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Impressions: Gabriel Dropout Manga Vol. 1

Looking back, 2017 had a decent start with it’s anime lineup, including Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, Konosuba Season 2, and Gabriel Dropout, which were among my favorite during the first quarter of the year. Many months later, co...

Love and Lies photo

Impressions: Love and Lies

Love and Lies is set in an alternate reality where Japan has figured out a way to stop their socioeconomic issue of declining birth rates. How, you ask? They forbade love. In this new system, your marriage partner is picked b...

Golden Kamuy photo

Impressions: Golden Kamuy Manga Vol. 1

One of my favorite things as an Otaku is being introduced to series that I had no idea they existed. When receiving my Dragon Ball Super manga volume from Viz Media, I got Golden Kamuy alongside it. Just by the fron...

Dragon Ball Super photo

Impressions: Dragon Ball Super Manga Vol. 1

Dragon Ball has been one of the most popular franchises in Japan during the last three decades, and with good reason, and when it finally ended, it really makes you feel empty, at least it did for me when I finished watching all three ...

Japanator awards photo

Japanator Awards 2016: Soul's picks for the best of the year

Hey, Gang! It's that time of the year where we look back at the last twelve months and decide what was the best of the best. Since I like to cover more than just animated adventures, I'm putting my stamp on other things Japan related I...

Biker Gangs photo

The biker gangs of Akira may be a thing of the past

While Otaku the world over are keeping a wary eye on the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo (and what could be buried underneath the stadium) the biker gangs that made Akira, GTO, and other iconic images of modern Japanese culture so awesome may have g...

Japanator photo

Japanator Eats: Cratz, Mike, and More Edition

I've been wanting to order some Japanese snacks for quite a while, and if you are a fan of the site, you probably have thought about it too. Recently I finally buckled down and ordered some goodies from JList. When it arrived I took out the...

Jump Festa 2015 photo

Long Lines and Good Times: A Visit to Jump Festa 2016

Editor's Note: If you're in Japan and a manga fan, Christmas comes early each year, as Jump Festa, Shueisha's celebration of all things Shonen JUMP, takes place shortly before the big day, promoting manga, anime, video games, merchandi...

Japanator supports love! photo

Japanator supports love!

In a historic decision Friday, the United States Supreme Court ruled that state barriers to same-sex marriage were unconstitutional, effectively legalizing the institution for same-sex couples nationwide. Naturally, social media and the int...

Japanator Party photo

Japanator is hosting a cosplay party in Chicago this Sunday

If you happen to be in Chicago this weekend, make sure you swing by Mitsuwa Marketplace at 1PM CST, as Japanator is hosting a cosplay party, in preparation for Japan Day Chicago next month! We are official sponsors of the event, and will ha...

Pottya photo

This plus-sized idol group is literally big in Japan

Here's one to file under the "Sure, why the hell not?" column: Pottya, (or more accurately, "P♡ttya"), a five-girl idol quintet consisting entirely of plus-sized girls. They made their debut last week, with their first live gig set f...

Jeff's Best of 2014! photo

Japanator Awards 2014: Jeff's Top 5

It was a great 2014 in terms of the anime mill--each season offered something pretty special, and a wide variety of interesting titles. Still, a handful of titles rose to the occasion for me, and I didn't have much of a problem doing a top ...

Thanks! photo

Happy New Year from Japanator

This has been a year of ups and downs and though we've gone through quite a few changes around the network, Japanator's future is looking much brighter. I want to thank each and every one of our loyal readers, especially those who've been a...

Meet Ai-Fi photo

Say hello to Japanator's new mascot, Ai-Fi!

For the longest time, Japanator has been without an official mascot, and while we've had some guests make appearances throughout the years -- most-notably Yotsuba -- we never really had one to call our own. It hasn't been easy growing up in...

Japanator photo

Japanator's got a new look; more changes to come

If you're browsing the site this evening, you may have noticed our shiny new background and fiery-red text. These are just a few of the big changes we have planned for the site in the coming weeks. We still have a few bugs and some bits of ...

 from  tomopop
Ad-Free Memberships! photo

Let's get HUGE: Japanator rolling out ad-free memberships

We here at ModernMethod are rolling out a membership program across all four sites called HUGE. The program is meant to be a game-changer for the entire network, allowing us to bring you better content than you've ever seen before. Right no...

Japan Expo photo

Getting ready for Japan Expo

The night before Japan Expo is upon us. Tim and myself are burning the midnight oil gearing up for the event. Just got done eating some sushi and knocked back some drinks looking forward to what we have planned tomorrow. Stuff like the You ...

Japana-Tumblr photo

Introducing Japana-Tumblr, the Japanator sideblog

Remember the days when a "Tumbler" was a term for some kind of cup? Well, those still ARE those days, but a similarly-pronounced word, "Tumblr" seems to be the thing among internet folks. As trend-chasers of the highest order, the secret co...

 from  tomopop
Don't adblock us please! photo

A special message from our founder

As you may know, Japanator is part of the esteemed ModernMethod network, a group of sites that includes our figure-loving friends at Tomopop, the film buffs at Flixist, and of course, our gaming pals at Destructoid.  Earlier today, our...


Want some changes on Japanator? Let us know!

You may have noticed that over the past few months Japanator has made a few changes here and there. The lovely folk with the clacky keyboards at Modern Method want to know what the most important people at Japanator want to see added, remov...


Japanator Doesn't Recommend: Rental Magica

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya achieved something wonderful with its deliberate swapping of chronological episodes and the order in which each serial was broadcasted. Once viewers pieced together the puzzle it was a joy to rewatch the se...


First Impressions: Nakaimo

You know you're in for a ride when the anime you're about to watch has one of those retarded-long light novel titles involving a sister and way too many words to easily abbreviate. The marketing material calls it Nakaimo (like, sa...


Final Impressions: Natsuiro Kiseki

Natsuiro Kiseki, ironically, concluded right before the start of July, the customary time all the Japanese kids get out of school. I tend to enjoy anime that has a seasonal theme and airs at the same time of the year. Natsuiro Kiseki, liter...


Sakura-Con 2012: Japanator "To-do" Guide

Guys, Seattle is going to be crawling with cosplayers tomorrow. Some really good, some kinda terrible. The thing with conventions like Sakura-Con 2012, which I sure all attendees know officially begins tomorrow morning, is that most con-goe...


$5 ModernMethod t-shirt clearance sale extravaganza

Got a spare five bucks? as your attorney I advise you to go take advantage of this awesome sale: Japanator and Tomopop T-shirts, for both ladies and gents, are currently on clearance at the Splitreason shop. T-shirts from our oh-so-imp...


Go West! Week Thirteen: A look at Japanese game stores

Welcome once again ladies and gentlemen, to your one stop for info on the Japanese game releases for the week, Go West!.  This week sees the release of a few high profile Nintendo titles that are bound to get some you excited. One of t...


Cooking Otaku: Brownies (of love)

The magical day is upon us. It will be the night dreams are made of. Or nightmares because you forgot to make or get anything for your guy/girl friend. Never fear. Your friendly neighborhood Cooking Otaku is here to help! Now norm...


Buy Japanator shirts on the cheap, before they're gone!

No, seriously. Buy buy buy. This is a great time to get yourself some Japanator t-shirts on the cheap. Take a hop over to our SplitReason store, where they're only $5 a piece for guys and dolls' t-shirts. And you know you want one. In fact,...


Update: Sorry guys, no new podcast tonight.

...but we'll let you know when we're back into the swing of things! Nobody's dead, we just had some some trouble behind-the-scenes (to put lightly). We figured it'd be better to let you all know instead of being mean and letting it slide. D...


Join us in writing for Japanator!

You're home from school. You're bored with not much to do. You spend all day reading Japanator. Why not have some fun and join us? We're looking for a few good writers to join the staff and help us make this site great. This time, the appli...


It's a Japanator Christmas Special!

What is it like to spend a day in my shoes? Well, for one, it's great... being able to play with a beard all day is surprisingly fun, and you get to sleep in until 1-2PM! Wowzah! Some other cool things come out of being awesome ol' me, as w...


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