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Otaku goods photo

Snore the afternoon away on a Snorlax cushion

Nothing is more annoying than finding your path blocked by a sleeping Snorlax, but thanks to the folks at Banpresto, you won't need a Poké Flute to snag one of these comfy cushions. Instead, all you have to do is pre-order one from T...

music video photo

Taylor Davis rocks Gerudo Valley on the violin

This week, Taylor Davis released a music video for her fabulous cover of Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time. This isn't the first time she's gracing the Japanator front page, as I wrote about her recently when she released the cover album ...

Magi photo

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic release date

The second game from the loved Magi series, was originally planned for spring of 2014. Well, it now has an official date! The game hits Japan on February 13th, also known as my birthday! That's only one month from today, so prepare yourself...


These fan translations became official

If you guys haven't given it a shot, the fan translation of Mother 3 is pretty damn good. So good that when the folks behind all the work offered it to Nintendo, I fervently hoped that Nintendo would take them up on the offer. While it isn'...

Vidya photo

Bravely Default censorship is worse than expected

First Tharja, and now this -- it's as if Nintendo can't help themselves. We've known for awhile now that there were some minor alterations being made to character designs for the western release of Square-Enix's Bravely Default. The mu...

Zelda is back for Smash photo

Princess Zelda returns in Smash Bros. as a stand user?

The official Smash Bros. website has been slowly drip-feeding new information into the public in tandem with Masahiro Sakurai's Miiverse account for quite some time now, but to coincide with the Japanese launch of A Link Between Worlds...

Brentalfloss photo

Tell me how you feel about Super Mario 3D World

Earlier this year at MAGFest, I had the pleasure of seeing Brentalfloss perform live for the first time (my first time, not his). For those unfamiliar, his style is to basically add lyrics to the themes of video games which express his fee...

Pokémon photo

Show the world you caught a shiny with this Pokéball ring

As this generation grows older, we continue to find ways to incorporate our love of games and comics into more traditional societal actions. In this case, I'm referring to the engagement ring, the second-to-last symbol of tying your life to...

Super Mario 3D World photo

Super Mario 3D World's 6-5 is beaten in just 28 seconds

Watching speed runs is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I can certainly appreciate the effort that goes into finding exploits and the ways to best utilise them. If you've ever seen the Super Mario 64 speed runs where you can pass through loc...

FE x MonHun photo

Fire Emblem lends Monster Hunter Frontier G some threads

The MMO iteration of the popular Monster Hunter series never did release outside of Japan, so here comes a partnership with Nintendo to rub a handful of salt in the wounds. Remember that rather popular Fire Emblem from earlier this year? J...

Video Games photo

It's complete; fans finally manage to translate Ys V

For Ys collectors and Falcom fans everywhere, there's always been a Ys V-shaped hole in our hearts. For the longest time, the game has remained the only entry in the on-going series exclusive to Japan -- that is, until now. A team of dedica...

Wii Karaoke U photo

Japanese and anime songs now on Wii Karaoke U

When it comes to karaoke, everyone has their favorite songs. Most won't even consider a night complete until they get to their classics. Now a fair chunk of Japanese and anime songs have made their way to Karaoke U in the UK, hopefully open...

Legend of Zelda covers photo

This Hero of Time wields a violin

Before anyone gets all snotty and technical with me about how Taylor Davis is wearing Sheik's outfit here, and not Link's, just indulge me. OK? This talented musician has just released a Legend of Zelda album called Melodies of Hyrule, whi...

Pokemon Origins photo

Red VS Blue: Watch all of Pokemon Origins in English now

Ah, Pokemon Origins. Even back when it was announced as a special one-off project meant for Japanese TV, there was never any doubt that this retelling of the very first Pokemon videogame's story (sans the corrupting influence of Ash Ke...

acapella cover photo

Let tunes from A Link to the Past serenade you

Bummed out that you haven't been able to grab a copy of A Link Between Worlds? Put the above video on loop and listen to the glory that is Smooth McGroove's latest cover, the themes of the Lost Woods and the Master Sword blended in this fr...

3DS photo

This holiday season Nintendo asks us why

The holiday season is pretty much here and Nintendo is asking the big question. Why you play? An interesting question worthy of serious discussion. Why do we do anything? Why choose one sort of entertainment over another? Why do we feel th...

Ogre Battle photo

Ogre Battle is coming to the Japanese Wii U VC soon

In a list that has been recently featuring several old “classics” like Urban Champion, Tennis and Golf, the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console now shows that Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen will be showing up for an 800 po...

The Legend of Zelda photo

Select Zelda 3DS/Wii U VC games on sale right now!

Just in case you didn’t hear, or forgot, here's some awesome news from Nintendo. Every week for the next month several Virtual Console games will be going on sale for exactly one week. Each week will feature some games fr...

Super Mario 3D World photo

Super Mario 3D World has a beautiful soundtrack case

Look at the cover for the Super Mario 3D World original soundtrack. Just look at it! 3D World has been looking fantastic in screenshots but the cover and CD art of the soundtrack just has an adorable charm that makes me want it (and the gam...

Grimecraft - POKÉP photo

Check out POKÉP for Pokemon tunes with punch

When you were exploring the brand new Kalos region and hunting for new pokémon, did you ever wish that the music featured more trap and bass? I'm going to admit up front that I have absolutely no idea what that even means, but that'...

Nintendo Network ID photo

3DS to get Nintendo Network IDs this December

The 3DS is a wonderful little handheld, but with Nintendo showing more of an interest in digital distribution, it was becoming increasingly worrisome that Nintendo Network IDs had not been introduced. This isn't because of the annoyances th...

Japanator Arena photo

Japanator Arena: Adol vs Link

*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Ippo was at an unfair disadvantage in this match, since Dudley has the edge in both weight and height. However, this did not stop Ippo from going all out! As both boxersed cross fists, Ippo unleashed his Dempse...

Nintendo photo

Famitsu reveals top selling games of 21st century

A recent list put up by Famitsu revealed Japan's best-selling games so far in the 21st century. Here are the top ten: NDS - New Super Mario Bros. [6,424,00] NDS - Pokémon Diamond / Pearl [5,827,00] NDS - Pokémon Black / White...

Wii U photo

Nintendo's Wii U sales in Japan pick up

Nintendo had a slightly better day today, as the sales numbers for last week came out. Prior to this, Nintendo has sold a whopping... 2,000 Wii U systems. That's pretty awful. But thankfully a Wii Party U release and system bundle bumped th...

Automatic shiny pokémon photo

Pokefan creates an automatic shiny Pokemon finder

Those of us who haven't been so fortunate to catch shiny Pokémon during normal playtime may have been glad that the encounter ratio seems to have been tweaked. Horde battles increase the number of times you can roll that random numb...

Wii Mini coming to US photo

The Wii Mini is coming to the US after all

Blimey, I forgot about this thing. It was nearly a year ago that the Wii Mini launched in Canada, and earlier this year for the UK release. I say that loosely, because I've still yet to see a Wii Mini being sold at retail, just the odd onli...

Sega 3D Classics photo

Sega's 3D Classics finally heading west

Did you know that there are quite a few games in the 3D Classics range for Nintendo 3DS that haven't been released outside of Japan? There are a couple of games that were released only in Japan, which is kind of understandable, but there ar...

Advance Wars photo

Japan's Club Nintendo platinum reward is neat trivia

When Nintendo announced this year’s Club Nintendo platinum award for Japan there was a bit of a rumble on my Twitter feed. Even I thought that a DS game that came out in 2008 was a bit of a weird choice. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is ...

Puyo Puyo Tetris photo

Special edition Puyo Puyo Tetris needs a pre-order

What with Nintendo's region-locking and the lack of a recent Puyo Puyo outside of Japan, the upcoming collaboration between Puyo Puyo and Tetris may indeed prove to be a tipping point and make me import a Japanese 3DS. With gritted teeth, o...

3DS photo

Check out these sexy Japan-only 3DS XL systems

Man, Japan gets some of the best colors for the 3DS. The two most recent additions to the Nintendo lineup are the "Orange x Black" and "Turquoise x Black" 3DS XLs (called the LL in Japan, as you might recall). Nintendo often does a two-tone...

Wii photo

It's official, Wii production has stopped

After a seven-year run, production on the Wii has stopped. According to Nintendo of Japan, manufacturing has ceased on the little console that could. Hell, it ain't so bad. After all, the little bugger ended up selling over a hundred millio...

Pokemon photo

Pokemon hanafuda cards are coming

There is not much I know about the game of hanafuda other than the cards were one of the big sellers for Nintendo way back before video games could even possibly be a thing. Among Nintendo’s current big properties, it goes without say...

Super Mario 3D World photo

Bunch of new Super Mario 3D World screenshots

I have to agree with the Hachima headline, this game looks absolutely gorgeous. What’s more is that 3D Land itself was a marvelous game, so I have strong faith that this is going to be not only a beautiful game but a great one as well...


Know of an awesome weapon? This guy has probably made it.

When I was younger, I wanted a Master Sword. Never mind that I'd never be able to travel from house to house and whack away at some bushes, I just wanted to have one to look at. When I got older and started attending conventions, I saw that...

RIP Hiroshi Yamauchi photo

RIP, Hiroshi Yamauchi: Nintendo ex-prez passes at 85

When you think of Nintendo, chances are you'll think of a name like Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario and all that good stuff the Big N is known for. But there's another name you should know, one without whom good ol' Shiggy might nev...

Video photo

Is Attack on New Leaf the best parody yet?

Here's one of the latest parodies of Attack on Titan's "Guren no Yumiya," this time featuring the cast of Nintendo's Animal Crossing. One more video in the wake of what's quickly become an internet phenomena ever since the show's...

Nintendo 2DS photo

Wait, what? Nintendo announces the 3D-less '2DS' portable

I....I'm frankly at a loss for words.  Actually, there is one half-aord, and it goes something like "WHAAAAA--?!" because Nintendo has just announced its next handheld game machine, and it's....the Nintendo 2DS. Yes, that's a "2"...


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