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Mister Donut Japan photo

New offerings at Mister Donut are actually pretty gross

I found out that today Mister Donut rolled out some new Pon de Rings, and since those are my favorite treat at their store, I thought it'd be fun to try some. My area got four new flavors, and the two I chose for this video were edamame an...

Saya no Uta photo

Rejoice?! English version of Saya no Uta ships

The English language version of Nitroplus' notoriously disturbing adult visual novel, Saya no Uta, is now shipping. Yes, I'm well aware this is coming a bit late. Doesn't make it any less important. Huzzah! Penned by Gen Urobuchi (Fate/Zero...


AKB48 promotes taking perfectly good ramen and ruining it

Well, calling Cup Noodle "perfectly good ramen" is maybe stretching it, but let me explain. AKB48 is appearing in ads (because that's what idols do!) for Nissin Cup Noodle, showing the public how you can make the instant ramen into a refre...


Got sore muscles? Try a nice, relaxing...sawdust bath?

In this week's edition of "Japan Is Doing What Now?" we talk about beauty treatments. The latest trend in taking care of your skin? Salons like Hi no Ki (Tokyo), Yu Shin Ion Koso Ogakuzu Furo (Saiki City), and Ogakuzu Koso Yoku Sakura (vari...


Tokyo's 'oldest man' just discovered dead for 30 years

Here's a weird tale for you. Japanese officials went to the home of one Sogen Kato, who was the oldest man living in Tokyo according to their records. When they arrived at the house in Adachi ward, they told his family that they wanted to h...


Freshen up your ice cream with grasshopper toppings!

I try to be open-minded when it comes to food. I was always a picky eater, and I've been gradually trying more and more things in the past several years to the point where it's like I'm a regular person when I go out to eat. And I understan...


Looking for a good time? Yakuza dealers sell fake Viagra

So it's a Friday night and you're looking for a good time. Me? I usually have a few drinks with friends. But occasionally I need some Viagra to get me through the shame of having to bang a hooker. Really. I just pop one of those, put a bag ...


Evangelion Fan Fiction Pick - Shinji and Asuka

Now many of you avoid fan fiction, and I commend you. There's very few things worse in this world than reading about Reed Richards and Turtwig getting it on in a tree, but sometimes there are things a man just has to read. And when those we...


Sexy Gyo figure features totally naked girl [pics]

Attention horny men (and maybe women?)! Have we got the most awesome Japanese figure for you! André Peter, an enterprising fan of Junji Ito's super sexy Gyo manga, has channeled his barely contained lust for the manga's super-cute mo...


I can now understand why Japan hates Google Street View

Yes, this has to be the worst one of them all. This poor guy was caught naked (or maybe in a black thong?) as the Google Street View car happened to be driving by, filming everything in the area. But why is this guy naked in the first place...


Gee Whiz: 40 percent of Japanese men sit to pee

You're going to want to sit down to hear this: apparently 40 percent of Japanese men sit to pee, and the people at toilet maker Matsushita Electric attribute this trend to bossy Japanese females! Are Japanese guys going to stand for that?&...


Warning: bad puns ahead

On the heels of our first culinary adventure comes another uniquely Japanese treat: ice cream! ...What's that you say? Other countries have it, too? Well, do they have salad-flavored ice cream? How about charcoal? Or squid ink,, or raw ho...


How To Avoid Real-Life Tentacle Lovin'

First off, it's not what you think. Well, not exactly what you think. In this video we get a lesson on how to fend off an octopus with ill-intentions. Turns out that a modified Vulcan neck pinch is all you need. That is, if you can find a...


Closer is always grosser

[as posted on NextLust] Japanese company Thanko is always making cool and strange stuff, and this gadget is no exception. The Dino Lite EZ Digital Microscope plugs into your computer and gives you 10-50x magnafication of anything you'd w...


Undying love for natto

It seems that we can't stop talking about fermented soybeans, or natto, lately. In fact, just a few minutes ago Dick McVengeance and I were discussing natto, and I had to interject that I disliked it very much. And of course, in Japanese ...


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