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Which Japanese menswear magazine are you?

A Continuous Lean is one of the premiere sites for menswear content, and they have a nice breakdown of some of the Japanese men's magazines out there. If you've ever been interested in what Japan has to show you, their guide will give you a...

Persona Magazine photo

The Persona Magazine to return next month

Back before Persona 4 Golden and Persona 4 Arena had hit their respective consoles, Atlus began running the Persona Magazine to hype up their popular franchise. Each issue featured interviews, new screenshots, and a few comics that padded o...

Attack on Titan  photo

Attack on Titan prequel is reprinted by demand

So apparently there will be a prequel manga based off of Levi, the protagonist in Attack on Titan. I haven't finished the series yet, nor have I read the manga. Everyone is talking about how amazing it is, though! I was already pumped to co...


Otaku USA to hit Wal-Mart shelves in July!

Great news for all of you Wal-Mart-shopping otaku: Wal-Mart will be replacing its Shonen Jump issues with Otaku USA starting July 31st. Shonen Jump ceased publication in March of 2012 after the launch of the digital platform Shonen Jump Alp...


Wait, what? The Madoka movie is actually a trilogy

Well, I didn't see that one coming. Or did I? It seems that the upcoming Puella Magi Madoka Movie-ca is a real thing. In fact it's three real things. A trilogy of Movie-cas, if you will. That is, unless you don't count compilations, as prod...


Print is alive! Persona series getting its own magazine

Madness! First a manga, then an anime, then a rerelease, then a fighter spin-off, and now, another social game and a monthly magazine! Yes, you read that right. Atlus is making Persona Magazine, a magazine that's all about the Persona franc...


AKB48's Maeda Atsuko isn't camera shy

Maeda Atsuko recently had a sexy photo spread in an issue of Anan magazine. The article talks about diet and how "perfect" Maeda's body is. Are you guys reading it for diet tips? Which is your favorite AKB48 gal? I don't know, I keep gettin...


Hatsune Miku to appear in Weekly Playboy

Our sweet, innocent Vocaloid queen, appearing in Playboy? It sounds like a racy story, but it's not as naughty as you think. The March 28 issue of Weekly Playboy in Japan will feature the virtual idol, drawn by illustrator "bob." The thing ...


Minor Pokemon leak somehow justifies jail time

And now for more news on Japan's police being totally hardcore. The Chikusei Police were on "cyber patrol," and - hold on, let's stop right there. Claiming you were on "cyber patrol" conjures up images of cruising around...


Kinokuniya USA says 'no more' to anime pin-up magazines

Ah, the pin-up magazine. Long the best way to get tons of pictures of hot ladies to put up on the wall of your man-child sanctuary, the likes of Megami and Nyantype also served as a great source for ambitious desktop wallpaper-designers eve...


Yen Plus launches online version with free issue

After meeting an untimely end that so many print publications seem to be facing these days, Yen Plus has now relaunched online. To celebrate the new format choice, publisher Yen Press is offering free access to the August issue until Septem...


See some screenshots from the Black Rock Shooter OVA

If you've ever wanted evidence of the creative feedback loop that powers the best otaku fads, one need look no further than Black Rock Shooter. What started as a single illustration and Vocaloid song (by Huke and ryo of Supercell) has bloss...


Japanator Recommends: Cosplay Gen Magazine

I haven't really done much cosplay; I dressed up as Rei Ayanami once, but that was back during those teen-aged years that I've been 99% successful at blocking out of my mind, so I can't tell you much about it. Besides, do I really need to s...


Cool story, TV Bros.: Love Plus+ makes the magazine cover

Had enough of our covering Love Plus, a game that's unlikely to ever come stateside, despite Konami's, err...unique disposition? No you haven't!Everyone's favorite virtual girlfriend sim has proven itself the phenomenon once more, making th...


When I was born, this is what an otaku room looked like

At least, that's what a series of scans from Newtype magazine circulating about the web would have you believe. The picture above is from 1985. The other two, from 1995 and the present day, depict the evolution of the modern otaku room. Two...


Rockstars: K-ON!! gets on Rolling Stone cover

It seems that Ritsu and co. weren't kidding when they declared that they were out to become rock stars. Their dream of performing at the Budokan may be closer to fruition than they think, as Houkago Tea Time has made it onto the cover of Ro...


Can you name all the anime in this Tokyo Anime Fair ad?

I was flipping through the latest weekly issue of Variety, and came across a big ol' ad for the Tokyo International Anime Fair happening in March. What caught my eye about the ad was the wide array of characters. I couldn't even name them a...


Japan taking its porn into the third dimension

In an effort to beat the other porn mags out, DVD Dream has decided to hop on the 3-D trend and provide a set of 3-D glasses for you to use while...enjoying the high-quality material that's included in DVD Dream's two discs.What's amusing i...


Yet another new Code Geass anime in the works?

That's right ladies and otaku, it seems that the mysterious power driving the Code Geass planning meeting has taken hold once more, announcing a new Geass for all lovers of CLAMP-designed noodle people to enjoy.Unlike the shuriken-shooting ...


Ichijinsha announces new cross dressing boys manga mag

How would you like to purchase a magazine where you can see more of what Japan tastefully calls "male maidens"? Uh, yeah. Leave it to Japan, every time. Called WAaI! boys in skirts, this new manga mag from Ichijinsha will be comin...


Required reading: The original AMV and ShojoBerry

Watching AMVs is one of the great pastimes of the otaku community. Creating them, too. I've always wondered where they came from, though. Well, Fanboy.com answered the question for me: Jim Kaposztas was the first. It's a fascinating article...


Idol mag Sabra stops printing magazine, goes web-only

Today is not such a hot day for fans of beautiful gravure idols. First that news that idol Natsume Sano has decided to call it quits, and then I see over at Danny Choo that print mag Sabra (similar to Maxim here in the states) has announced...


Despera debuting as manga in Animage next month

Back at Sakuracon, Serial Experiments Lain creators Yoshitoshi Abe, Chikai Konaka, and Ryutaro Nakamura mentioned they've got an upcoming project called Despera coming out, but were relatively scant on details as to what exactly it would en...


Pantless loli WWII pilots second season CONFIRMED

The rumor of the mysterious second season of Gonzo’s Strike Witches anime will finally be confirmed. But it isn’t confirmed now, but will be announced on Thursday in the first issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Nyantype magazine. ...


RIP Anime Insider, 2001 - 2009

We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Wizard Entertainment’s Anime Insider Magazine. In the Name of Haruhi, the merciful tsundere, we commit the body of Anime Insider to the peace of the grave. Anime Insider, back in 200...


Computer Arts Projects - Issue 118: The Japanese Issue

As I was browsing the magazine section of the local Borders bookstore I found a copy of the newest issue of Computer Arts Projects. It is a UK based magazine that has numerous tutorials, designs, tips, etc. to help in digital art creation. ...

 from  japanator

Hot off the presses: Japanator in Famitsu!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that one of the dreams of every otaku has to be starring in a Japanese magazine, similar to the dream of being a Dragon Ball Z villain. Thanks to Famitsu and Otaku USA, Zero-Chan and I can now cro...


Urasawa announces newest manga series, Billy Bat

Naoki Urasawa, or the new god of manga as I like to call him, creator of such classics as 20th Century Boys, Monster, Yawara, and Pluto, has announced that he will have another baby in manga form. Its name is Billy Bat, which I have to admi...


Otaku USA Magazine #8 with added Japanator sauce

Once again, the months have rolled away and another issue of Otaku USA Magazine has been unleashed unto the world.Issue #8 is crammed full of awesome. For one, Japanator's own Heidi Kemps has a host of game reviews from the motherland (Cast...


Japanator Review: COSMODE USA

Over the years, the number of cosplayers attending anime conventions has grown exponentially. Likewise, interest in cosplay in general has continued to grow as well, and with the advent of international magazines such as AniCoz, or Cosp...


Japanator review: Yen+

A new challenger appears in the magazine market! As opposed to the Otaku USA and Anime Insider field of journalism, Yen+ is tackling that other crowd, the comics magazine, that is solely controlled by Viz with their Shonen Jump and Shoujo B...

 from  japanator

Otaku USA Magazine, now with 100% more Japanator-sauce

We all know what an...interesting year it's been in the world of anime-related magazine publishing. Let's not dwell too much on the negative, shall we? How about some good news for a change? OK, how about this...With issue number 7 hitting ...


Yen Press isn't giving out subscriptions to Yen Plus just yet

Neb's blog got word back from Yen Press in regards to their much-awaited Yen Plus magazine. The magazine is scheduled to come out on July 29th, but there hadn't been any word in regards to subscribing to the magazine. Well, Yen Press finall...


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