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Trouble behind the scenes of Persona 4 The Animation

Persona 4 The Animation has only been airing for less than a month, yet many people working for AIC A.S.T.A., the studio currently producing the anime, have claimed that there are quite a few internal problems. The second episode of the ser...


NYAF: Blu-ray and English dub for Madoka out Feb 14th

Aniplex of America have announced at the New York Comic Con that the Puella Magi will soon be appearing on DVD and Blu-ray outside of Japan. The first volume of these will be released next year on February 14th, followed by the remaining tw...


Squidding hell! No Squid Girl for two weeks

Just three episodes into the latest series and already my squid fix has been torn away from me! The official website for the Squid Girl anime is reporting that there will be no episodes airing on October 24th and November 7th. What's happen...


Ni no Kuni's latest trailer is a thing of beauty

I feel like anytime I see something new pertaining to Level 5's Ni no Kuni, I have a hard time getting the franchise off my mind. I think it's about time I brush off my DS copy and start a new game. With the Tokyo Game Show looming, a new t...


Full trailer for the K-On! movie is a riot!

The full trailer for the K-On! movie has finally been released on the official website, ready to tempt you out of your money for the December 3rd release. Fans will be pleased that there have also been three new songs confirmed; "Ichiban Ip...


The Borrower Arrietty dated for February 17th, 2012

When I first saw this story, I was happy. Finally, a date for Arrietty in the US! Then I saw the year.Oh.We'll have to wait a full year until we get our Will Arnett and Amy Poehler dub in theaters, on February 17th, 2012. Color me disappoin...


Japanese barber shop requires fluency for service

Americans are often under the impression that everyone they encounter in a foreign country will understand some measure of English, and that speaking English rather than whatever the native language may be will still warrant them service. O...


What is your method of payment? ...'Do you take Gundam?'

Indeed, as of next year there will be a Gundam Visa Card available via Suitomo Mitsui Bank. I don't know about you, but I am so ridiculously jealous of everyone who can and will apply for this credit card. While it doesn't exactly work like...


Sad news: Gackt's puppy dies

I was squealing with glee when Colette posted the cutest thing ever, announcing that Gackt had adopted two puppies, Angie and Dolce. Today it is my sad duty to inform you that one of the puppies died. According to a translati...


Kobe considers banning tattoos at the beach

The Western world is much more accepting of tattoos these days, due to their massive popularity among the younger crowd. These days, having a tattoo isn't a sign that you're a hoodlum or troublemaker, but a permanent badge of individuality....


Watch K-ON!!'s OP/ED played with everyday objects

You thought that bucket-drummer playing on the street corner was good? To hell with him. See these guys perform K-ON!!'s "GO! GO! MANIAC" and "Listen!" with rulers, tissue boxes, straws, suction pumps and a length of gar...


One Piece voice actor arrested for naked tattoo photos

The Internet's days as a wild west of lawlessness may be coming to an end, at least in Japan, if a recent arrest is a sign of things to come. 56-year-old Kiyonori Imamura, known for his role as Emporio Ivankov in One Piece, has been arreste...


Tremble in fear, criminals: The cops have i-REALs now!

Do you hear that? Yes, it's quiet, I know. That's because the rowdies and lawbreakers of the land have been silenced by the power of SCIENCE. Police officers at Chubu Centrair International Airport are now riding Toyota i-REAL human transpo...


Anime Matsuri '09: The Green Power Ranger is dead to me

Remember when I was all like "OMG! Green Ranger!?!" Well those glorious days are done, and Jason David Frank are dead to me.You know, I'm sure it was all just a "wacky" mix up, but I did not (as in the opposite of did) g...


RIP Anime Insider, 2001 - 2009

We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Wizard Entertainment’s Anime Insider Magazine. In the Name of Haruhi, the merciful tsundere, we commit the body of Anime Insider to the peace of the grave. Anime Insider, back in 200...


A Nintendo DS for every student! No fair!

This is one of those articles that will make you happy, and very angry at the same time. About ten elementary and middle schools in the Osaka area will begin plans to distribute Nintendo DS consoles, plus educational software, to their stud...


Toonami Jetstream has perished

Sad news today for anyone who happened to enjoy Cartoon Network’s Toonami Jetstream, because it has officially shut down as of the 30th of January. Global warming can not be blamed for this disaster; no this is all thanks to Cartoon N...


That's cold Toei

The Ibaraki Prefecture has a superhero, a simple man who works at a surfboard shop. Using his surfboard crafting skills, he creates costumes from famous tokusatsu shows like the Kamen Rider and the Super Sentai franchises. Using these costu...


Japan gets musical instrument cellphones; I cry

I f*cking hate my cell phone. I get a new keitai every few months in the hopes that I'll like it more than the last, but I never do. And every time new features are added on: touchscreens, video players, mp3 functionality, dildo vibration.....


SDCC 08: Tite Kubo is awesome

Gia is reporting live from the Tite Kubo panel at San Diago Comic Con rightfully named Tite Kubo Spotlight. First things first, he was awarded with the Comic-Con Inkpot Award for Comic Book Excellence, which in the past was awarded to Kubo&...


It was all a lie, according to studio Bones

The carpet has been pulled out from under us and it hurts. Bones has just made an official statement about the Full Metal Alchemist sequel and the Darker than Blacksequel, and it doesn’t look good. They state that the list of animato...


Epic sword is epic! Comes with bonus math problem

I couldn't bring myself to horizontally crop this one from o'er at Sankaku, a full-size replica of Guts' Dragon Slayer from that heartwarming coming-of-age tale, Berserk, and the only other sword permitted in international "Who'd win i...


Rant: Speed Racer makes me want to go fast.

"The actors are lost amidst the orgy of pixels writhing around like the special effects equivalent of a bukkake film"This was a rotten tomato that amused me greatly. Of course we are discussing the Wachowski brothers' recent film ...


Spoiler-san 08: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Show Subject: The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaI'll give you all a plot description, but I'm pretty confident most of you are familiar with this show. If anyone isn't, I suggest reading a few spoilers, because the odd premise was what broke...


Podtoid-san 55: For realz edition. No April fooling.

Trust me, there is absolutely no symbolism inside the fact that Podtoid-san will be recording on Aprils fools day, its just coincidental. Since it'll be the first chance for a couple of us to talk since Matsuri, I'm confident it'll turn int...


Pokemon orgy in Chile, Brock not invited

Now here’s a story you weren’t expecting, and by the time you have finished reading this article, I’m sure you know where you are going on your Spring break. According to Newsweek, there are a group of Chilean teenagers...


PVC Figure Showcase Gaiden: Stuck in the Homeland Edition

Hey guys, want to know why there wasn't a figure of the week post this weekend, even though I swore I'd have one? Well, it's because AAA didn't get anything worth a rat's ass in last week, so I didn't really have anything I could highlight....


Pro tip: Take cash when visiting Japan

We all have to eventually make at least one pilgrimage to the "holy land" called Akihabara. Dorks like me try to do it as often as possible. First time or not, one thing a gaijin visitor should never do is count on one banking ins...


Stage6 gets 86'ed

Sad tidings indeed. In the midst of industry woes and disappearing dvds, lovers of internet media have something else to lament. For those uninformed, Stage6 was a popular video sharing website, with an emphasis on creating a high definitio...


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