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Rog & Tyrone photo

Rog and Tyrone, the inadvertent spokespeople of anime

By now you may have seen the videos floating around the internet. If you're a visitor to 4chan, you've most certainly caught a glimpse of the casual, laid-back battle that has been waged since December of last year, where two well-dressed m...


Remember, Nano, when I said I'd remove your screw last?

...I lied. Way to go, Nichijou! I'm bawlin' like a baby because of tonight's finale, now here's some harmless Commando MADs! Hit the jump for another OP, and look out for a Final Impression of the series soon (hot tip: I write stuf...


Adoratroll returns; says your favorite anime is s-s-s**t!

She is a normal highschool student, apart from the fact that she's a head shorter than her classmates and has a reputation for being "the cute one." She longs to break out of her role by trying to be mean to her classmates and make them ta...


School Days VN released in English because, eh, why not?

Due to the absolute demand of no one, the HD remake of the original School Days visual novel is being translated into English by the folks at JAST USA. Hey, I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing since there's really nothin...


Mr. Baby, the widespread Japanese meme you never heard of

Consider this story old, yet strangely new. If you've spent any decent amount of time online in the past decade, you're probably familiar with memes and the process by which they are created. This particular story dates back to 2000, when o...


2chan details history's greatest anime atrocities

It's not uncommon for nerds on the internet to proclaim the latest little annoyance to be an "unforgivable" crime, and this is as true as ever for anime nerds on 2chan, who have constructed a thread on that board dedicated to list...


Director of Downfall loves the Hitler meme

Unless you've been living in a fuhrerbunker for the last decade, you've doubtless heard about the famous Hitler meme. It uses footage of Hitler taken from the the German drama-history film Der Untergang (Downfall in English), mixed with fak...


Kuso Miso Technique: What is it and how can I do it?

I've seen this meme floating about for a while on the Internet, and only after browsing Wikipedia for hours on end last night did I happen to come across the explanation for it. So, as it turns out, this image, along with the famous "y...


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