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Rejoice! Kite film remake is "groundbreaking" & "not 3D"

Earlier this week, I posted up a news story about the new live-action Kite adaption being manned by director of Shark Night 3D and Snakes on a Plane fame David R. Ellis. If anything, I was just a bit skeptical on this adaption being somethi...


Licensing SQUID: Media Blasters acquires Squid Girl

No, I'm not squiddin' you! The fine humans at Media Blasters have officially become race traitors, and chosen to aid and abet the invasion of mankind by the lifeform known as Squid Girl. We're all doomed! The blood of billions will be ...


Set blood to 'hot'! Media Blasters grabs Mazinkaiser SKL

Are the giant robot stylings of this season's Super Robot Wars anime not MANLY enough for your tastes? You want that frosted-hair pansy in Alt Eisen to get a proper ass-kicking for not being MANLY enough?Then you're in luck, because your fr...


Media Blasters can't seem to quit yaoi manga

AnimeonDVD caught a tweet from the Media Blasters folks, citing that they're returning to the yaoi manga game in 2011, and that after New Year's, they'll be announcing their full lineup. Hooray, more boy's love! But what does that mean for ...


Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit rescued, taken to Bluray

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit was pretty good, for what I saw of it. Out in the days of Lucky Star, it was a reasonably serious anime (unlike Lucky Star) under the aegis of Production I.G. and the direction of Kenji Kamiyama (a.k.a. the ...


Media Blasters cancels some DVDs

To be specific, Media Blasters is canceling Kanokon DVD volumes #2 and #3. The company made the surprise (and unfortunate) announcement via their Twitter on Thursday afternoon. But there's still hope. While Media Blasters has stat...


Media Blasters to blast DVD-quality streams of horny vids

HHHNNNNGGGGG! QUEEN'S BLADE AND IKKI TOUSEN BLASTING TO MY EYEBALLS.Media Blasters is getting into the streaming game. A free streaming service will let you see some horny sh*t in high quality, alongside previews of upcoming anime and live-...


Media Blasters going with box sets for future releases

Business is tough in the anime industry. What with the lean economy and the whole thing with the anime bubble bursting, publishers everywhere that don't have their claws in some kind of sure-win property are scrambling to adapt their busine...


Media Blasters cuts staff by nearly 25%, rescheds titles

While the manga business seems to be growing to allow more competitors in, the anime front is seeing more troubled times. Starting last Friday, anime/manga licensor and distributor Media Blasters had to lay off or furlough (send on a tempor...


Media Blasters is bringing back Record of Lodoss War!

Well, all I know is, when I watched Record of Lodoss War back in the deliciously awesome anime years of the nineties, Deedlit did not look like THAT. I mean, she was hot, but good lord ... talk about an upgrade. Anyway, we heard word via Ot...


Media Blasters announces Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei for May

The licensing of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei has been something that's been rumored for a while now (and Media Blasters wasn't talking), but we can finally put that to rest: Media Blasters has officially announced that Volume 1 of SZS is being...


Moribito returns to Adult Swim!

Of course, the panel that I decide not to go to, the Media Blasters’ industry panel, is the only one with an important announcement; just my luck. Anyways, otaku freedom fighter Nebs did go to the panel, and told the world that Media ...


Alteil selling postcard set for Child's Play charity

For those of you gunning through Alteil, just wanted to pass along a little bit of info to you all: Media Blasters is selling off some rather sexy-looking postcards in order to raise money for Child's Play, Penny Arcade's not-so-little char...


Otakon '08: Blast off with Media Blasters

Same room as FUNi, minutes later. Len is complaining because Dale didn't lambast the Ouran Host Club trailer. The death of panels are people without the ability to articulate english phrases, but these guys are hilarious. Senior graphic de...


Alteil finally launches on Friday

If you've been following Alteil recently, then you'll be happy to know of this little brief that Media Blasters dropped in our mailbox: the site is set to fully open Friday, July 11th. The online card game has been a point of pride for Med...


AnimeNEXT 08: Media Blasters panel

I'll admit -- the Media Blasters panel was a little less than exciting this year. They don't do panels all that often, and so to do this one, and repeatedly say that you've got no acquisitions to announce, why hold the panel at all?There wa...


Go, Lion! Preorders open for the original Voltron

Do you like Voltron? Of course you do, everyone does! And chances are you've heard about GoLion, the original Japanese version, which has been licensed and planned for release by Media Blasters. It's been a while since they announced the sh...


Media Blasters announces their early 2008 releases

For those long winter nights, there's nothing better to do than cuddle up with your loved one (or body pillow), and put on some J-Horror. Media Blasters has announced their releases for the first quarter of 2008 for thei...


Media Blasters licensing Doujin Work

Over at AnimeOnDVD's forums, they've got plenty of industry reps talking in there. Specifically, in their Media Blasters discussion page, a rep has mentioned that they're currently dubbing several works, including Doujin Work.Ho...


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