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Annotated Anime Early Edition: Spring '10 Week 11

Welcome to the Early Edition of Annotated Anime, the only weekly recap that would dare combine equal parts of laundry reagent, breast milk, and urban river water, in the pursuit of producing a blood-powered alchemical reaction! Oh, and base...


Look who was quoted on Twin Spica Vol. 2!

That's right, I was!My review copy showed up in the mail the other day, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Japanator is now coming to a bookstore near you thanks to the folks at Vertical. It was a series I was really impressed with,...


Contest: Scavenge Hunt over, time for bonus round!

First off, hearty congratulations to our winners for this round, Borrie and 3mapletrees! We'll be sending a box of Aquarion your way shortly.Now, our scavenger hunt is technically over (although our X contest is still going on), but we do h...


Jake and I have officially won 'The Internet'

Finally, it has been proven: the 11th commandment is "Thou shalt not challenge the power of Brad and Jake." Because, when the two of us gattai with our manly spirit, Jake's superior acting and my superior fashion, you create a bea...


Contest: Scavenge the 'net to win DVDs from FUNi, Week 6

Alright, last week's was a bit tough, but some of you managed to pull through. Bacon5200 and Mercurius both managed to get the correct answer, which was Echochrome. It's a fantastic puzzle game that anyone with a PSP or PS3 should own: it g...


Reminder: Win free DVDs by scavenging the net contest

Just a reminder to you all: our Scavenge the Net contest is in its fourth week, and you'd best check in and enter! Don't you want to win yourself a box set of Kanon?Some of you have been having trouble with this question, but all it require...


Japanator merging user accounts with Destructoid, Tomopop

Good evening, everyone! As you might've noticed, there's a little bar up on top of the site that's asking you to confirm your e-mail address for your accounts across the site, and move them to a single e-mail address. Pretty soon, we'll be ...


Shameless self promotion: I was on Otaku in Review!

When I'm not busy breaking equipment on Japanator AM or filling up the front page with news and serious business, I get invited on other podcasts from time to time to talk about said serious business. In this case, I recently hopped on the ...


Contest: Scavenge the 'net to win DVDs from FUNi, Week 3

We're now on the third week of our FUNimation DVD boxset giveaway, and this week's winners are Japanator readers ari and The Kohn. Congrats to you both! We'll be contacting you to send off your copies of the Pumpkin Scissors box set soon. N...


Contest: Scavenge the 'net to win DVDs from FUNi, Week 2

We've finished the first week of our FUNimation giveaway, and this week's winners are MihoChan9 and Blue Mage. We'll be shipping them copies of Blade of the Phantom Master shortly, but in the meantime, let's focus on this week's prize: a bo...


Reminder: Win free DVDs by scavenging the net contest

Just wanted to pop in with a friendly reminder that our eight week long contest series with FUNimation kicked off earlier this week, and all you need to do is answer a simple trivia question to be entered in to win one of two copies of Blad...


Japanese policeman arrested for owning a model gun

Wow, talk about fail. It seems a Japanese police officer in Fukuoka was recently arrested for violating national sword and gun control laws by modifying a model gun he had purchased to shoot metallic bullets -- I'm going to go out on a...


Contest: Scavenge the 'net to win DVDs from FUNi, Week 1

Hey, you guys want free DVDs? I can only presume that the answer is yes, since by and large us otaku are not rich. FUNimation knows that all too well, and that's why they've started up the SAVE line, where they put out certain series for a ...


Be prepared for eight weeks of Japanator x FUNi love

Hey guys. Brad Rice here, your friendly neighborhood Editor-in-Chief. Just wanted to get you pumped for a bit, because starting next week, we're going to be giving away box set after box set for the next eight weeks of goodies from FUNimati...


Shameless merchandise: Get your own Japanator t-shirt!

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally gone ahead and sold out. The folks at Split Reason, the people who produced the great Destructoid and Tomopop shirts, have gone ahead and added Japanator shirts (there's a female version too) ...


Announcing our Higurashi VN contest winners!

Well, we've finally picked the five winners for our grand ol' Higurashi: When They Cry visual novel contest. Nearly a hundred of you entered, and I had to pick just five -- at random no less -- and so it broke my heart that I couldn't award...


Reminder: Our Higurashi VN contest ends tomorrow!

We've gotten plenty of entries from all of you fine folk in our Higurashi: When They Cry visual novel contest, but we want more! Just to remind you that tomorrow, at midnight EST, I'm closing the door on our contest to win one of five copie...


Want to win a copy Higurashi game? We've got 'em!

We here at Japanator love Higurashi like it's nobody's business. Whether it's Jake's obsession with yandere girls, or the rest of us loving to get scared out of our minds. So, in order to share the love with the rest of you, we want to get ...


Happy Valentine's Day, and welcome to Ladies' Day!

Last week, we showered you all with Man Day, a showcase of heroic spirit and testosterone that can win wars. Yet behind each of those warriors are the women they love and would give their lives for. The ones who inspire us to shed blood, sw...


Japanator AM now has an RSS feed, iTunes coming soon

That's right, people, we've got what you've been waiting for! Finally, we put together an RSS feed for you to easily subscribe to Japanator AM. We're also working on getting the show onto iTunes, so you don't even need to think about it whe...


What was your gateway manga?

With anime, there are established classics that got people into the medium: Naruto, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, for example. Manga, meanwhile, is a bit more of an open field. There are so many points of entry, especially considering many p...


What does your anime watching rig look like?

[Full disclosure: This idea was stolen From Animucast Episode 4.]What does your anime watching rig look like? What do you watch anime on. On a computer? You one of those DVD-only kids? Hybrid? Got a home theater for that business? We'd love...


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from everybody here at Japanator! Be careful to prevent your New Year's party from getting out of hand. 


Thank you, Japanator, for the best year ever

To all of you reading Japanator, and all of you who have worked on the site: Thank you.This has been a year of massive changes for us here at Japanator. We've had changes in the look and feel of the site, the editorial voice, and the way we...


Confessions 13: Karen Gellender

Look! It's a Karen. A few years ago I met this rare specimen of a woman. We met because we worked together at Barnes and Noble (gee, us working in a bookstore, you don't say?). And while I made it a point to know everyone I worked with, I i...


Dear Japanator Reader: Merry Christmas

Only during the holidays can you get away with overly sappy displays of affection, so here goes nothing:I love you, Japanator Reader. We love you. We love you for coming back to us every day and sharing in our fandom. I could go the we woul...


We've got a winner for our Tsundere Day contest!

Hey, all of you, listen up! We went through all of your favorite tsundere entries and finally picked a winner. D-despite the kind gestures of some of you for voting for me, the winner is darksorrow29. He wrote his entry about Taiga, a woman...


Shameless plug: Hey, I was on the Anime3000 podcast!

I seem to be going around like a hot piece of meat this week, don't I?My latest podcast stint was on the Anime3000 podcast with the lovely Gia Manry of Anime Vice and Joseph "I can rip a phone book in half" Luster of OtakuUSA. The...


Today is Macross Day!

This announcement is a little belated, but what the hell.In order to celebrate the release of the Macross Frontier film in Japan, I hereby declare today to be Macross Day on Japanator. Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of Macross-themed p...


Shameless plug: Hey, I was on the ANNCast!

Earlier this week, Zac Bertschy was kind enough to invite me onto the latest episode of the ANNCast to talk about reviews: the philosophy of it, some of the best/worst experiences, and answering a lot of questions from the folks on twitter....


Hey Japanator, we have forums again!

Among the numerous changes going on daily here at Japanator, you might have noticed that we've added the forums back into the site so that you can discuss any number of things that you might not normally talk about in our community blogs.So...


Monthly Musing: A roundup of everyone's convention tales

Over the past month, we've been looking to hear your stories and tales from the convention scene, and we got some interesting responses! I'm always here reading your posts, and so I found some of the tales particularly interesting amongst t...


Monthly Musing: A roundup of everyone's first time

I've been sitting here, reading each and every one of your community blog entries. And boy, did you guys have some stories to tell! I was thoroughly impressed -- and often touched -- to hear about your first time watching anime or your firs...


One week left to win prizes in our Japanator dubbing contest

While we've already sent out New York Anime Fest tickets to those who were local enough, there's plenty more to be had. We've recieved a few more shipments of DVDs and manga to give away to all of you, so be sure to send in your voice entri...


The return of Japanator's talk podcast!

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later...Well, now you can rejoice, for tomorrow we'll be recording the first episode of our new podcast. On the show will be the lovely talents Dale North, Zac Bentz, Colette Bennett, and Eva Duenas...


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KILL la KILL -IF"The Clothes Make The Fans"


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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (NS)" Control the Arisen On The Go"


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy"The Ace Attorney Arrives On Modern Platforms"


Tokyo School Life"A Crazy Trip To Japan"


The World Next Door"A Journey To A Parelell World"


Disgaea 5 Complete (PC)"Another Disgaea Entry Enters PC Gaming"


The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince"A Beautiful Game with Lackluster Puzzles"


The Complete Art of Fullmetal Alchemist"Includes Illustrations & Artwork From 2001 through 2017"


Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms"A beautiful tale about immortality"


Batman Ninja Blu-Ray Set"Travel to the Feudal Era"


Ponyo 10th Anniversary"Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea"


Sound Of The Sky Blu-Ray Set"Moe Girls in the Military"


Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light Remastered"The King of Games is Back in Theaters!"


Yuri!!! on Ice Blu-Ray Set"We Call Everything on the Ice 'Love'"


Akiba's Trip: The Animation"More disappointing than I expected it to be"


Keijo!!!!!!!! Limited Edition Blu-Ray Set"IN MY DREAM, LET'S FIGHTING!"


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection "Epic fights but lackluster story"