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J-Novel club announces new title from legendary author

J-Novel Club has announced they are adding the light novel, Bluesteel Blasphemer, to their lineup starting March 25 with a free preview. The latest addition to the Japanese light novel website come from author Ichirou Sakaki who has wr...

Kino's Journey photo

Huzzah: Kino's Journey gets a new anime series

There's something wonderful about an older incomplete adaptation series coming back since it increases the chances of it coming to a triumphant conclusion. With a new Kino's Journey anime, the series about a girl and her talking bike t...

ClariS photo

Eromanga Sensei anime gets opening song from ClariS

ClariS, a duo formed by two junior high students Clara and Alice back in 2009 on NicoNico, has performed manysongs for anime including the likes of Oreimo and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Now, the duo (with a new member Karen replacing A...

J-Novel Club photo

J-Novel Club adds multidimensional bathing and more

J-Novel Club, a website that carries Japanese light novels in English to its members has now added two more titles to its growing list of available series to read. The Faraway Paladin and Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension will both be...

Full Metal Panic! IV photo

Huzzah: Full Metal Panic!'s new series to air next Fall

Ever since I watched all of Full Metal Panic!, my desire to see a new series was one of my biggest wishes of all time. While this project was revealed last year, new details about the upcoming anime were revealed at the Fantasia Bunko Daika...

Light novels photo

New website publishes Japanese Light novels in English

A new Website has been launched that will bring Japanese light novels in English to eager fans all over the world. J-Novel Club is partnering with publishers Hobby Japan and OVERLAP, with hopefully more to come in the future to pr...

Re:ZERO First Impressions photo

First Impressions: Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

Out of all the anime this season, one in particular really stood out to me. Taking two common anime plots and essentially mushing them together into some kind of peanut butter and monster sandwich, Re: ZERO - Starting Life in Another World ...

Phantom World photo

Final Impressions: Myriad Colors Phantom World

If you've been following along with my occasional thoughts on Myriad Colors Phantom World, you've no doubt noticed how many times I've gone back and forth on the series as a whole. While folks in the comments suggested that I just take the ...

Annotated Phantom World photo

Annotated Anime: Myriad Colors Phantom World episodes 7-9

I've been hard on Myriad Colors Phantom World since its inception because I went in expecting more from Kyoto Animation's effort. Their past shows have been great when they work, so I was hoping this too would be one of the better series in...

Annotated Phantom World photo

Annotated Anime: Myriad Colors Phantom World episodes 4-6

To tell you all the truth, I've been drafting and deleting this article for awhile now. The more I write recaps, and the more I start watching anime (I just finished Netflix's Seven Deadly Sins a bit ago, too), the more I start noticing sim...

Kizumonogatari photo

Review: Kizumonogatari

I don't think I could ever think of the Monogatari series without Shaft's trademark animation and visuals. It would be like eating PB and J sandwiches all my life and then discovering peanut butter could exist on starch without its conserve...

Man at Arms: Reforged photo

Watch Man at Arms bring Saber's Excalibur to life

Ever since Man at Arms switched to a new group, I started to miss the old team's style, since their weapons were more accurate than the current gang. Nonetheless, the main thing that both blacksmiths have in common is that they use their s...

Monogatari photo

More toothbrushes featured in Monogatari short stories

The Anime Monogatari Series Heroine line of books is something I desperately want translated. Each one focusses on a heroine from the anime Monogatari and includes interviews from voice actors, production staff, and most...

Anime photo

Momo Kyun Sword gets anime adaptation

If you're into Japanese culture and folklore, you've likely run across the story of Momotaro at some point or another. If you're not into Japanese culture and folklore you've probably still come across this story before as it's been referen...

Log Horizon photo

Author of Log Horizon needs input from English fans

It's not often that Japanese creators will reach out to Western fans, but when you're trying to recreate a 1:2 scale version of the world, you might need a little help. For those unfamiliar with Mamare Touno's Log Horizon, there's an MMO in...

All You Need Is Kill photo

Simulpub of All You Need is Kill on the way

You might've heard that the Japanese light novel All You Need is Kill is getting a Hollywood movie adaption starring Tom Cruise. Yes, it's a little weird that it's happening at all. Granted, the movie's titled is being changed to the terrib...

Films photo

All You Need is Kill film adaptation looks amazing

When I first heard that Hiroshi Sakurazaka's classic sci-fi light novel, All You Need is Kill was getting the Hollywood treatment, I got a bit worried. It was initially announced that Brad Pitt was attached to the film as the leading man, ...

Anime photo

The Irregular at Magic High School anime slated for 2014

Mark your calendar for the Spring 2014 season, because Tsutomu Sato's light novel series The Irregular at Magic High School will be getting an anime adaptation courtesy of the folks at Madhouse. Saki's director Manabu Ono will helm the...

Incest LN photo

OreImo author's new series is another sister act

The love-hate nature of OreImo aside, it was surprisingly engaging despite the suspect premise. It was enough that I kept an eye on author Fushimi's new work, as teased from Otakon earlier this year. In our interview, author Fushimi and his...

Video games photo

Shizuo joins Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax's 2nd trailer

It was only a matter of time until we get to see Shizuo in action. Unfortunately, the game's staff took the lazy route by compiling  his gameplay video with the first official trailer that went up during the beginning of the month.&nb...

Kyokai no Kanata promo  photo

Have a bloody good time with Kyokai no Kanata's new promo

I'm probably the worse person to ask when it comes to Kyoto Animation related things, since the last KyoAni related thing that I saw was the first episode of Chuunibiyo and The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumia. Instead of making fun of me f...

KyoAni KnK photo

KyoAni's Kyoukai no Kanata airs this fall

Kyoto Animation announced yesterday that their next TV anime, Kyokai no Kanata, would be airing this October here in Japan.  The series is shaping up to be an supernatural action kind of deal, which is exciting for a number reasons. Wh...

Noboru Yamaguchi photo

Zero no Tsukaima author Noboru Yamaguchi passes away

Well this is unfortunate news. Noboru Yamaguchi, author of Zero no Tsukaima and Green Green, has passed away. He'd been battling with cancer for quite some time, and in December was re-admitted into the hospital for treatment.  In his ...


The semicolon returns in Occultic;Nine

With Robotics;Notes in full swing, I don't think anyone was really expecting to hear word of another story from Chiyomaru Shikura. Unlike his past offerings, this one will not be a visual novel. It seems he is about to branch out a little ...


Sword Art Online: Progressive vol. 1 sells gangbusters

A week or so ago, Sword Art Online: Progressive vol. 1 hit bookstore shelves. What exactly is Progressive? It's a reboot of the novel series, designed with the idea of closing up plot holes and making the timeline a little bit more consiste...


Oreimo light novel series set to end with volume 12

Looks like the ever so popular light novel/anime series, Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, will be reaching its conclusion sometime very soon. The 11th volume of the novel series went on sale this week and includes the announceme...


Japanator Kind of Recommends: Vampire Hunter D Vol 18

While light novels are a relatively new concept stateside, they've been around for ages in Japan. They've been the source of many popular franchises, including Slayers, Boogiepop Phantom, Kara no Kyokai, A Certain Magical Index, The Melanch...


Final Impressions: Hiiro no Kakera

I'll have to admit I was a little dismayed when I ran my first impressions of Hiiro no Kakera, just because the track record on these game-derived adaptations has been generally bad. Besides the terrible CGI monsters though, I think this sh...


Library War coming to the big screen in June

We just got our hands on two recently released trailers for Library War: The Wings of Revolution, the upcoming anime film adaptation of Hiro Arikawa’s Library War light novels. The film, directed by Takayuki Hamana (Appleseed XIII) an...


Yen Press steps up Spice and Wolf light novel releases

Translating light novels takes time, especially for small publishers. Up till now, Yen Press was only releasing two volumes of the original Spice and Wolf books a year, with the sixth volume planned for June 12, 2012. The company must have ...


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