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Mash-ups are awesome: Highschool of the DRRR!!

Durarara!! is arguably one of the stronger anime series of the new decade. Highschool of the Dead is one of the most buzzworthy shows in recent memory. What happens when you take the already much-parodied indie-rock vibe of DRRR!!'s second ...


Step into the Valve Galaxy

Yet another crossover OP video has surfaced as of yesterday, but this one puts a slightly different spin on things. Instead of champlooing (I've always wanted to implement that word somewhere) an anime with an anime, or even an anime with a...


Confessions of a (bad) fan artist

Japanator has often taken a moment to celebrate good fanart, but as we all know, not all fanart is good; in fact, the grand majority of it is nothing to write home about. I think it's about time to take a look at some fanart on the other en...


X-Cellent anime opening for classic cartoon

Now you might be wondering what Jean Grey, and '90s Jean Grey at that, is doing on Japanator. X-Men isn't an anime, is it?Well, no, but I'll bet I'm not the only one here who was all about the X-Men before discovering the wonders of anime. ...


Ichigo Mashimaro x K-ON = too much moe to handle

Oh the moe.This video is just too cute. Like, "there should be a van outside my door right now" kind of cute. Both Ichigo Mashimaro and K-ON! exploit the moe genre very well, and so when you combine the two in this hand-drawn MAD,...


New OP for Final Fantasy VII anime totally rips off Baccano

  OK, so maybe this wasn't the real opening to the forthcoming Final Fantasy VII anime series. Sorry. Sheesh.I can tell you for certain that the video above is totally the real opening for the very real Final Fantasy VII anime ser...


1st Quarter: Eyeshield 21 vs. NCAA Football 10

I teased before how you would soon get the opportunity to play the field with the complete team lineup from Eyeshield 21 in NCAA Football 10. As of today, you can now officially do just that.  Up live currently, I've uploaded 6 teams f...


Eyeshield 21 Takes The Field...in NCAA Football 10

Eyeshield 21 is an anime about American football.  NCAA Football 10 is a video game about American College Football.  Thankfully, the Create-A-School feature is back in the all-new Team Builder.  You can create your own teams...


New Super Robot Wars game? Or not?

It looks like we just might have a new Super Robot Wars game on our hands, or maybe not. Showcased in the newest issue of Famitsu magazine is a new SRW game called Super Robot Gakuen. First of all it does not follow the Super Robot Wars &ls...


Weekend Japanatainment: Ultimate castanet edition!

First Video: K-On! castanet game for the Wii? I’m not sure if I want. Video 2 New Dragon Ball Kai commercial: Here is a new commercial showing off more of the action side of this RPG. I really hope this comes out in America, becau...


Hot off the presses! Sakura has a new boy toy!

Move over Sasuke and Naruto, Sakura is dating outside her realm of existence; since it appears as if no man within the Narutoverse can please her. This all started when Nickelodeon Magazine first spotted the sweet little Sakura Haruno in th...


Tatsunoko vs. Marvel

First we had Capcom vs. Tatsunoko, and before that we had Capcom vs. Marvel; and now we have a Tasunoko and Marvel mash-up in the works. However, this is not going to be a video game, but a television anime; which in many cases is a lot bet...


Introducing Super Robot Wars K

The newest issue of Famitsu magazine just announced another title in the Super Robot Wars franchise, Super Robot Wars K. This one will be for the Nintendo DS, like its father SRW W. First of all, there is no Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, or Gu...


Star Wars, Japanese style

Danny Choo stumbled upon some very, very hot stuff as he partied with Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki. It was a treasure trove of Star Wars related merchandise, collected by Okazaki-sensei himself. The best of this collection are paint...


Weekend Japanatainment: Pink spandex, edition!

Pink spandex reminds me of Buu, one of the best villains of Dragon Ball Z. However, I always thought Freeza was a little bit cooler (see what I did there?) Even when he was just a torso, he still traveled halfway across the universe just ...


Fun Friday AMVs: Who Needs A King?

Holy singing shinigami, Light is the greatest singer in the world! The king of Disney Death Note videos is here, so be prepared. This video was created by the Thunder Cat Lord and uses scenes from the anime Death Note to the song “B...


Japanatainment: Smash Eater baby!

Wow, just wow. Whoever thought Smash Brothers and Soul Eater would be a good match up deserves a hug from a very hot woman (or a crocodile-man.) The creator of this MAD drew characters from Smash Brothers and placed them in the Soul Eater...


Fun Friday AMVs: Jam Sports

Atio -Jam SportsUploaded by atioThis AMV does not feature JAM Project as you might have originally guessed. No, this is an AMV about the wonder of sports and sports anime. In fact there is probably more live action footage in this video th...


Fun Friday AMVs: Go the distance

Like Hajime No Ippo but sadden by the fact that there aren’t any good AMVs out there today? Lucky for you there is one AMV creator who has heard the cries of the people and made one haymaker of an AMV. Castor Troy isn’t the o...


Weekend Japanatainment: Rainbow Road edition!

Rainbow road has nothing to do with gay culture, in fact it is probably the least gay object ever. You see it is the hardest level in every Mario Kart game ever. If you somehow take a plunge off the side of this colorful yet dangerous roa...


Weekend Japanatainment: Abridged edition!

“Abridgement or abridgment is a term defined as "shortening" or "condensing" and is most commonly used in reference to the act of reducing a written work, typically a book, into a shorter form.” (wikipedia)...


Cross-dressing Goku never looked so great

Around two years ago Eiichiro Oda and Akira Toriyama walked into a room and locked the door. After a week of hard work, they both emerged holding a newly born manga called Cross Epoch. Cross Epoch is a manga mashup of One Piece characters a...


The RPG you never knew existed: Nico Nico Douga RPG

Have you ever wanted to play an RPG featuring your favorite anime characters coming together to fight evil? Of course you would, except this idea is just a pipedream. The only way this concept would work is if a fan made it, and lucky for u...


Fun Friday AMV: Is Haruhi Black or White??

I’ve seen many AMVs  and MADs in my day, but this one is perhaps the weirdest. Not because it does weird things on purpose like making an elephant tap dance, but because it just naturally does not make any sense. What does M...


Mozart and Amano team up to create the ultimate anime

Here is some great information for those of you who love combinations that span centuries; like the true story of the brave YuGiOh and his friends in ancient Egypt. Yoshitaka Amano will be lending his artistic powers on an anime adaptation ...


Namco X Capcom translation patch released now!

Namco X Capcom, that mishmash strategy game we all were drooling over a couple of years ago has finally been translated thanks to a group of hardworking fans called the Namco X Capcom Project.  To celebrate their one year anniversary, ...


Weekend Japanatainment: Iím your Street Fighter, edition!

Welcome back to this weeks hilarious and educational edition of Weekend Japanatainment. I’m your Street Fighter, God Len, here to help you corrode your boredom away with freshly squeezed Japanese entertainment. The theme Weekend Jap...


Itís Lu Bu! A Three Kingdoms anime is coming our way!

Those who say Japanese and Chinese relations are strained are crazy because they haven’t heard the news that a joint Chinese-Japanese adaptation of the famous novel the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is underway. For those of you livin...


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