Last night, the festival kicked off with the latest Takashi Miike film to hit our shores, The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji, and then Sion Sono's Why Don't You Play in Hell, which I've already discussed ...

Japan Cuts 2014 photo

Three cheers for the 2014 Japan Cuts Film Festival!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the third annual announcement of the Japan Cuts film festival by a Flixist writer. For those who don't know, Japan Cuts is the biggest Japan-focused festival in North America, and it has returned with 27 films scr...

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Ad-Free Memberships! photo

Let's get HUGE: Japanator rolling out ad-free memberships

We here at ModernMethod are rolling out a membership program across all four sites called HUGE. The program is meant to be a game-changer for the entire network, allowing us to bring you better content than you've ever seen before. Right no...

Japan Cuts Awards/Recap photo

Japan Cuts 2013 (Flixist) Awards and Recap

We've reached the end of the road. Above is a video of Hubert and me on the final day of the festival talking about what we saw, what we thought, and whatever else. The actually conversation was about nine minutes longer, but I cut out som...

Japan Cuts 2013 photo

Japan Cuts Roundup: Fly with the Golden Castle of Goodbye

And here we are, folks: the last roundup of the 2013 Japan Cuts film festival. There are three more films we wanted to tell you about before tomorrow comes. What's tomorrow? Well, our final recap/awards post, of course! And I am so tir...

Japan Cut 2013 photo

Japan Cuts Roundup: It's Me, Bad Forest!

So Japan Cuts has officially ended, but that doesn't mean we're done writing about it. We've still got a few more reviews to do and our massive roundup coming this Friday (a scaled down version of which will be posted here). Today, we've go...

Japan Cuts 2013 photo

Japan Cuts Roundup: A Woman and War is disgusting

A Woman and War is one of the worst things I have ever seen in my entire life. It is unfathomably bad and has the dubious honor of being the first thing to get a score below 10/100 on Flixist. It's sickening, truly repulsive. But fortu...

Japan Cuts 2013 photo

Japan Cuts Roundup: Thermae Kirishima Romae

The first weekend of Japan Cuts continues with a long day of movies that run the gamut from adaptations of beloved manga/anime to the aforementioned Citizen Kane of time travel Roman bath house movies. It's certainly going to be crazy. It's...

Japan Cuts 2013 photo

Japan Cuts Roundup: A Story of Dreams for Helter Skelter

Unlike the New York Asian Film Festival, Japan Cuts is relatively quiet during the week. There are never more than two films in a day, and oftentimes there's only one. On the weekends, though, they make up for it with three or four screenin...

Japan Cuts 2013 photo

Japan Cuts Film Festival 2013 kicks off in NYC this week

Heya, remember me? Probably not, but that's okay. I write for Japanator's film-obsessed sister site Flixist, and for the second year running, we will be bringing our coverage of the Japan Cuts film festival over here so can get the lowdown ...


It's Ghibli Week at Flixist, and go watch Arrietty!

Just in case you didn't know, we've got a great sister site over at Flixist, blogging up all your movies. And guess what, Studio Ghibli makes a lot of movies! To celebrate that and the US release of Arrietty, they've been writing up a storm...


Japanator Kind of Recommends: The Quiet Don 1

[Japanator and our good buddies at Flixist have collaborated together to branch out and bring you reviews of the great, weird, and sometimes terrible examples of Japan cinema through the streaming site JapanFlix. Catch both our own review h...


NYAFF 11: A quick recap, in case you missed it

Alec Kubas-Meyer over at Sister Site Flixist covered New York Asian Film Festival over the course of two weeks, providing lots of great news, reviews and highlights throughout the event. If you're interested in this sort of thing, you shoul...


Flixist is live, mankind is saved!

You like movies, right? I mean, sure, there's always the classics of Japanese cinema like Rashomon and Stray Dog, along with the anime classics Ghost in the Shell and Grave of the Fireflies.Well, you're in luck, because our long-awaited mov...


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