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Strike Witches 3rd Season photo

Strike Witches returns to chill its legs a third time

Love it or hate it, Strike Witches will be retuning once more for a third season of military-come-science-fiction shenanigans. The news thus far is that the series has been given the go-ahead, so you'll need to sit tight a little while befo...


It's time to crown the new Princess of Lolita

The World's Grandest Party of Lolita is all set to go down October 23rd in the Shimotsuma City, and they are looking for their Princess of Lolita 2011. The event is a super huge Lolita festival, attracting over...


Support Ro-Kyu-Bu!, get arrested?

A bunch of anime goods based on popular basketball-loli show Ro-Kyu-Bu! are due to drop at the end of October, so it's only natural that we will start to see what will soon be on offer. First up is the sleek and fashionable tote bag, perfec...


Don't vote for loli Rorona in this Atelier Meruru poll

Generally speaking, I don't begrudge anyone their tastes when it comes to 2D. No one's being hurt, after all, and I've probably got one or two 2D preferences that others might begrudge me for, should they be the sort to do so. That sai...


Swedish manga translator fined for lolicon photos

It seems that the ridiculous debate about the rights of fictional characters continues, disregarding common sense. Now, a Swedish manga translator (unnamed) has been fined by the district court of Uppsala Sweden for possessing 51 images con...


Railgun/Hellsing doujinshi explains the anti-loli law

Chalk up another victory for education. The Tokyo Nonexistent Youth Ordinance, also known as the "anti-loli law" may have been defeated in committee, but the need to satisfy minds hungry for knowledge is not yet gone.Thankfully, s...


Hatsune Miku to get upgraded

Yeah, they're calling it an "upgrade." What's really happening? It seems that for Miku's next game, Project Diva 2, you're going to see a significantly more flat chested version of the character. A video on the popular N...


Yay: Anti-loli Nonexistent Youth bill voted down

Lovers of lolis and/or freedom can rejoice, for a grave threat to 2-D waifus everywhere has been suppressed...for now.Yesterday the Tokyo General Affairs Committee voted down the infamous "Nonexistent Youth" bill, which would have...


Opposition to Tokyo's anti-loli bill spills into fiction

The fight over the fate of fictional lolis everywhere (within the Tokyo Metropolitan Area) might not be over, but one side is surely girding itself for battle.It seems that the latest group to join those opposed to the bill (which aims to a...


Time to feel uncomfortable again! Kodomo no Jikan returns

I...uh, wait. Is anyone watching? Clear? Okay. Kodomo no Jikan is comi... -- hey, don't act like you didn't watch the first season of the anime! I know you did. You probably watched the DVD-only follow-up too, Pervert.  Good news, sick...


From the Lolicon front: Anti-loli law back this fall

It's not over yet. The vote on Tokyo's proposed anti-loli law amendments has been delayed from June to a less determinate "fall" deadline, placing it on the docket for September at the earliest.While that might look like good news...


Former Wikipedia leader reports site for hosting lolicon

In a fun little bit of corporate sabotage, Wikipedia co-founder Lawrence Sanger reported Wikimedia Commons to the FBI for distributing child pornography and lolicon material, specifically citing obscenity statute 1466A, what Christopher Han...


"Loli ban" is not actually a loli ban

Over at tsurupeta.info, there's an ongoing explanation of the hijitsuzai seishounen reform proposal, or what some have been calling the Loli ban. According to the gentleman behind tsurupeta, they are wrong:This proposal does not directly ba...


Famous people go hatin' on Japan's new anti-loli laws

It's always a good thing when people band together and speak out against laws they don't think help matters, and a bunch of famous manga creators did just that last night on an "emergency press meeting" regarding their concern abo...


Aussie judge says lolicon 'less serious' than real stuff

If you're the type to follow video games, they you know that Australia is one of the less favorable developed countries to live in. Its authorities wield the censor stick like few others, and regularly compare games (and gamers) to cancer a...


Neil Gaiman weighs in on Christopher Handley's case

If you haven't been following the case, Christopher Handley plead guilty to charges of Mailing Obscene Material and was sentenced to six months' jail time and five years' probation. And for what? Lolicon manga. While it's a tad too late for...


Handley sentenced to 6 months' jailtime for manga

Anime Vice has been keeping tabs on Christopher Handley's case, the man arrested for his "obscene" manga collection. On the poor advice of his lawyer, he had pleaded guilty to the charges, and just recently received his sentencing...


Project Diva Miku motion capture done by a 13 year old loli

I was a bit surprised to learn this myself, but apparently Sega actually got Yui Ogura, a popular loli idol, to do the motion capture for it's recent vocaloid PSP title, Project Diva. What most people don't realize is that she's only 13 yea...


Required Reading: On moe culture and OEL manga

This isn't quite link love, but it's a couple of articles that you really should read for the betterment of your knowledge as a lover of all things Japan. The first one is a piece from manga guru Jason Thompson entitled "Moe: The Cult ...


Philippines to ban Hentai, calls it 'Child Pornography'

You know what? I'm not even going get myself all riled up over nothing. So the country where I was born in, the Philippines, is trying to ban Hentai. The Philippine Congress gave out a press release that defines Hentai as "child pornog...


Missing otaku girl found, kidnapper not kicked in groin

Remember back in the day when a 14-year-old girl named Deborah Fourzan was reported missing with a 40-year-old hobbit, who were planning on attending Ikkicon together? Well, a few months later and she has been finally found (alive), in Wash...

 from  tomopop

Elyse appears from My Balls!

[As originally posted on Tomopop]For those of you who frequent Japanator, you've probably already heard of the super-ecchi and borderline porn manga My Balls. In it, the main character has an evil demon sealed inside his testicles, and he ...


1/4 Konokoe Rin from FREEing gives you a loli in a box

For all of your friends who fall under the category of pedobear, this figure will be the perfect gift for them, and works for most any occasion. It will suit all of your loli-in-a-box needs! Featuring Konokoe Rin from Kodomo no Jikan, the g...


Moe Snake is Sweet Snake

Its 9:30 in the morning, I still haven’t slept yet, and I come across cute chibi cross-dressing Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots Figumate figures; what on earth did I do to deserve this? If this isn’t the definition of cu...


World Wrestling Moe Federation

A long time ago I told myself that I really shouldn’t be shocked with anything Japan produces anymore, because once you do you are in a world of surprise. Unfortunately, I became soft in my old age and wasn’t expecting to see...


First Impression: Strike Witches

Concept: Flying loli-furry witches who fire machine guns and transform into a girl/plane hybrid.There, I've just ruined about all of the mystery behind Strike Witches. In a reality nothing like our own, the planet is under siege by bad CG m...


Want to see some uncut Kodomo no Jikan?

I don't mean to keep the NSFW theme going, but here's a video that Moetron put up, after he went out and bought the first volume of Kodomo no Jikan DVD, which features the show uncut and uncensored. In the video above are some clips from th...


Ichigo Mashimaro themed 360: For the lolicon in all of us

If Ichigo Mashimaro doesn't scream lolicon, I don't know what does. That being said, I absolutely love how cute the show is, and I find this 360 just as cute. This is an old image set grabbed off of one of the chans, but we never ha...


Podtoid-san 33: Now with cake edition!

Welcome to Podtoid-san 33: Now with cake edition -- and by cake I totally mean my two beautiful co-stars Gia-chan and Aoi-chan. For this episode, the blogger Gia has stepped out from the shadows of being a co-star and is now sitting on the...


Happy Birthday animu-hater 4chan!

I might be a few days late (like I usually am…), but happy 4th birthday 4chan (10/01/07), little brother to 2channel, which just so happens to be the biggest forum on Earth and Jupiter combined. But, did you know 2channel started it...


Lucky Star porn DVD case revealed

Canned Dogs sure kept their eyes on the Lucky Star porn, Kira Star. They're the first ones to catch that the DVD cover has now been posted on TMA's website (NSFW, obviously). From taking a look at it, we're going to be gett...


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